14 Day Guide To Better Time Management

Improving your time management is one of the most important ways that you can work towards improving yourself and achieving your goals. Which is why today we are going to talk about how you can learn to better your time management skills. Specifically, I have broke down these tips into a 14 day guide on better time management.

If you are interested in learning more about the importance of time management you should check out my article on the 12 life changing benefits of better time management.

But for now let’s jump into the 14 day guide so you can start learning how to improve your time management skills so you can start living your best life!

14 day guide to better time management.

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 14 Day Guide To Better Time Management:

{ these dates do not have to perfectly be in this order! }

Day 1: evaluate your time usage

On your first day of this time management journey it is incredibly important to evaluate how you use your time.

Don’t do anything different. Try to pick a “normal” work day and then go about your day like normal other than every 30 minutes jot down in a notebook what you did those past 30 minutes. Be honest with yourself. You will not be able to improve your time management if you are not honest with how you are currently spending your time.

This is important because by understanding how you spend your time you are able to figure out where you have opportunities to improve your time management.

Day 2: work on your prioritization

On day 2 of working towards better time management it is vital to take the time to work on a plan for prioritizing the most important things in your life.

It will take time and effort to really learn the skills necessary to prioritize your days without really focusing on it but eventually it will start to become second nature.

On day 2 though you should take the 30 minutes to read about how to start prioritizing better because as you learn to prioritize your days it will help you improve your time management.

Some places to start with this are Learn to Prioritize: Say No  and Learn To Prioritize: Delegation.

Day 3: create a morning routine

On the third day you should take the time to think about what a productive morning filled with routines that will set your day up for proper time management.

The elements of your morning routine will definitely depend on each individual person and what you need. The universal factor is to focus on creating a daily morning routine that allows you to set your day up for success and proper time management.

A large part of creating a productive morning routine will involve getting up early enough so if you need help with getting up earlier than read – Learn To Get Up Early Every Day.

So make sure you have an alarm clock that will definitely get you up!

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Day 4: stop multitasking

The next step in the process of improving your time management is to learn to accomplish one task at a time.

Multitasking significantly decreases your productivity and actually makes it take longer to accomplish all the tasks compared to if you did one at a time and were able to truly focus on each individual task.

Day 5: create a monthly plan

Creating a monthly plan will help to set you up for a correctly time managed month.

Knowing deadlines and important dates will allow you to correctly plan your weeks and days. Meaning that you will be able to manage your time better and accomplish tasks by the deadlines and without stressing.

Make sure to get a wall calendar so you can visualize your month!

Using the beginning of the month to help have a successful month is so helpful, for more tips on correctly planning your month then check out 10 Things To Start Every Month Right.

Day 6: use a weekly planner

This day will be similar to day 5 but focusing on your weekly plans. Use this day to either buy a weekly planner or to improve on the one you already have.

Create a system that you like for noting important events, deadlines, appointments, etc. That could be planner stickers or colorful pens. Just focus on creating a system for your weekly planner that you will stick with!

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Day 7: stop procrastinating

Procrastinating is the biggest thing that holds you back from having a productive and efficient day.

If you want to have great time management skills you will have to work towards eliminating any procrastination habits.

This isn’t something that can be accomplished in one day but you can take an hour or so to evaluate what areas you procrastinate in and then follow this guide to start working towards the goal of not procrastinating any more.

Day 8: form your Sunday routine

Sunday’s are a great way for you to set yourself up for success and ensure that you can have great time management throughout your week.

Doing things like all your laundry and meal prepping on Sundays is a fantastic way to make sure that you have all the time you need throughout the rest of the week to accomplish your goals.

Sometimes it takes time to save time! Think  about it like this- meal prepping for the week may take you 2 hours but it will save you 5!

Here is a list of 7 ideas for building your Sunday routine.

Day 9: start writing out daily goals

Daily goals are a fantastic way to improve your daily productivity and time management.

Daily goals assist you with staying on track throughout your day and they assist with ensuring you are maximizing your time usage so that you can accomplish all of your daily goals.

Either use the notes app on your phone or get a small notebook that you like and then follow this daily goals guide to learn how to write these daily goals.

Day 10: learn to utilize breaks

On this day take 30 minutes to read about how you can take strategic breaks.

Breaks are completely essential for being efficient and productive which is very important for better time management.

If you try to keep going and going without taking a mental and physical break you will burnout and that is not conducive to productive time management. So take this day to learn how to correctly take breaks. This is including learning how many breaks to take, when to take them throughout the day, and how long they should be.

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Day 11: figure out what you can automate

Automating certain tasks can help you save so much time in your life.

Take this day to spend some time figuring out what aspects of your life you can automate or just generally use technology to help you save time. Things like paying bills can be easily automated and safe you a lot of time! Also consider signing up for grocery pick up services which can really help you regain a lot of time in your week.

Day 12: eliminate any time wasting habits

This is a task that will take longer than one day by take day 12 to make a game plan for what time wasting habits you can start to eliminate.

Consider really committing yourself to this game plan by getting an action planning notebook and writing down each time wasting habit and what your plan is to fix it!

Not sure where to start with this? Then look over these 12 time wasting habits and what you can do to fix them. This will help get your brain thinking about what habits you have that wastes time.

Day 13: master to do lists

Mastering to do lists is a great skill to have to help you truly master time management.

To do lists are one of the best yet easiest tools you can use to make sure that you are staying on top of your responsibilities and correctly managing your time.

There are 3 levels of to do lists that are important to focus on:

Daily to do lists

Weekly to do lists (here’s a cute digital template)

Monthly to do lists

Day 14: celebrate your success

The last day of this lesson is here so it is time to celebrate your success!

Working on your time management is a life long journey that you will always need to focus on in order to not lose your time management abilities.

But it is important to celebrate everything you have learned over the past 2 weeks. It is also important to remember to celebrate your self improvement successes for the rest of your life!

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Improving your time management is completely possible if you focus and commit yourself to improving yourself and your habits!

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