11 Home Organization Mistakes To Avoid

Getting your home truly organized is an overwhelming task! But it can be made a little bit easier by ensuring that you don’t make any of these 11 home organization mistakes to avoid.

When you rush to get your home organized and cleaned it can be super easy to make these small organizational mistakes but you should try to correct them asap because they are actually doing the opposite thing than what you intended!

These organizational mistakes actually make your home less organized and more chaotic. Which is why it’ is important to talk about organizational mistakes in your home and how you can address them.

Let’s quickly chat a bit more about the importance of having an organized home then we will jump into these common home organization mistakes you should avoid.

11 home organization mistakes to avoid!

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Why is it so important to have an organized home?

It sounds extreme but seriously there are so many benefits to having an organized home and here are some of those benefits:

  • Organized home = saved time! When you know where everything is and can easily find things in their correct home you don’t lose as much time looking for things.
  • This is your living space, not a storage unit! When the place you live is organized and clean it allows your lifestyle and mind to be more organized and clean.
  • It’s less stressful. It can be so stressful to have a house that’s not organized or full of organizational mistakes.
  • Proper organization means less cleaning. If your home is correctly organized you spend less time putting things away and finding new homes for items. It’s a big time saver!
Wht is it so important to have an organized home?

11 Home Organization Mistakes to Avoid

Now let’s get onto these organization mistakes that are stopping you from having a truly organized home:

  1. Not decluttering enough. If you aren’t decluttering items our of your home regularly it will never be able to be fully organized. Start by decluttering these 50 items out of your home.
  2. Not planning the space before starting. You need to make a plan for each organized space. If you don’t have a plan then you can end up buying items that aren’t right for the space to organize it or having too many items to go into that space.
  3. Storage bins you can’t see through. Clear storage bins (like these for the pantry or these for a storage room) are essential for saving time. No one wants to be looking through bins trying to find things. Which also wastes time.
  4. Not labeling! Get a little label maker crazy- it’s totally okay! If you aren’t labeling different bins especially if they aren’t clear then you will spend too much time searching for things.
  5. Getting too ambitious with your decluttering. If you are too ambitious with your decluttering you won’t be able to finish it all in a day which results in clutter being left around your home for days or weeks before you can finish! Be reasonable and do it in small increments.
  6. Narrowing down your organization categories too much. Categories are important especially in areas with a lot of items like the pantry and linen closet. But if each bin is too specific you end up with changing them a lot and you waste a lot of space with having a lot of bins and baskets.
  7. Organizing papers in stacks. You need to organize papers into an accordion or a filing system. If they are just stacked and out of sight they are not truly organized! I recommend getting an accordion like this or a true filing system like this one.
  8. Too much out of sight. When you store things out of sight it can look cleaner and more organized and that is great but if you are putting things you use daily out of sight then you lose a lot of your time trying to get that item pulled out daily. A great example of this is boots. I love keeping my boots visible on a boot storage rack so I can see them or I forget to wear the ones tucked away. Especially my favorites like from Lane Boots!
  9. Not adding additional shelving. Feeling like you have to cram everything into the limited shelving that is already in your home can lead to clutter and a lack of organization. Add more shelves to the walls or add shelving units like this one for the garage!
  10. Buying things that don’t have a home in your home. Everything you bring into your house has to have a spot in your house for it to go. So when you are shopping make sure to think about when everything you bring into your house would belong once you take it home.
  11. Refusing to get the right organization tools. If you don’t invest in the right items to get your house truly organized then it may never really be organized. It is worth the small investment to get the right items and good quality items to get your home correctly organized.

11 home organization mistakes to avoid!

A few more organizational and home tips and tricks posts to help you get truly organized:

Best of luck fixing these organizational mistakes so that you can have a truly organized home.

It can seem daunting and annoying to address these home organization mistakes but in the end it will be worth it when your home feels completely organized! Taking the time to make your home organized and ensure you don’t make home organizing mistakes can really help your life.

If you have any questions make sure to let me know!


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