85 Blog Post Ideas For Beginners To Get Started

Congrats! Getting started writing your first posts is a huge step for getting going on your blog. Which is why I am so happy to share 85 blog post ideas for beginners to get started!

I broke down this post into Lifestyle, Beauty, Food & Drink, Fashion, Blogging/Social Media, Self Development, School, and Travel. There are so many more niches out there but these are some of the most common. And they are ones I have experience with so I can provide blog post ideas that I know are great topics!

A quick tip is to remember that when you are started it can feel overwhelming to start adding content to your blog but that is normal. You are going to be better off creating high quality content that is evergreen (not seasonal) and sprinkling in some seasonal content in between. Focus on making great content that people will want to read rather than pumping out 20 new posts a week.

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So let’s jump into the post and talk about these blog post ideas for beginners to get started.

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85 Blog Post Ideas For Beginners To Get Started

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85 Blog Post Ideas For Beginners To Get Started

These blog post ideas are a little bit more in depth than “about me” type posts because these are going to help actually get readers engaged and interested in your content! I recommend sprinkling in those types of posts but also make sure you are creating content that people want to read if your goal is to grow a blog!

Lifestyle blog post ideas for beginners

  1. Share your morning routine.
  2. Your workout playlist essentials.
  3. How you organize your phone (also makes a great video).
  4. Share your night routine and/or habits.
  5. Monthly Amazon favorites.
  6. Create seasonal bucket lists.
  7. Share your favorite first date ideas.
  8. Share a day in your life.
  9. Tips for hosting parties/holidays.
  10. Share what you are reading each month.

Beauty blog post ideas for beginners

  1. Share your current skincare routine.
  2. Your spa night routine.
  3. Makeup trends that you hate.
  4. Heatless hairstyles ideas and tutorials.
  5. How to save money on makeup products.
  6. Skincare tips for every skin type.
  7. Tips for making your hair grow faster.
  8. Haircare products that you swear by.
  9. Your top makeup do’s and dont’s.
  10. What is in your makeup bag.
  11. Gift ideas for beauty lovers.
  12. Share your monthly empty products every month.

Fashion blog post ideas for beginners

  1. Trends you are loving and hating this year.
  2. Work place outfit ideas.
  3. Steps for creating a capsule wardrobe.
  4. Your seasons staples for each season.
  5. Amazon fashion favorites.
  6. First date outfit ideas you love.
  7. The ultimate guide to Black Friday.
  8. Save vs. Splurge for your favorite type of clothes.
  9. Reinvent celebrities outfits at affordable prices.
  10. Outfit ideas for holiday parties.
  11. Do a style challenge series.
  12. Thrifting for stylish clothes guide.
  13. Your favorite current accessories.

Food and Drink blog post ideas for beginners

  1. Recipes you can make under 10 minutes.
  2. Roundup of your all time favorite snacks.
  3. Do a 5 ingredients challenge.
  4. Share a What I Eat In A Day.
  5. Tips and ideas for using leftovers.
  6. Tips for incorporating yummy veggies.
  7. Favorite date night recipes.
  8. Experiment with an ingredient you have never used before.
  9. Tips for meal prepping good food.
  10. Review hyped foods (like from Trader Joes).

Blogging/social media blog post ideas for beginners

  1. Behind the scenes of your blogging process.
  2. Round up of your favorite blogging resources.
  3. How you started monetizing your blog.
  4. Tips for growing your blog traffic.
  5. How to improve social media engagement.
  6. Lessons you have learned about blogging.
  7. What your blogging set up looks like.
  8. Bloggers that you look up to.
  9. How to define your blog brand.
  10. How to narrow down your niche.
  11. Habits of a successful blogger.

Self Development blog post ideas for beginners

  1. Your productivity tips and tricks.
  2. Tips for starting a journal
  3. Habits you wish you had learned sooner.
  4. A list of self development goals.
  5. Why is improving yourself so important to you?
  6. Personal growth podcasts that you love.
  7. How to improve your self discipline.
  8. Guide to discovering your passions.
  9. Explain how you set up your planner.
  10. Your time management tips and tricks.

School blog post ideas for beginners

  1. Your essential tips for studying.
  2. Lessons you have learned while in school.
  3. What you carry in your backpack.
  4. How to take better notes.
  5. Tips for being organized as a student.
  6. Essay writing tips and advice.
  7. How you set up your planner as a student.
  8. Tips for saving money as a student.

Travel blog post ideas for beginners

  1. Your travel bucket list for this year.
  2. How to take better travel photos.
  3. What budget travel items are worth it?
  4. Make a travel guide for your city/state.
  5. Your top honeymoon location recommendations.
  6. What to pack in your carry on.
  7. Road trip across America bucket list.
  8. Travel beauty essentials to back.
  9. Souvenirs that are and aren’t worth buying.
  10. Tips for your first international trip.
  11. How to write blog posts while traveling.


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