80 Page Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

Bullet journals are a fantastic way to organize your thoughts and work on improving yourself. But when you are new to bullet journaling you may not know where to start or how to expand your bullet journal. Which is why I created this ultimate list of 80 page ideas for your bullet journal.

If you are new to bullet journaling then check out this information on what a bullet journal is, why you should use a bullet journal, and tips for sticking to and rocking your bullet journal!

However, if you already have yours started then skip down to the bottom for the 80 page ideas for your bullet journal!

What is a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is a grid style journal that you customize and create different pages in it to do whatever you want!

Sounds vague right? But that’s the point of a bullet journal! Bullet journals are exactly what you want them to be and that is the beauty of them.

Your bullet journal can act as your planner, gratitude journal, habit tracker, and anything else you want it to be.

Why use a bullet journal?

There are lots of reasons to use a bullet journal but here are some of my favorite reasons:

  • Bullet journals are completely customizable so your bullet journal can become exactly what is best for you.
  • They keep your life in order. Since you can make the pages what helps you the most you can make them incredibly helpful to keep your life organized.
  • Bullet journals encourage creativity. They help you create daily and come up with fun ideas.

Tips for using a bullet journal:

  • Invest in good supplies. Get a bullet journal with thick enough pages the ink won’t leak through and good pens that won’t smudge.
  • Make an index page. An index page will keep your bullet journal organized and easy to navigate as you add more and more pages.
  • Keep it with you. To fully take advantage of your bullet journal you will want to keep it with you as much as possible to stay on top of to-do lists and habit trackers.
  • Use the grid. It sounds obvious but don’t forget to take advantage of the grid that’s built in to help your pages stay clean and easy to use.
  1. Goals for this year
  2. Important dates to remember
  3. Daily to-do lists
  4. Shows you want to watch
  5. Drinking enough water habit tracker
  6. Affirmations to say daily
  7. Daily step tracker
  8. Monthly calendar
  9. Podcasts you want to listen to
  10. Quotes that inspire you
  11. Deep cleaning idea/tracker
  12. Bill due dates
  13. Meal plan for each week
  14. Workout log
  15. Money saving tracker
  16. Birthday list
  17. Favorite recipes
  18. Restaurants you want to try
  19. Dream places to travel to
  20. Spending log
  21. Usernames and passwords
  22. Meeting dates and times
  23. Vacation planner
  24. Books you finished with ratings
  25. Weight loss tracker
  26. Morning routine ideas/schedule
  27. Date night ideas
  28. Brain dump/ brainstorming
  29. Time on social media tracker
  30. Gratitude list
  31. Social calendar for the month
  32. Self care ideas (here’s a few for you)
  33. “vision board”
  34. Dream log
  35. General shopping list
  36. Monthly memory page
  37. Favorite YouTube channel
  38. Achievements to celebrate each month
  39. Take your vitamins habit tracker
  40. Seasonal bucket lists
  41. Gift ideas for others
  42. Movies I want to watch
  43. Songs that I love
  44. Income tracker
  45. Before bed routine
  46. Gift cards (expiration, store names, and amounts)
  47. Activities for boredom
  48. Staycation ideas
  49. Bad habits you want to break
  50. Daily self affirmations
  51. Thank you cards to write
  52. Chore tracker
  53. Study schedule
  54. Calorie counting
  55. Documentaries to watch and ratings
  56. Favorite playlists
  57. Gym/workout routines
  58. Home DIY ideas
  59. Hand lettering practice
  60. Local events dates
  61. Library books tracker
  62. Caffeine intake tracker
  63. Dream items to buy
  64. Things you want to learn
  65. Year in review page
  66. Allergy tracker
  67. Healthy food ideas
  68. Self improvement ideas
  69. 5 year plan
  70. New Years resolutions
  71. Car maintenance dates/needs
  72. Favorite blogs and websites
  73. Vacation packing list
  74. Hobby supplies to buy
  75. Craft and project ideas
  76. Debt payoff tracker
  77. Tax worksheet
  78. Monthly challenges
  79. No spend days tracker
  80. Skills to learn ideas

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