How To Push Past The Restrictive Rules You Have Set For Yourself

It is incredibly common (and normal!) to have rules that you set for yourself. Whether those be moral rules, dating rules, behavioral rules, general boundaries, etc. However, sometimes those rules can get restrictive. Including restrictive to the point of holding us back from achieving bigger dreams we have. Which is why today we are talking about these helpful tips for how to push past the restrictive rules you have set for yourself.

Getting stuck in my own mental rules is something I have struggled with for an incredibly long time. And eventually I found the balance between having rules that keep my life in order and not letting them hold me back from going for my dreams and goals. So I am sharing those tips with you all today in hopes that it will help you get past your own restrictive rules. And then you can use that to go for your dreams!

So let’s get into these tips!

How To Push Past The Restrictive Rules You Have Set For Yourself

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How To Push Past The Restrictive Rules You Have Set For Yourself!

Tips to get past your own rules to achieve your dreams:

Tip 1: Acknowledge the rules you have set.

Sometimes the most restrictive rules we have set for ourselves are the ones we haven’t acknowledged.

So taking the time to think about what rules you have for yourself is a very important part of pushing past them. I recommend grabbing a notepad and making a list of unofficial rules you have for yourself. Or official rules!

Things like “can’t eat past 6pm”, “can’t leave a job for 2 years”, “have to compete in 3 sports a year” etc. Whatever your rules are you need to know what they are. And as you are writing your list make sure you are being honest with yourself. If you don’t know your restrictive rules then you can’t do anything to fix them.

Tip 2: Write your life goals.

When thinking and acting upon breaking your own rules you need to know why you are doing it. And what your rules could be holding you back from achieving!

Once you start to think about this and visualize what you want your life to look like you can start to figure out the best ways to step out of your comfort zone and shake those rules.

Tip 3: Change up your routines.

Changing up your routines is a small but efficient way to start breaking your rules and pushing past them.

Things like waking up earlier (here’s some tips on waking up earlier) so you can go for a run in a new park. Or trying different coffee shops in the morning. Little changes in your routines will help break past the routines you have in place. And those routines most likely go hand in hand with your personal rules. Including the restrictive ones!

Tip 4: Break the smallest rules first.

Starting small and working up to the biggest challenges is generally good advice. And breaking your restrictive rules is no exception to this advice.

So refer back to your list of your rules and pick the easiest ones that are restrictive and work on breaking them first. Remember that small changes can lead to big results!

Tip 5: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Breaking your restrictive rules isn’t necessarily going to be fun. And there are for-sure going to be some points where you feel uncomfortable.

But that is a good thing! It means that you are shaking those rules that have been holding you back. And that you are working on growing as a person!

Tip 6: Work on trusting your decisions. 

The next way to work on breaking these rules is to improve your trust in your own decisions. 

If you are someone who is reading this post you probably don’t believe in yourself currently which directly correlates to not trusting your decisions. Second guessing and constantly doubting yourself makes it impossible to believe in yourself. Which mean you get stuck in this constant cycle of self doubt.

So for one month challenge yourself to not second guess your decisions. Put effort into immediately shooting down the questioning thoughts and remind yourself that you are capable of making good, correct decisions. 

An exercise you can do for this is throughout the day write down every decision you make even if they are small. That way if you find yourself re-evaluating or thinking about a situation you can look down at your list and see if it’s a decision you already made. If you have made that decision then force yourself to stop thinking about it. And if you haven’t yet made that decision then make it and write it down on the list!

Tip 7: Learn to get out of your comfort zone.

The next big way you can work on building a mindset to break these rules is to get out of your comfort zone.

How does this help?

Because in order to work on believing yourself you need to see yourself handle and react to new situations and adventures that are outside of your comfort zone. That way you can practice believing in your ability to handle and thrive in these new scenarios. 

If you need more help with ideas and tips for actually getting out of your comfort zone then check out these tips!


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