25 Helpful Lists for Planners: Get organized with planner lists!

Hello to all my planner obsessed friends! Today we are going to be chatting about the importance of writing lists in your planner and how it can help you be more organized. And then of course I had to share 25 helpful planner lists that will help you become more organized and productive if you keep up with them. These helpful lists for planners are all ones that I use and totally swear by for being more organized.

Want to hear more details and instructions about these helpful planner lists? Then head over to my YouTube video that you can watch here! The video goes more in depth so if you are wanting to know more about how to use and set up a planner for organization and where I put each list it will help you out.

First we are going to chat about why you should write lists in your planner then I share where my planner and planner tools are from. Then I have the list but if you don’t want those tips then keep scrolling to jump right to the helpful planner lists!

25 Helpful Lists for Planner Girls

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Why you should write helpful lists in your planner:

Planners are a fantastic way to help you get your life organized and stay on top of your busy life and schedule. And I promise you that lists are one of the best ways to make your planners succeed!

Making lists and sticking to them will help you create a more productive life. They are meant to be helpful lists that benefit you, they are not meant to be time consuming so make sure to pick lists that are the most efficient and logical for your life.

These helpful lists are meant to keep you productive and organized by keeping you on top of the little parts of your life and helping you waste less time. Because the main thing that stops productivity is unnecessary time wasting.

Use lists to keep track of ideas and goals. Use them to plan out the best week you can have and to have things written down so nothing gets forgotten. This also results in you living a more organize lifestyle. And who doesn’t want to be more organized?

So if you are interested in living a more productive and organized life then I highly suggest book marking this page and using these lists in your planner this year.

Sounds great but I don’t have a planner yet?

No worries! Check out my favorite one ever- Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas! It has a great side bar for keeping track of goals and lists and you can get inserts as well for additional lists.

I also use these pens for writing in my planner and they are fantastic so if you find that your current pens leak through to the other side I definitely recommend checking these out.

If you are interested in adding lists to your planner make sure to get a planner that has space for lists. I find the best ones to be ones with a side bar on the weekly spread, monthly calendar, and a notes section in the back of the planner. That way there is plenty of room for any and all lists you want to include in your planner.

Now that we have chatted about why planner lists are helpful for organization and where you can get a planner and tools it’s time for the fun part! Below are the 25 planner lists I have in my planner to be more organized. I hope these are helpful!

25 Helpful Planner Lists

{ Lists to write in your planner for organization }

The ideas for lists to help your life get organized are endless but here is 25 planner lists that I highly recommend starting to include in your planner:

  1. Week of meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  2. Restaurants to try (use this as a running list so when you go out to eat next you have a list to choose from)
  3. Goals for next week
  4. What needs cleaned in your home
  5. Movies that you want to watch
  6. Thank You notes you need to write
  7. Areas in your home that need decluttered (I have 50 items to start with here)
  8. Summer bucket list
  9. Date night ideas you want to try
  10. Financial goals (spending, budgeting, saving, etc)
  11. Birthday and anniversaries to remember
  12. “I don’t care” restaurants (go to favorite restaurants)
  13. Your favorite recipes
  14. TV shows to watch
  15. Health and fitness goals
  16. Fridge and freezer inventory (makes grocery shopping 100x easier)
  17. Income tracking list
  18. Gift ideas for others
  19. Misc. shopping list (household supplies, clothes, gifts, etc)
  20. Stores that you need to go to and for what
  21. Books you want to read
  22. Project ideas you want to do
  23. Self care plan
  24. Usernames and passwords
  25. Your “must do” daily goals

Best of luck getting to planning and making these lists! If you have any questions or any additions for anyone else reading this let me know in the comments.

Remember, list making shouldn’t be stressful. It should be a way to help you get your life in order to help you be more productive and organized. These are helpful lists that should assist you with being more organized and productive you just need to keep up with them!

25 helpful planner lists for getting organized!


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