Hobby Ideas To Help You Spend Less Time On Screens

Hobbies can benefit and guide your life as much as you choose for them to. And if something you are prioritizing is to spend less time on your phone then finding a hobby that helps you lower your screen time is a great thing to do! Which is why today I am sharing these helpful hobby ideas to help you spend less time on screens.

So let’s get into these hobby ideas that don’t involve a screen so you can start decreasing your screen time!

Hobby Ideas To Help You Spend Less Time On Screens

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Hobby Ideas To Help You Spend Less Time On Screens

Screen free hobby ideas list:

Hobby Idea 1: Plants and/or gardening

First up is one of if not my favorite non screen time hobby and it is plants!

I find the progress of getting, nurturing, and watching plants grow to be so relaxing and calming. And rewarding! I love that you can see your hobby grow and flourish. 

There is also so much to learn about plants and gardening as a hobby which I find to be very relaxing and comforting. 

I have been getting my plants online recently. Which sounds scary but is actually awesome! I recommend using an actual online nursery like Cellar Door Plants. They even have a section for pet safe plants which is so great. You can shop that section here– highly recommend doing so if you have pets!

Hobby Idea 2: Journaling

Journaling as a hobby has so many benefits including getting in touch with your emotions, being more organized, and of course help you feel calmer and more relaxed. And it doesn’t involve being on your phone or any other screen time!

Which makes journaling one of the best calming hobbies to try for beating stress.

If you are new to journaling then you’re in luck because it is an easy and affordable hobby to start doing. Just grab a notebook like this one and follow a list of daily journal prompts. 

I have some posts with daily journal prompts that you could consider using here:

Hobby Idea 3: Candle making

This is such a great hobby idea in general but it is an added bonus that it is calming.

Plus, it is a great hobby for saving money! If you go through candles fast then making your own should help you save some cash.

I use this candle making kit and then you can get oils for whatever scent you like the most. I find candle making to be a really soothing hobby that results in a candle I can burn when relaxing later.

Hobby Idea 4: Flower arranging

This is a hobby I have been super into lately (check out some of it on my Instagram here) and I have completely been loving it.

It’s amazing how fast time passes when I am arranging flowers and how calm and happy I feel during it. Plus, it makes my home feel more welcoming and happier to have fresh flowers in it.

This doesn’t need to be a complicated hobby. You can totally start with getting grocery store flowers and arranging them into bouquets by yourself. No need for it to be super expensive!

Hobby Idea 5: Yoga/ meditation

This is probably the main hobbies you thought would be on this list! 

Yoga and meditation are both known for being two very calming, relaxing, and helpful hobbies and I completely agree.

To avoid screen time grab a book with yoga poses to try out (here is an affordable one!).

Hobby Idea 6: Baking

This is a super fun hobby that I believe is less stressful than cooking as a hobby (but if that is your thing than go for it!).

A lot of the people I talked to said this was their favorite hobby that doesn’t involve screens or the one they want to start doing more. Because what makes a better hobby than one that ends with delicious treats?!

Hobby Idea 7: Upcycle your old clothes

This is a hobby I have just started doing and I am loving it!

Not only is this hobby great for the environment and your wallet but it is also a great way to be creative and get a new, refreshed wardrobe.

If you get into this new screen free hobby then grab an affordable sewing machine to really help you upcycle your wardrobe.

Hobby Idea 8: Hiking

This is an exercise related hobby that has the added benefit of getting you outside. And it is a hobby you can do with your significant other, friends, or family so it can be a great social hobby.

This does not mean that you have to go climb mount Everest! Just get out there and start going for longer walks through some local parks. A great hobby for getting some exercise and getting off of your phone for a while.

Hobby Idea 9: Make your own wine or beer

This is a hobby I do with my significant other and a lot of our friends do too! 

Wine making is a little longer of a process in our experience and a little more difficult so if you are into beer too then I recommend trying that first (here’s a starter kit) or you can just commit right away (here’s a wine kit). Either way- this is a fun hobby for women that has the added benefit of yummy drinks at the end.

Hobby Idea 10: Start a bullet journal

Bullet journaling is a bit more “creative” than traditional journaling and can be used for a lot of different purposes which makes it a great hobby idea for so many different women. 

I have an article here on tips for starting a bullet journal and 80 bullet journal pages!

Hobby Idea 11: Cake decorating

The reason this is listed as a different hobby than baking is because you don’t have to love baking to love cake decorating!

There is no rule that says you can’t just bake a box cake or even buy a plain cake and decorate it yourself. If you love decorating and not baking that is totally fine and a super fun hobby to start.

Hobby Idea 12: Thrifting

This is another one of my favorite hobby ideas for avoiding screen time because thrifting is so fun and great for our planet.

If you want some inspo and ideas for how this can be a hobby then I recommend heading over to YouTube and searching things like “thrift with me” and “thrift upcycling” for some ideas and tips.


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