6 Awesome Planners for College Students

If you have ever been here before you know how much I swear by using planners. They keep your week under control and help you from getting overwhelmed. Which is a very common feeling as a college student! Which is why finding the perfect planners for college students is essential.

I discovered while in school that the only way I could ensure that I could balance everything was to STAY ORGANIZED. And the best way to stay organized is a planner.

Planners help you visualize your day and your week and keep you on top of deadlines and due dates.

Everyone has personal preferences for what they like (and don’t like) in a planner so I did some research and found a variety of academically oriented planners that have different layouts, month counts, and designs so there is a planner for each college student out there!

6 planners for college students. The perfect planners for college!
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6 Planners For College Students:

1) Me and My Big Ideas – Classic Student Happy Planner

This is my personal favorite planner when I was in college. I personally prefer the horizontal square layout and I still use MAMBI Happy Planners for my personal life and work now that I have graduated college! Highly recommend checking out the MAMBI Happy Planners for college students.

Classic Student Happy Planner - Golden Student - 12 Months (August 2019-July 2020)

2) BooQool – Academic Weekly & Monthly Planner

This is a much more simple and sleek option that is great if you are looking for a no-frills planner. It’s also great if you prefer lined dates for more details.

3) Indeme – Academic Weekly & Monthly Planner

First, how cute?! Let’s be honest – cutest is always a bit of a factor! But this planner also has a great layout where there is a lined date section but also the color blocked square to help divide up the days.

4) Yanna’s Art – ACADEMIC PLANNER 2020-2024

If you’re looking to keep a running planner during college then here’s a great option. This 5 year planner is especially awesome if you have multi-year projects you’re working on during school.

5) Jen Sincero – You are a Badass 17 Month Planner

This is for all my college students out there looking for a fun and less traditional planner. Not only is the layout unique but there’s cool features like habit trackers and funny quotes all throughout the planner.

6) Erin Condren – 12 Month 2020 Coiled Life Planner

Not necessarily “for students” but the Erin Condren life planners can easily work great for students. They are great quality and will hold up fantastically when you’re bringing your planner all over campus. This planner has an hourly layout which is great for anyone who wants a very detailed planner.

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Best of luck finding the best planner for you! Hope one of these 6 awesome planners for college students will work for you.


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