12 Habits Of People Who Don’t Get Stressed

Stressed out about being stressed out? Time to learn how to never stress out again. These are the 12 habits of people who don’t get stressed.

I used to honestly be stressed out all the time. I would worry and stress about every aspect of my life and I have slowly been learning new tips and techniques for how to stop stressing as much.

And I wanted to share these tips and habits of people who don’t get stressed so hopefully you can also start to add these habits into your life so you can start living a less stressful life.

12 habits of people who dont get stressed

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Now onto the…

Habits of People Who Are Never Stressed

1: They set up efficient daily routines

Daily routines are not only helpful for keeping your days productive and organized but they are also essential to spending your day not stressing.

If you know what your morning routine and night time routines look like you are more likely to feel confident that you won’t forget things and that everything will get done. Which leads to less worrying and stressing.

Also, if you have your life in order and positive routines set up then you stay in a better mental state all day!

Here is some ideas for setting up a positive morning routine and some for setting up your perfect night time routine!

2: They aren’t afraid to ask for help

People that are never stressed out are largely never stressed because they know to ask for help.

If you are unwilling to ask your support system (both personal or work) for help when you have too much on your plate then YES you will be stressed out.

A lot of us don’t like to show when we are stressed but ultimately it is better for both you and those around you for you to ask for help before you completely burn out.

3: They have a healthy hobby/outlet

People who aren’t stressed have an important habit in common- they regularly participate in their hobby or outlet.

If all you do is work and family/household things then you don’t have a healthy outlet that brings you joy and stress-free time.

So start making your healthy outlets and hobbies more of a priority if you want to live a less stressful life.

Note: if you don’t currently have a hobby check out this list of 20 awesome hobby ideas!

4: They limit their caffeine intake

If you are over caffeinated you are over-stimulating your brain. Which means if you are prone to worrying you are just going to be feeding your brain with the kind of energy that encourages that stressing. Which is NOT healthy energy!

Try to limit your caffeine intake throughout the day to in general less than 3 cups of coffee (or similar amounts depending on your preferred caffeinated beverage).

On a similar note, make sure you are also staying hydrated. Being hydrated is part of taking care of yourself. I use a water bottle like this to help ensure I drink enough water during the day.

“Be gentle with yourself, you are doing the best you can”

“Be gentle with yourself, you are doing the best you can”

5: They take care of their physical health

You have to prioritize your physical health if you want to stress less.

If you are happier and healthier you are much less likely to feel negative emotions that lead you to feeling stressed out. Make sure you are eating healthy food that help your body feel healthier in addition to regularly getting exercise.

Also, if you are getting regular exercise try making some of it outdoors! Fresh air can also help you feel calmer and less stressed out.

6: They disassociate from work

The people in your life that never seem stressed out you will notice are able to disassociate themselves from work.

I am incredibly guilty of this.

I used to constantly worry and stress about work even when I wasn’t there. And it lead to me not being able to enjoy my time outside of work and I’m pretty sure for 5 years I never fully un-winded.

So start taking the steps you need to take to learn how to truly clock out when you leave work. It will seriously help you be less stressed out all the time!

12 habits of people who dont get stressed

7: They don’t worry about drama or gossip

People who aren’t stressed out are largely not stressed out because they don’t let themselves worry about drama in other peoples lives.

They also don’t let themselves get stressed out about what other people are saying or thinking about them.

Stop letting other people control your emotions!

8: They get enough sleep

Sleep is so important for not being stressed.

If you are feeling exhausted and groggy all the time then your brain won’t be working at peak performance. Which means it will be more likely to fall into a negative train of thought that will stress you out.

Try to get consistent and high quality sleep. Here is 5 tips for improving the quality of your sleep.

9: They talk about their concerns

There is no use stressing about something that you could solve by talking to someone or addressing it.

People who are not stressed are largely not stressed because they talk about their concerns and address the things that are stressing them out. If you address them swiftly than you don’t have that weighing on them.

10: They prioritize their mental wellness

One of the most important habits of people who aren’t stressed is because they know that their mental health is a priority.

Taking care of your mental health and mental wellness is essential for living a less stressful life. Stress is one of the worst things for your mental health so monitoring your stress levels is something you have to do for mental wellness.

“Today I will not stress over things I can’t control”

“Today I will not stress over things I can’t control”

11: They have techniques for overwhelming situations

If you want to live a less stressful life you need to learn what stress free people have already learned- how to handle overwhelming situations.

Learning how to handle overwhelming situations is essential for living a less stressful life. This is a large task and habit to learn but it is so important to dig deep and make a plan for learning how to start handling overwhelming situations better.

Once you learn the techniques you need to handle overwhelming situations better than you will feel less stress in your life.

12: They don’t over analyze things they can’t control

The final habit that people who are never stressed has is that they don’t over analyze things that are out of their control.

If something is out of your control there is absolutely no need to worry about it and stress about it. There is so many better, happier, and more productive things you could be thinking about.

I am fully aware that this is a difficult habit to start doing because if you are used to over analyzing and worrying about things then it’s difficult to shake that.

But it is so important for your mental wellness and for living a less stressful life to start trying your hardest to stop worrying about things that are out of your control!

How to be less stressed out

Start living a less stressful life with these tips from people who are never stressed out!


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