7 Monthly Self Improvement Tasks To Start Doing!

Self improvement is a long journey but an incredibly important one. And setting up a schedule and plan to do monthly tasks at the beginning of the month is a great way to keep your self improvement a priority. Which is why today I am sharing 7 monthly self improvement tasks to start doing.

Before we get into these tasks let’s quickly chat about the importance of self improvement.

Why is self improvement so important?

Because working on yourself is the only way that you can achieve new goals. You won’t achieve your goals that you haven’t previously achieved by staying the same.

And making a conscious effort to improve yourself in ANY way will have positive effects on every aspect of your life. Self improvement efforts will immediately help you start growing as a person so you can experience self growth. Because any time you work on bettering yourself you will experience self growth.

Now that we have covered a bit about the importance of self improvement (just scratched the surface!) let’s get into these self improvement tasks!

Also, if you prefer to hear me discuss these (and go a bit further into detail) then head over to my YouTube channel and watch this video about these monthly self improvement tasks.

7 Monthly Self Improvement Tasks To Start Doing!

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7 Monthly Self Improvement Tasks To Start Doing!

Self Improvement Ideas To Do Every Month:

Task 1: Reflect on your progress and re-evaluate.

This first task is so vital for self improvement and bettering yourself. And especially for personal growth!

Taking some time at the beginning of the month to reflect on the month before is so important. Sit down and look at goals, plans, and what happened last month. And reflect on how you feel about it.

Then, once you have reflected on the month before re-evaluate and start making plans for this month. This is a great opportunity to change any action steps that aren’t working well for improving yourself. And if you have completed any goals or are ready for new challenges you can start planning to take those on.

As well as if you felt overwhelmed you can cut back on some steps and things that are causing you to feel that way.

Task 2: Start a 30 day challenge.

30 day challenges can be created or found for any area of your life.

And they are a great way to challenge yourself and really focus on a specific goal for a month.

I strongly recommend looking at Pinterest to get ideas and inspiration. Just search for the general topic (such as fitness, reading, etc) plus “30 day challenge” and you will probably find one that works for you.

Task 3: Pick a skill to work on.

Focusing for a month on one skill you really want to improve can be greatly beneficial.

If you don’t already have some skills in mind that you would like to work on I recommend making a list of ones you would find helpful to learn.

Then once you have that list pick one you want to work on. And make a list of actionable steps you can do throughout the month to work on bettering and growing that specific skill.

Task 4: Set goals for the month.

Goal setting is such an important thing. Daily goals, weekly goals, annual goals. And monthly goals is no exception!

I recommend using a planner or a notebook that you can check and see regularly.

I strong believe in the power of keeping goals visible. So try to keep these monthly goals somewhere you can see daily to help keep you inspired and motivated.

Also, it’s important to make actionable steps for your monthly goals.

If you need some inspiration and ideas for monthly goals to set then check out this post here!

Task 5: Plan time for hobbies & fun.

This may not seem like an overly obvious self improvement task but it is important.

You can’t work on bettering yourself if you are sticking to an all work and no play lifestyle.

So make sure you are prioritizing some fun and making time for your hobbies. Add that time into your planner and/or calendar so you can ensure you are making the time in your month for some fun. If you don’t have time for fun and hobbies then you are at high risk for burning out. And you can’t better your life if you are burnt out!

Hobbies also have a lot of benefits including sparking joy, inspiring you, and keeping your brain active and engaged. Truly a lot of reasons to make hobbies a priority especially if you are focusing on bettering yourself this month!

If you need more tips and advice for how to make your hobbies a priority then check out my guide here.

Task 6: Find self improvement/non-fiction books for the month.

Self improvement, self help, and any other non-fiction books are a simple but so helpful self improvement task.

It’s a great way to learn new techniques and ideas for working on bettering yourself. And you can really make this task specific to your life by picking self improvement books that are focused on what you feel drawn to and what you want to work on bettering or learning.

A couple recommendations I have if you are looking for a book for this month are:

Beautifully Brave – by Sarah Pendrick

So, You F*cked Up – by Mandi Kane

The Power of Ritual – by Casper Ter Kuile

Personal Growth – by Claire Montalvo

20 Self-Care Habits – by Karin Brauner

Task 7: Set a daily habit/actions plan.

The final of the monthly self improvement tasks is to make daily habits and action plans.

I firmly believe in the power of setting daily actions and tracking daily habits. It’s the small things you do every single day that really add up into big results.

So sit down and make a list of daily actions you want to do and start tracking them so they can become habits. I recommend using a habit tracker (here is an affordable one) or you can track them in your planner or a notebook as well. Whatever works the best for you to stick to the actions so they can become habits!


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