17 Important Lists To Write For Self Care and Wellness

Writing lists has a lot of wonderful benefits and can be used in different situations to improve yourself and your life. And self care is no exception! Which is why I am sharing these lists that I write for improving my self care routines and overall wellness. If you are interested in bettering your self care routines and wellness too then keep reading for these 17 lists to write for self care and wellness.

These lists should be able to help you create better self care routines which is so important for making self care a priority. I have a post here where I go into depth about the importance of self care as well as a 20 day self care challenge video here that I would also recommend following especially if you struggle with doing consistent self care.

Important note:

Since this is a large list it is totally up to you how you want to tackle these helpful lists. Some people want to spend a whole day getting their life in order so you can do most of these in one day. But if that seems stressful to you then do 1-2 lists a day for a month. Either way is totally great and totally up to you what works the best for your life. 

Now let’s jump into these self care lists and wellness lists so you can start writing them!

lists to write for self care and wellness

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17 Lists To Write For Self Care and Wellness

Lists to make for practicing self care and bettering your wellness:

1: Gratitude list

This is the first list for a good reason- I would consider it one of if not the most important self care and wellness list to write.

Practicing regular and consistent gratitude in the form of a gratitude list is a wonderful way to ensure you are being thankful for the little things in life. Which can do wonders for your mental wellness.

I do recommend getting a gratitude journal for daily gratitude lists. This one from Target is super cute and affordable!

2: Ways you practiced self care today

This list is another daily one but it is so important for ensuring that you are doing regular self care.

Each night just jot down a list of what self care you did that day in your planner or in a note on your phone.

3: Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a wonderful list to keep. The affirmations that you relate to the most and like to repeat daily!

New to positive affirmations? Head over to Pinterest because there are lots of collections of positive affirmations that you can use to start finding the right inspiration for yourself.

4: Favorite ways to get moving list

This list is aimed at the wellness side of things but it is a great list to make.

When you have a list of your favorite ways to get moving and get exercise it can make it easier to remember to get moving every day. And when you find a new way (such as a new activity like hiking or pilates) you can add them to the list so you can make sure to remember them.

5: Books you want to read

This is a list I love to keep for ensuring I don’t forget about books I hear about.

Which leads to me always having books I am excited to read which ensures I continue to read regularly!

6: List of what inspires you

This list is so important for personal growth and self care.

Making a list of what inspires you in life is a wonderful way to stay in touch with it and keep yourself motivated. I also recommend keeping this list somewhere visible so you can get constant inspiration.

7: Your feel good songs

Having a list of feel good songs (aka a playlist) is a great tool to have available for when you are having a bad day. Or really any day where you are in need of a little pick me up.

I find myself playing my feel good playlist quite a bit and it always seems to help improve my mood.

8: Self love bucket list

Probably one of the most important ideas on this list of lists to write for self care is a self love bucket list.

This is a list of all of the self love activities that you have been wanting to do!

I have a 30 day self love challenge here that could be helpful when you are compiling your self love bucket list.

9: A list of your favorite self care activities

A fun list that I definitely think we should all be creating and maintaining is a list of your favorite self care activities.

Having this list will make it easier and simpler for you to do your favorite self care items. Because you don’t have to think about what you want to do and if you will like it. You already know you can just pull some ideas from your Lise of your favorite self care activities.

10: Ways you can get outside more

Another important wellness list is a list of your favorite and preferred ways to get outside. And you can use this list to help you ensure you are getting outside and getting fresh air regularly.

From personal experience this list can be super helpful with encouraging you to get outside for a bit every single day.

11: Habits I want to learn

Making a list of habits you want to learn has a lot of benefits. It helps with self care, wellness, personal growth, and so much more.

Which makes it a list you should definitely be adding to your life!

I recommend making this list somewhere that you can easily add to it like your weekly planner or somewhere on the notes app in your phone.

12: List of your favorite traits

This is a self care list that is so important for reminding yourself of your wonderful qualities.

We often spend a lot of time and effort thinking about the qualities of others. And being jealous of them.

Which is where this list can really be helpful for your mental wellness. By making a list of your favorite traits about yourself you are taking the time to remember all of your own wonderful qualities.

13: Self care activities you haven’t tried (but want to)

Making a list of self care activities to try is another fun one that is bucket list style.

And bucket lists are a great way to encourage yourself to try new things and keep up excitement and momentum in your life. And self care is definitely an area of your life that it is important to feed and fuel the momentum to ensure you are doing it consistently.

14: List of what’s overwhelming you

A bit of a more somber list but still one that can be so important for self care and mental wellness.

Taking 30 minutes or so to jot down a list of the things that are stressing you out in life is important. It can help you really get in touch with what is overwhelming you. So that you can be more in touch with your emotions and you can also figure out if you can address any of the items overwhelming you.

I strongly recommend making a list of things that are overwhelming you about once a month.

15: Escape your comfort zone ideas

Now back to the fun self care lists!

Taking a bit to make a list of ways you want to get out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways to actually get out of your comfort zone. I find it best to break this into 3 sub lists. A list of simple ways to get out of your comfort zone, medium ways, and large ways.

That is helpful so you have ideas for any time you want to get out of your comfort zone whether that be something small and simple or a large, life changing thing.

16: Your daily routines

In terms of wellness lists this is definitely one of the most important.

Knowing what your routines are is a great way to ensure you are adding healthy and happy habits to your routines. And it can help you spot any unwanted habits that are apart of your routines right now.

I find it best to make a list of your morning routines, work routines, evening routines, and night time routines. Rather than just one large list because this way you aren’t as likely to miss things. Details are important!

17: What to do on bad days

The final of the lists to write for self care is a helpful tool to create.

Making a list of things to do when you are having a bad day to turn it around is probably my most used and most important self care tool.

I shared 14 ideas for this list here that could be helpful when you are making your list of what to do on bad days!

I hope that these self care lists and wellness lists are helpful for you living your best life!

Taking control of your self care and general well being can be an overwhelming task but I hope that these lists can be helpful in that aspect. Starting to write these lists for self care has been so beneficial to my wellness so I hope that you benefit as well.

And if you did enjoy this post on lists to write for self care I hope you keep scrolling so we can stay in touch and you can always know when I have new content coming out!


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