How To Work On Personal Growth In Your 20s

Personal growth in your twenties is one of the best things you can focus on now to set yourself up for a better life in the long run. Which is why I think it’s so important to make a consistent effort to grow and improve while you are in your twenties. But if you (like me!) don’t really know where to start then I hope these tips for how to work on personal growth in your 20s help you out!

In this post I want to talk about the steps you can and should take to start working on personal growth when you are in your twenties. Of course you can take these steps and work on your personal growth at any point in your life! But these steps are aimed a bit more at people in their twenties but again they can work for anyone.

Your twenties is a time in your life that you can really start to make changes that will stick for the rest of your life. Which is why doing a personal growth journey can be so beneficial to your life in the long run when you do it in your 20s.

So let’s jump right into the helpful steps for growing and better yourself while you are in your twenties.

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How To Work On Personal Growth In Your 20s

Steps for personal growth and bettering yourself in your twenties:

Step 1: Make a list of your passions.

This first step is so helpful for starting your personal growth journey.

It’s simple but can really get you in touch with what you really love and what is a priority to you. Just sit down and grab a notebook and just start making a brainstormed list of all of the things you are passionate about and what inspires you.

Then you can go back over the list and evaluate which you believe are truly the most important to you. This will help you realize what you should focus on during your personal growth efforts. And it will help you stay in touch with your emotions and what you really want rather than what you may think you (or others) want to be a priority on the surface level.

Step 2: Work on sharing your strengths.

A great way to grow as a person and improve yourself is to make an effort to share your strengths.

One way to do this is through volunteering. Making an effort to regularly volunteer is great and it is even better if you can find a way to volunteer using your strengths. For example, are you great at computer programming? Then you could volunteer at different organizations in your community to make or improve their websites. This is sharing your strengths and helping to improve your community.

Another way is to share your passions and strengths through social media, blogging, podcasting, etc. Sharing your knowledge is great for others and yourself. And it allows you to focus on your passions and strengths that maybe aren’t related to your career. Which is a fantastic way to grow as a person!

Step 3: Get out of your comfort zone regularly.

Getting out of your comfort zone means a lot more than just traveling to a new place (though travel is important, read about that below).

It means taking on new projects at work. You could start picking up a hobby you have always wanted to try. Or just trying new restaurants and coffee shops.

Making an effort to at least once a month but ideally once a week get out of your comfort zone can be life changing and is one of the most important steps for personal growth in your twenties.

If you want more inspiration and tips for this I have a video here all about getting out of your comfort zone.

Step 4: Learn about yourself.

The next step you need to do to truly grow as a person is to make sure you learn about yourself. Personal growth in your 20s is all about becoming the best you but you need to learn about yourself in order to accomplish that part of the journey.

One of the best ways to complete this step is through journaling!

I have some lists of journal prompts that can help you with this step:

Step 5: Travel as much as possible.

The next step is definitely one of the most fun ways to really grow during your twenties.

So I fully believe that traveling when you can in your twenties is so helpful. It helps you meet new people, see new things, immerse yourself in different cultures.

I know it isn’t always feasible to travel a lot in your twenties but taking an opportunity you can will really help with this personal growth journey. And remember it’s more about the people and adventures not going on luxury trips!

Step 6: Become a life long learner.

This next step in the personal growth journey is so helpful for becoming a life long learner.

Making an effort to continue learning once you have ended school is one of the most vital ways you can continue to improve yourself. And that you can grow as a person.

Some of my favorite ways to stay a life long learner is committing to reading 1 non-fiction book a month, learning new languages, and staying up to date on current events.

If you want more ideas for regular habits to help you stay a life long learner then check out this post.

Step 7: Create healthy relationships.

This step is incredibly important for creating a great life in the long run through personal growth.

When you focus on working on your relationships to make them healthy when you are in your twenties it will not only help you have already existing healthy relationships but it will also teach you the skills you will need later in life.

The sooner you know what a healthy relationship (romantic, family, platonic, working, etc) the better.

I do want to note that I believe not all relationships can be healthy. There are people out there that are not capable of having healthy relationships with others. So part of this element of your personal growth journey will probably need to be learning how to exit those unhealthy relationships.

Remember this journey is about growing as a person and unfortunately that isn’t always easy.

Step 8: Discover your weaknesses.

Discovering your weaknesses isn’t always a fun part of this process but is definitely an essential parts of personal growth in your 20s.

Taking the time to figure out what your weaknesses are now while you are younger means you will have time to both address and accept them.

I say both of those results because there are absolutely weaknesses we can all address. Ones we can change and improve on to make ourselves the best versions of ourselves. There are especially ones that if you correct them or address them now they will help set you up for a better life in the long run.

However, we all also have weaknesses that can’t be changed.

A silly/simple one for an example is that I can’t sing. And no amount of working on it or training will ever allow me to address the weakness that I can’t sing.

But I am doing myself (and everyone around me!) a favor by accepting that when I am younger rather than trying to convince myself I can sing. And probably embarrassing myself along the way.

Though most of the weaknesses that you will be figuring out will be much more intense but it’s important to think about those weaknesses and either make a game plan to address them or start the process of accepting them.

Step 9: Start prioritizing self care.

Next up on this personal growth in your 20s journey is learning the important lesson that you need to prioritize self care.

Your 20s is a time for learning and growing which means it’s the perfect time to start building habits that you will continue as you age.

So while you are doing this personal growth process I hope that you also take the time to learn how to start making self care a priority.

I have a challenge that you can do in your twenties to do daily self care for 20 straight days . You can click here to access that challenge for free!

Step 10: Learn to accept failure.

The final step for personal growth in your 20s that I want to chat about is so important. It is to learn to accept failure.

This can be very difficult. Especially if (like me) you are someone who wants to be perfect all the time. It can be really hard to accept that you won’t succeed at everything and that sometimes you will fail.

But learning to accept failure will allow you to start letting go of things.

Something that can help with this personal growth journey step is learning to understand why mistakes are important for self improvement. I have a whole post on that here that you should read if you think this personal growth step will be difficult for you! The key is to remember that growth will involve failure and that is something to embrace.

Ideas for your twenties personal growth journey

I hope that this post on personal growth in your twenties was beneficial to you. I know that these steps can be overwhelming but making an effort to grow as a person is helpful for creating your best life.

If you have any questions about personal growth or just your twenties in general make sure to let me know in the comments!


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