How To Always Keep Your Home Clean Without Too Much Work!

Keeping your home clean can become a big task if you don’t stay on top of the small things regularly. Which is why it is so important to stay on top of the small things to maintain a clean and organized home. I have gotten significantly better in the past year at always keeping my home clean and I really wanted to share the tips I have been using with you all!

Below are 7 tips for doing that so that you are able to keep your home clean regularly! I hope these help you learn to keep your home clean without stress. Really the goal is to help you feel less stressed out with the challenge of maintaining a clean home.

So keep reading for my clean home tips so you can learn how to always keep your home clean.

How To Always Keep Your Home Clean

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How To Always Keep Your Home Clean

Tips for keeping a clean home without too much work!

Tip 1) Create a cleaning schedule

Staying on top of everything that needs to be cleaned in your home can be difficult. There is little things that you might be forgetting about or that should be cleaned more often but you don’t know how often!

Which is where a cleaning schedule can really help you out with keeping your home clean.

I like to break my cleaning schedule into 4 parts- daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.

Things that can go on your cleaning calendar:

Note: everyone will have a different cleaning schedule depending on your home, kids or pets, and lots of other attributes!

Daily– make bed, dishes, wipe down surfaces, trash & recycling, sweep floors.

Weekly– laundry, vacuum, dust, clean bathrooms, mop, clean stove, change and wash bedding.

Monthly– wash windows, deep clean kitchen, clean washer/dryer, wash shower curtains & bath mats.

Annually– declutter closets, deep clean carpets, clean & organize garage.

You can also get something like a “chore board” to help with the cleaning schedule if multiple people contribute!

If this is helpful I also released a free printable weekly cleaning schedule that you can check out here.

Tip 2) Clean as you go

Cleaning as you go is one of the easiest ways that you can keep your home clean.

Cleaning as you go just means to keep up with things as you’re moving. If you spend 30 seconds picking up after yourself every time you move onto a new task or activity it will help stop your home from getting messy or dirty.

Some tips for cleaning as you go:

  • If you’re doing a lot in one room don’t leave it until you have picked up your mess.
  • Clean dishes while you are cooking. If something needs to bake for 30 minutes you can probably get most of the kitchen cleaned up in that time.
  • In general if you take something out of its “home” then make sure that you put it back into its home.

Tip 3) Don’t let clutter build up

If you stop the clutter from building up then you can avoid having to declutter at all!

Before you buy something make sure that you know what or where its home will be and make sure that you are going to use it within the next month.

Asking yourself those two questions can stop you from buying things that are just going to clutter up your home.

If you do end up with clutter that’s fine and totally normal but in order to maintain a clean home you probably need to declutter. Try starting your decluttering with these 50 items.

Tip 4) Put laundry and dishes away right away

Clean laundry and dishes tend to be two of the most common things that build up in your home and make it feel messy and uncleaned even if they are clean.

It is easy to push off putting away laundry for just an hour that turns into tomorrow that turns into 3 days later! So put it away as soon as the loads are done for the day.

For dishes I like to make it into a habit that works for my daily schedule. Such as running the dishwasher right before bed and putting them away in the morning before I even have my coffee for the day.

Tip 5) Don’t let your house have a “stuff collector”

The “stuff collector” exists in most households. It’s the place where random stuff that needs to put away, dealt with, taken somewhere, etc gets put.

This is frequently a table, kitchen counter or island, or any furniture that is by the front door.

Having a stuff collector will make your home feel permanently cluttered and messy. So try and make a conscious effort to not allow a stuff collector area to form in your home. By truly not letting stuff collect and build up in one area you won’t have to spend an hour putting everything away all at once.

Tip 6) Find a home for everything

One of the best ways to make sure that your home always feels clean and organized is to make sure that every item in your home has a home of it’s own . This means that everything has a place it belongs and where you know to put it away to.

Remember- when you are shopping make sure that you can already figure out where an item will live before you buy it.

If everything has a home then it will keep your house from getting cluttered! And will make cleaning up easier because you already know exactly where everything should belong.

Tip 7) Pick up for 10-15 minutes before bed

The final tip for keeping your home clean and organized is to always spend a little bit of time before you go to bed cleaning up your home.

This will help keep your house clean! Plus it feels great to wake up the next morning to a clean house. If you maintain a good cleanliness level at all times you rarely have to spend hours and hours cleaning!

If you want more tips and tricks that will over all help you spend less time cleaning then check out my YouTube video here. I teach you even more tricks for cleaning faster so that you can spend overall less time of your day cleaning.

I hope that these tips help you out with maintaining a clean home!

I know that this can feel overwhelming but adding these tips in one by one can really help you keep your home clean. With overall less effort than more traditional cleaning strategies. Remember that you don’t need to overwhelm yourself with tiny things. Focus on bigger picture cleaning and maintaining cleanliness so that you don’t have to do as much frantic cleaning.

If you have any tips that you use for keeping your house clean then make sure to leave those tips in the comments!


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