15 Blog Post Ideas For Any Niche

Coming up with ideas for new posts can be one of the hardest and most intimidating parts of blogging.

You want to create things that are helpful and useful to your readers but also new blog posts that people will actually want and like to read.

Which is why I have complied the list of 15 blog post ideas (more like categories) that you can use for any niche. Just personalize and tailor the idea to whatever your blog is all about.

15 blog post ideas for any niche

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Bonus Tip: go get a wall calendar to plan out your content for this month!

1. List post

List posts (like this one!) are not only easy to write but they are also very SEO and Pinterest friendly. A win-win!

To come up with a list post idea think about anything related to your niche where there are multiple “answers”. If you are a beauty blogger and someone asks you what is the best lipstick out there- well you probably would struggle to answer with just one lipstick.

Or if you are a travel blogger and get asked “where is the best place in Germany to see?”. Again, you probably have a few places you would want to discuss.

Lists are also a great format if you have a lot of things you want to talk about and they don’t seem like enough to have their own posts. You can also use lists to branch into a series if you feel that would be helpful as you are writing the list post.

There’s no set number for how many items on a list but longer lists are super fun if you can keep the word count under control!

2. “Secrets” post

Think about things for your niche that you believe that less than 50% of your audience would actually know.

For beauty bloggers maybe think about some “secret” tips for things like clearing your skin or making you makeup last longer that are outside of the box.

Make sure that you “secrets” are actually things that are not commonly talked about or known because it can feel like you’re tricking your audience to call something a secret and when they click on your post, they realize it’s something everyone knows.

3. This year post

These posts are focused on year long ideas relevant to what you write about.

Year long ideas exist in every niche! You could do posts on “Unique ways to save money this year” or “how to improve your time management this year”.

This year posts are ideally longer and more detailed than others because anything that takes a whole year to work on or learn probably needs a good amount of information.

4. Step by Step post

What are you really, really good at? *preferably something relevant to your blog*

Could you teach it to others?

Then write them the step by step of it. These posts can do really good on Google because they align with the style of how people search! Make sure to improve helpful tools during each step as well!

5. Detailed Guide post

Detailed is the important word for these types of posts.

Have you ever been searching for something and the title sounded SO promising and then you opened it and it was like 150 words? So disappointing!

Make the post detailed and full of all the information the reader will need.

Not only will these types of post do really well with Google rankings but they are also the most likely to be shared because they are so helpful.

*Remember- helpful content is what will make people actually want to read your blog and spend time on your site!

6. Helpful series post(s)

I love a good series of posts and this is so easy to accomplish for every niche!

For travel bloggers it could be a series of weekend trips. For mom bloggers it could be a series of posts for expecting mothers. For fashion bloggers it could be a whole series on styling items 6 different ways.

The best part of series posts is that as you are publishing the series you can promote the future posts and get readers to subscribe so they can be notified when the next part of the series is released.

7. Freebie post

Create something helpful for your readers and make a post surrounding the freebie.

It can be a checklist, a guide, a template… really the options are endless. And everyone loves a good freebie and it can be a great way to build your relationship with your readers.

Wondering how some niches can have freebies, like fashion? You can create a downloadable guide for your readers to take with them shopping to help create X type of wardrobe (like capsule, summer, etc). Get creative!

8. Credibility post

A credibility post is great to have especially so you can link back to it in the future.

This is a post that explains why you are blogging about a certain subject. These are helpful for any niche but I would argue essential if you are blogging on subjects like medicine, finance, fitness, etc. Anything where people are making large health or financial decisions based around your site.

9. Tips & Tricks post

Who doesn’t love reading about someones tips and tricks surrounding their favorite subjects?!

These posts are a great way for you to show your readers you know what you are talking about and tend to be great posts that you can later link back to.

Make them fun and different too. Instead of writing a “tips and tricks for makeup”, make it more unique and fun! Try writing a post on “tips and tricks for keeping your makeup on all day” or “tips and tricks for wearing makeup to work”.

10. Resources post

Collect all your resources you have used or created and put them in one AWESOME post!

This doesn’t just have to be blogging resources either. If you blog about college/student help then you could make a resource page for college students!

Sharing your knowledge can really help your readers out and it’s a fun way to see all your resources in one place.

11. One Week post

This is similar to the “this year” post but instead it’s something your readers can do/learn/change in one week.

Can your audience learn a new skin care routine in a week? Can your audience start a new budgeting plan in a week? What skills and knowledge do you have that in 1 week your audience can learn and implement.

One week posts are fun because they keep you interacting with a reader for a whole week!

12. Seasonal post

So a lot of professional bloggers scream NO at seasonal posts and only create evergreen content.

And yes you absolutely need evergreen content.

But some seasonal posts are great! Especially if they are written in a way that you can re-promote them next year. But even if they aren’t that’s totally fine. Just make sure to create and publish the content before that season or holiday hits.

For example, on my lifestyle website (KorraTheExplorer) I published my Valentines day content over a month in advance. If you publish a Valentines Day makeup look ON Valentines day then your readers won’t have time to get the products!

13. Review post

Review posts are definitely more common in certain niches (like beauty and motherhood) but there is things to review for every niche.

You can do review posts that are not sponsored or gifted! Not only are reviewing your favorite products a great way to get you noticed by your favorite brands but it’s also a great way to build trust. Giving honest reviews from products/services you purchased all by yourself shows your readers that you will continue to give honest reviews.

*side note- be honest in your reviews! I will not accept products or offers if I don’t like the product or if it’s a new product I will never agree to only give positive reviews. I recommend all bloggers take this approach!

14. What you learned/mistakes post

What have you done wrong or learned from in your past? What did you wish you knew before you started something?

Share your knowledge! No matter your niche you were a beginner at it at one point in your life! So share what you have learned and where you went wrong in the past to help your readers out.

These can be great posts to also show a lot of your personality especially if you are in a niche that you don’t get to regularly show your personality.

15. Checklist post

I love checklist posts! They are fun and easy and, this is super important, they are very shareable.

You can take a checklist post in so many different directions depending on your niche. You can get a little extra creative and make it downloadable/printable for your readers as well. Make sure to put your blog name on it so if they share the checklist then others can find you and discover your awesome site!



Got the creative juices flowing? Go get writing!

And leave your blog link in the comments so I can check out your awesome new posts.

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