Habits To Help You Have Better and More Efficient Days

Your daily habits can truly make or break your success in life. They can determine if your days are good or bad. They can determine your productivity an efficiency. Which is why it is so important to add habits to your days that will help you with achieving your dreams and success in life. And today we are going to be talking abut 9 of the best habits to help you have better and more efficient days.

But remember, success looks different for each person! So don’t be afraid to modify these habits or not incorporate them if they don’t work for your definition of success.

That being said, let’s get into these habits to help you have better and more efficient days!

Habits To Help You Have Better and More Efficient Days

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Habits To Help You Have Better and More Efficient Days

Habits that can help you be more successful:

Habit 1: Make daily to do lists.

Honestly if you are only interested in adding one new habit into your life to be more successful then this is the one I really recommend.

If you don’t currently do daily to do lists then this is absolutely essential for being more productive and organized. Which are both essential elements to being more successful! To do lists help you stay on track and actually accomplish all of the things you want (or need) to do every day. 

If you are someone who prefers pen and paper then grab a cute to do list notepad (like this one) or you can use the notes app on your phone if you are a fan or digital to do lists. Either way- to do lists are so helpful for keeping you focused and on task throughout the day so you can be more productive each day.

Habit 2: Start planning your days in the morning.

Using a daily planner and planning out your days is so important for bettering your life. Having more successful days definitely means planning them out. So building this habit into your life is so important for having those more successful days!

I use the Erin Condren Life Planner and love it so much for staying organized and productive.

Habit 3: Practice daily gratitude.

A grateful attitude goes hand in hand with a better mindset. Including a mindset that will set you up for success!

So if you are lacking that mentality of thankfulness and gratitude then you need to start learning how to! When you are thankful for the things in your life and regularly taking the time to think about your blessings you will feel yourself start to feel happier with your life. 

One of the best ways to do this is to start doing daily gratitude journaling. This doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment. Just grab a gratitude journal (here’s one that is less than $10) and add it into your night time routine. It should only take about 10 minutes but it can really help you feel more grateful and happier.

Habit 4: Start writing in a journal.

Journaling is a fantastic but still simple habit to start implementing into your life. 

Get a journal (like this one from Target) and start following some prompts that are relevant to your life. Here are a few journal prompt lists that I have:

Habit 5: Accomplish important tasks early.

This is another essential habit for learning to be a more successful person. When you get habits done earlier in the morning you are more likely to actually do them. 

Then later in the day when you are more likely to be struggling with motivation to be productive you already have the important tasks done and over with. So overall you have guaranteed a certain level of productivity each day.

It is also very motivating which can improve productivity to know that you already got a bunch of stuff done that day!

Habit 6: Make time for hobbies and interests.

Making time for your hobbies and interests is such definitely one of the most helpful habits for a better and therefore successful life. It is a habit that you will be thankful you started!

When you commit time in your life to your hobbies, interests, and passions you will feel like you are in control of your life. Which can lead to an increased level of happiness in your life.

I know that you probably have a very busy life and struggle to make time for your hobbies so I have a whole guide on how to do this here: How To Make More Time For The Things You Love.

Habit 7: Eliminate distractions around you.

Distractions are absolutely one of the main things that block and stop productivity.

So implementing in habits and routines that help eliminate distractions is a great way to be more productive each day.

For example, if you are super susceptible to looking at your phone each time you get a notification then turn off all notifications on your phone while you are working. If you have an iphone just turn it on do not disturb mode and it can really help you stay focused so you can be more productive.

I also have a guide on minimizing distractions that you can read here that may help you with staying focused and keeping distractions away! 

Habit 8: Keep your goals in mind at all times.

The next, and arguably most important, habit of successful people is to always be focusing on your goals.

When you are focusing on your goals and plans you are not as easily distracted by unimportant things. Focusing on your goals only is an amazing daily mental boost.

Successful people are always making conscious efforts to work towards their goals. This motivated mentality is a large part of why certain people come off as confident and motivated.

Note: if you don’t already have written down goals then make sure to work on that right away. For tips and tricks on writing every day goals then head over here!

Habit 9: Always aim for better time management

A habit that everyone who is truly successful has is the habit of focusing on time management. 

That does not necessarily mean always having perfect time management because time management is a skill that you will always improve on through your whole life. But confident people make a daily effort to maximize their time.

What does that have to do with success? Because successful people know the value of their time and know that it is better for the success of their life to manage their time better.

I have an 8 step guide to better time management that I recommend checking out for improving your time management while improving your confidence.


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