25 Helpful Lists for Planner Girls

Ladies listen up — lists are the way to make your planners succeed!

Make them and stick to them and you will find yourself with a more productive week that leaves more time for things you want to do. Use lists to keep track of ideas and goals. Use them to plan out the best week you can have and to have things written down so nothing gets forgotten.

The ideas for lists are endless but here is 25 I highly recommend starting:

  1. Week of meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  2. Restaurants to try
  3. Goals for the week
  4. What needs cleaned
  5. Movies you want to watch
  6. Thank You notes to write
  7. Areas needing de-cluttered
  8. Summer bucket list
  9. Date night ideasuntitled design-1
  10. Financial goals
  11. Birthday and anniversaries to remember
  12. “I don’t care” restaurants (go-to fav. restaurants)
  13. Favorite recipes
  14. TV Shows to watch
  15. Fitness goals
  16. Fridge & Freezer inventory
  17. Income tracking25 planner list ideas-1
  18. Gift ideas for others
  19. Misc. Shopping List
  20. Stores you need to go to
  21. Books to read
  22. Project ideas
  23. Self-care plan
  24. Usernames
  25. Goals for the week


Lists are so important for your planner and your week!

Please try these out and of course let me know what lists YOU need for your planner every week or month!




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