88 Things To Declutter During Spring Cleaning

I love that spring cleaning is a great way to refresh and declutter your home! But if you aren’t sure where to start and what to declutter out of your home then I have you covered. I have kept track of everything I have decluttered out of my home in the last year and put them onto this list of 88 things to declutter during spring cleaning.

Before we jump into this huge list of things to declutter I quickly want to touch on the importance of decluttering!

Why is it so important to declutter?

  • It helps you spend less time cleaning! When there is less in your home to clean and put away then you ultimately spend less time cleaning. Psst if you are looking for more tips on how to spend less time cleaning I have a whole video on it here!
  • Having a cluttered living space can lead to increased levels of stress. And with people spending so much time at home right now that makes it even more important to have a living space that doesn’t cause stress.
  • When you declutter and then donate you can help out others in need by removing items you don’t ever touch and giving them to those in need!
  • A clutter free house is also a great time saver. When you spend less time putting things away and also when you spend less time looking for things that are hidden by clutter then you save time in the long run.
  • It can save money! One way it saves money is that you have a better inventory of what you own and it stops you from accidentally buying something you already have. Also when you keep your home clutter free you aren’t as likely to buy new clutter items that you won’t actually use. Which can save a lot of money for you and your family!

So now that you know why decluttering is so important let’s jump into this list of 88 things to declutter out of your home.

And remember- you don’t need to declutter all of these in one day or one weekend. That probably isn’t even feasible! Prioritize the areas that need the most decluttering and be patient with yourself. If you have a lot of clutter then getting through this list could take a few months and that is totally fine!

88 Things To Declutter During Spring Cleaning

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88 Things To Declutter During Spring Cleaning

  1. Receipts- if it’s been more than 90 days or is something you have already used (like groceries) then toss them.
  2. Cords- if you can’t figure out what they go to, then get rid of them. Make sure to get an organizer for the ones you do decide you want or need to keep.
  3. Ripped pet toys– especially if you have a pet (like I do!) that will eat the stuffing.
  4. Boxes– you really won’t use them for Christmas presents in 11 months.
  5. Unusable Tupperware- you don’t need hundreds I promise!
  6. Outdated technology– there’s no need to have that MP3 player sitting in your junk drawer.
  7. Rusted jewelry- or any that turn your skin green.
  8. Expired beauty products– it can be bad for your skin/cause infections to use expired products.
  9. Old tools– nope you don’t need 7 hammers– which was a hard pill for my fiance so swallow!
  10.  Dried out pens & markers – grab a piece of paper and check if they are dried out.
  11. Cleaning rags- if you have more than you would ever use in a weekend then declutter the ones with holes.
  12. Clothes with stains or holes– if you can’t save them then declutter them.
  13. Old catalogs- really any catalogs. An essential thing to declutter during spring cleaning.
  14. Leftover crafting supplies – and get your remaining crafts organized asap!
  15. Socks without a match- if you can’t find the match in 2 weeks then throw them out.
  16. Store tote bags- do you ever really use those free Victorias Secret bags?
  17. Holiday decorafter every holiday donate any decor that didn’t get put up.
  18. Board games- if you haven’t played it in a year then declutter it away.
  19. Hotel toiletries- you probably will never use those tiny shampoos.
  20. Old home DIY supplies- extra supplies from old projects that you won’t use? Get rid of them!
  21. Canned food– time to check the expiration dates that haven’t been checked in a long time!
  22. Bills you paid- no need to hold onto these. But also go digital if you can!
  23. Invitations- if the event already happened then recycle them.
  24. Last years calendars and planners – get yourself a planner that you will love this year.
  25. Drink ware- purge your cups and mugs, you probably have way too many (we all do).
  26. Holiday cards- it’s spring time, get them off the fridge!
  27. Old medical supplies- ankle wrap from an injury 2 years ago? Toss them!
  28. Extra hangers- have old metal ones or ones from stores? You probably will never use them.
  29. Puzzles- will you ever do the same one again?
  30. Expired coupons- I love this coupon organizer, makes it easy to know what coupons I have!
  31. Unused picture frames– if you aren’t using it now you probably won’t ever.
  32. Extra bedding- especially if there are stains or holes.
  33.  Organization items– baskets/boxes/etc that aren’t being used.
  34. Sample cosmetics- remember they expire. And aren’t usually helpful.
  35. Manuals- if you know how to use the item then toss them, plus most manuals can be found online now.
  36. Event clothes– any that you wore to a “big event” so you won’t wear them again.
  37. Old uniforms/name tags– if you don’t work there anymore then donate.
  38. Unused furniture- if you don’t plan on using then donate.
  39. Old eye glasses & sunglasses- -especially if they are scratched.
  40. Outdated/gross cleaning supplies– if you have had some old cleaning supplies in the back of your cabinet it’s probably gone bad.
  41. Duplicate kitchen items– you don’t need 2 extra microwaves!
  42. Books- focus on ones you won’t read again.
  43. Emails- I have a digital declutter video here to help.
  44. Pajamas– if you haven’t worn them in 2 months then donate them.
  45. Dried up nail polishes- self explanatory.
  46. Computer games- will anyone really ever play an actual computer game again?!
  47. Unused winter wear- specifically gloves without a match.
  48. Old notebooks- chances are you won’t need what is in it.
  49. Condiments- check expiration dates and think about when anyone used it last.
  50. Outdated pet treats- they do expire so check them!
  51. Scarves- only keep ones that you actually wear.
  52. Mugs- I know no one wants to hear this but declutter your mugs.
  53. Wall decor– if it hasn’t been put up then donate it.
  54. Dried up paint/brushes- just toss them.
  55. Ripped/stained towels- unless you turn them into a rag then donate them to a local animal shelter.
  56. Fitness equipment– if you haven’t used the thigh crusher 2000 in 5 years then get it out of your house.
  57. Event t-shirts- any t-shirts from old events/teams/schools etc that you don’t actually wear.
  58. Rugs/bath mats- if they are shoved in the linen closet then donate them.
  59. Plates/bowls- any that are chipped then throw them out.
  60. Hair Styling tools– you only need one of each!
  61. Slippers- if you have a bunch that you don’t wear (it’s a common issue from getting them as gifts) then donate them.
  62. Plants– if they are dead (be honest with yourself) then it’s time to say goodbye.
  63. Recipe books/cards– it’s 2021, time to go digital.
  64. Tea or coffee beans- the ones you will never drink.
  65. Dish sponges– stop holding onto gross old ones.
  66. Digital photos- clean out those screenshots.
  67. Food menus- they are all online now, toss those ones from the mail.
  68. Wrapping paper- if there isn’t enough left to wrap a present them toss it.
  69. Purses– donate old ones.
  70. Old school projects- yours or your kids… if they are sentimental take a picture to store instead.
  71. Hair products- they also expire so check their ages.
  72. Spices you don’t use- or if they are expired.
  73. Outdated information books- computers for dummies 1999 is no longer helpful!
  74. Perfumes- if you don’t love them or use them then declutter them this spring time.
  75. Shoes- if they hurt your feet them donate them.
  76. Outdoor decor- chipped plant holders? Old yard signs? Declutter them.
  77. Old gaming supplies- game consoles, controllers, etc.
  78. Party supplies/decorations- chances are you won’t re-use them so get rid of them.
  79. Pamphlets- recycle old pamphlets from places.
  80. Postcards- it was sweet someone sent one but chances are you don’t actually want to keep postcards forever!
  81. Outdated membership or credit cards- past expiration? Cut them up and toss them.
  82. Expired medicine– it won’t work as well after it is expired.
  83. Air fresheners- if they lost their scent them get rid of them.
  84. Stationery- those free post it notes from a company? Toss them.
  85. Plastic bags- if you have way too many stored under the sink.
  86. Extra baking supplies- get rid of if you haven’t used in a year.
  87. Old school supplies- no need to keep them.
  88. Boxes from tech- if it’s past it’s warranty then get rid of the box.
How to declutter during spring cleaning

I hope this list of 88 things to declutter during spring cleaning is helpful and assists you with having a clutter free home!

Anything I missed in this list? Add them in the comments so myself and others can declutter them!


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