My Helpful Home Weekly Cleaning Schedule- Printable!

Making and sticking to a cleaning schedule can be one of the most helpful things you do for keeping a clean home. But if you are new to creating cleaning schedules it can be overwhelming! Which is why I am sharing my helpful home weekly cleaning schedule.

Your cleaning schedule will probably look different than mine because it will depend on your life schedule. As you will see, for me doing a lot of deep cleaning on Sundays works really well for me but it may not for you! But hopefully by looking at my cleaning schedule you can get some ideas and inspiration for what to add to your cleaning schedule.

I also have a video chatting about this and going more in depth about how to create your weekly cleaning schedule. You can watch it here and subscribe while you are there!

You can also print out the document at the end if you do find that your schedule looks similar to mine!

But first I want to quickly explain why having a weekly cleaning schedule is so important. Because when you know the importance it will help you create and stick to one.

The benefits of having a weekly cleaning schedule:

  • Makes sure you don’t miss things that need to be cleaned.
  • Helps keep everything at a higher level of cleanliness which in the long run means you will spend less time cleaning!
  • Allows you to delegate and assign cleaning tasks to others in your home easier.
  • Helps you space out cleaning tasks so you don’t get overwhelmed trying to do them all on one day.
  • Can help you prioritize the most important tasks so that they definitely get accomplished.

Now let’s jump into what I include in my cleaning schedule each week so hopefully it will give you the inspiration and ideas you are looking for.

Also, please note these are just tasks that I do once a week! There are of course daily tasks that I do every day and tasks I do bi-weekly or monthly and those are not included here. Make sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter at the bottom because I will be sharing my daily and monthly cleaning schedules soon.

My Helpful Home Weekly Cleaning Schedule- Printable! Free printable weekly cleaning schedule

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My Helpful Home Weekly Cleaning Schedule:

{ Cleaning schedule that keeps your home clean }

Remember to school to the bottom for the free printable weekly cleaning schedule!


  • Clean out fridge (recommend doing this the morning before you get groceries!)
  • Vacuum the whole house
  • Clean showers and toilets
  • Wipe down mirrors


  • Wash and dry laundry
  • Wipe down walls and windows


  • Fold and put away laundry (I space out laundry for my sanity!)
  • Empty trashes (this is our towns trash day)


  • Clean inside microwave
  • Wipe down oven
  • Organize/declutter pantry (check for expired items too)


  • Dust furniture and appliances (including ceiling fans)
  • Wash windows (especially the ones that get dog nose prints all over!)
  • Wash hand and kitchen towels


  • Vacuum cloth furniture
  • Wash bedding (in used rooms, not guest rooms!)


  • Wipe baseboards
  • Clean stairwells (ours get so messy from the dog)
  • Wash rugs

Want to print out this weekly cleaning schedule? You can download the free printable weekly cleaning schedule!

I know that keeping a clean home can be a lot of work and feel overwhelming! But creating a weekly cleaning schedule can really help to make it feel less intimidating and easier to manage. I also quickly want to finish with some tips/steps for creating your own personalized home cleaning schedule.

When you are making your cleaning schedule take the time to think about what you already clean every week and what you wish you cleaned more regularly.

Then figure out what day would work the best for you for each task. For example, I collect trash on Tuesdays because our trash gets picked up on that day so that works the best for us. And I like to wash bedding on Fridays because that is usually the night we stay up the latest so I don’t feel pressure to get the bedding washed and put on beds as quickly.

After you figure that all out I recommend typing it up and printing the cleaning schedule out (if you aren’t using mine above!). And then hang it up somewhere that is very visible in your home. When you keep something visible it is more likely to actually be accomplished. And then anyone else in your household can also see it and know what should get done every day as well.

Bonus tip: when you are making your weekly cleaning schedule (and daily or monthly) make sure you are being realistic. You probably want to get a ton done each day but make sure it’s realistic. And think about what you normally do, if you are straying from that drastically it will be very difficult to actually stick to your schedule.

For example, as of recently I struggle to wash, dry, fold, and put away laundry all in one day. And that’s fine! I just adjust for it on my cleaning schedule and do half on Monday and half on Tuesdays. You have to be realistic!

I hope this example of my weekly cleaning schedule and these tips for making yours is helpful for you! Let me know if you have any questions or any tips for others in the comments.


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