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25 Helpful Lists for Planner Girls

Hello to all my planner obsessed friends!


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Planners are a fantastic way to help you get your life organized and stay on top of your busy life and schedule. And I promise you that lists are one of the best ways to make your planners succeed!

Making lists and sticking to them will help you create a more productive life.

Why is it so great to have a productive life by using lists?

Because if you are productive and efficient with the aspects of your life that you HAVE to do then you end up with more time to do what you WANT to do.

Use lists to keep track of ideas and goals. Use them to plan out the best week you can have and to have things written down so nothing gets forgotten.

Sounds great but you don’t have a planner yet?

No worries! Check out my favorite one ever- Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas! It has a great side bar for keeping track of goals and lists and you can get inserts as well for additional lists.

The ideas for lists to help your life get organized are endless but here is 25 planner lists that I highly recommend starting to include in your planner:

  1. Week of meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  2. Restaurants to try
    • Keeping this as a “running” list and keep note of which ones you try and if you enjoyed them or not. This is so helpful when you and your SO are trying to pick where to eat!
  3. Goals for the week
    • Keep those long term goals in mind!
  4. What needs cleaned
  5. Movies you want to watch
  6. Thank You notes to write
  7. Areas needing de-cluttered
    • Unfortunately this is usually a running list as areas tend to re-clutter but keeping track can help you keep your home way more organized. Here’s a list of 50 items to get this started!
  8. Summer bucket list
  9. Date night ideas  4195177D-DF14-47DE-872B-1C82C7E92E60
  10. Financial goals
    • Keeping track of your spending and what your financial goals are will help you stay on track – remember what you’re working towards!
  11. Birthday and anniversaries to remember
  12. “I don’t care” restaurants (go-to fav. restaurants)
  13. Favorite recipes
  14. TV Shows to watch
  15. Fitness goals  FE382EB0-BE78-48F6-B2F7-B091CFED0614
  16. Fridge & Freezer inventory
    • This is LIFE CHANGING at the grocery store. No more “oh shoot do we have eggs?”
  17. Income tracking                                      30E2282F-0E3E-4100-8148-3CB0DC4005A5
  18. Gift ideas for others
  19. Misc. Shopping List
  20. Stores you need to go to
  21. Books to read                                        026768B9-051D-47E6-8CD7-B324E137E269
  22. Project ideas
    • I used to find myself thinking of projects… swearing I would remember them… and then forgetting them. Ooops! Use that planner to jot them down.
  23. Self-care plan – here is 50 self improvement ideas to get you started.
  24. Usernames                          1D6083CD-ADEC-469E-8B92-CD8BF110ACC9
  25. “Must do” daily goals


Best of luck getting to planning.

Don’t be afraid to let me know in the comments if you have any questions. For more planning posts check out:



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  1. Thank you for sharing this list. I love making lists as I am Type A. Just thought I’d mention that “goals for the week” was on the list twice (#3 and #25).

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