12 Habits To Help You Better Yourself This Summer!

Summer is a great opportunity to work on creating your best self! There is longer daylight, more activities happening, weather that makes us want to get out and do something, and a general sense of happiness and growth. And today we are going to chat about how you can actually start taking advantage of the season and better yourself. Below we chat about habits to help you better yourself this summer! These habits are intended to help you make changes to help you improve yourself inside and out this summer.

I do want to take the opportunity to remind you that it’s important to be patient and realistic when working on self improvement habits. Start by implementing one to two habits that seem the most important and helpful for creating the you that you are envisioning for yourself. Then gradually add more habits once those original habits are truly part of your life.

That being said let’s get into these habits to help you better yourself this summer!

12 Habits To Help You Better Yourself This Summer!

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12 Habits To Help You Better Yourself This Summer!

Helpful habits for bettering yourself this summer time:

Habit 1: Make daily to do lists.

Honestly if you are only interested in adding one new habit into your life to be more successful and start taking action then this is the one I really recommend.

If you don’t currently do daily to do lists then this is absolutely essential for being more productive and organized. Which are both essential elements to being more successful! To do lists help you stay on track and actually accomplish all of the things you want (or need) to do every day. 

If you are someone who prefers pen and paper then grab a cute to do list notepad (like this one) or you can use the notes app on your phone if you are a fan or digital to do lists. Either way- to do lists are so helpful for keeping you focused and on task throughout the day so you can be more productive each day.

Habit 2: Daily meditation.

Meditation is an incredible tool for working on becoming more aware.

When you are meditating you are alone with your thoughts and focusing 100% of your energy on those thoughts. Which allows you to eliminate distractions and pressures from the rest of the world. Which ultimately can help you see yourself more realistically and become more aware.

I recommend either downloading a meditation app or just searching for videos on YouTube until you find a guided one that works for you as you start meditating. And then grab a yoga/meditation matand start working on meditation and figuring out your true self.

Habit 3: Journaling

This habit is wonderful for helping you see through any filters you have up and get a better idea of your true self.

You can either approach journaling with or without prompts. If you are new to journaling and feel a bit uncomfortable with it it is usually best to start with prompts and then start working your way towards journaling without prompts. But prompts or not journaling is a self awareness activity that can really help you with personal growth.

A few journal prompts posts that can help with this are:

Also, if you want more prompts I highly recommend searching on Pinterest because there are so many great options.

Habit 4: Drink lots of water.

The general rule of thumb is to aim for 15.5 cups of water for men and 11.5 for women. But find what works the best for you and your lifestyle. The more active you are the more water you will definitely need to drink each day.

Grab a cute water bottle that you like to help motivate you to drink more water throughout the day!

Habit 5: Look regularly for ways to improve yourself.

What aspects of self discipline are your weakest points?

Grab a notebook and start writing. Be honest with yourself (lying to yourself will not help you achieve this goal of improvement). 

Do you spend too much time on social media? Struggle to keep focusing? Do you have a hard time saying no to others? There’s probably something that immediately comes to mind when you think about where you are lacking self discipline.

If you are struggling to think of where you are lacking or where you have areas to improve them look at these 12 time wasting habits. They may be able to help you identify where you have opportunities for improvement.

Habit 6: Start planning your days in the morning.

Using a daily planner and planning out your days is so important for bettering your life. Having more successful days definitely means planning them out. So building this habit into your life is so important for having those more actionable days days!

I use the Erin Condren Life Planner and love it so much for staying organized and productive.

Habit 7: Practice daily gratitude

Gratitude is an essential thing for having a more intentional life. It allows you to keep things in perspective and be honest about the positives in your life. Which are so helpful for having more balance in your life.

So if you are lacking that mentality of thankfulness and gratitude then you need to start learning how to! When you are thankful for the things in your life and regularly taking the time to think about your blessings you will feel yourself start to feel more intentional.

One of the best ways to do this is to start doing daily gratitude journaling. This doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment. Just grab a gratitude journal (here’s one that is less than $10) and add it into your night time routine. It should only take about 10 minutes but it can really help you feel more grateful and happier.

Habit 8: Quit multitasking and start focusing on one task at a time!

Focusing on one task at a time is not only essential for productivity and time management.

But it also is an incredibly helpful way to help you work on your personal growth.

By being more intentional you need to be aware and detailed with your thoughts and that includes your tasks. And when you multitask you are flipping between tasks. Which means that you are not focusing and you are not being fully aware and intentional about your tasks!

Habit 9: Stick to a healthy morning routine.

Your morning sets the tone for your entire day!

Which is why creating a positive and healthy morning routine is so essential for bettering yourself and your days.

Create a healthy and productive morning routine. And learn what it takes for you to stick to this routine to set yourself up for healthier days.

Habit 10: Accomplish important tasks early.

This is another essential habit for learning to be a more actionable and overall better person. When you get habits done earlier in the morning you are more likely to actually do them. 

Then later in the day when you are more likely to be struggling with motivation to be productive you already have the important tasks done and over with. So overall you have guaranteed a certain level of productivity each day.It is also very motivating which can improve productivity to know that you already got a bunch of stuff done that day!

Habit 11: Regularly audit your social media following.

Social media can be a tool for learning but if you only follow toxic and negative people you won’t be learning anything you want to! I recommend once a month or once a quarter evaluating who you follow and support on social media. But make sure to do it at least once a month this summer to set you up for success and growing as a person this season!

Habit 12: Choose and start doing 5 daily affirmations.

Positive daily affirmations are so helpful and wonderful for starting every day the right way. 

Here are some of my favorite daily affirmations if you are new to doing them:

  • I am capable of anything I want to do.
  • I have learned the right skills to succeed.
  • My future is determined by only me. 
  • I am worthy of love.
  • I find joy in daily occurrences.


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