11 End Of The Month Journal Prompts To Use!

We talk a lot on here about starting your month correctly with goals and plans. Which is very important! But it is also important to wrap up your month correctly and take the time to reflect on your month. And journaling and asking yourself questions is a wonderful way to reflect on your month. Which is why today we are chatting about the journal prompts to use at the end of every month.

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11 End Of The Month Journal Prompts To Use!

Now let’s get into these end of the month journal prompts!

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11 End Of The Month Journal Prompts To Use!

Wrap up your month with these journal prompts:

Prompt 1: What was the results of your monthly goals?

Monthly goals are a huge part of having more successful months. And keeping yourself on track for your bigger, more long term goals.

And evaluating them is so important for making sure that you are really sticking to your goals. And making sure they are helping you grow and better your life.

If you are not currently setting monthly goals then I recommend checking out this post for ideas and tips: New Month, New Goals: 68 Monthly Goals Ideas To Set!

Prompt 2: Did you stick to your plans from the start of the month?

Another important thing to do for successful months is to set and stick to plans.

So during your monthly reflection it is vital to look back at the plans you set at the start of the month. And look at which parts of your plan you successfully stuck to and the parts that you didn’t stick to. And what could have gone better in your planning to ensure you have a better next month.

Prompt 3: What do you wish you did more of this month?

While you are reflecting on the month it is important to think about what you wish you had done more of this month. So you can make sure to make those wishes a priority in the next month.

A helpful side note- a big part of doing monthly reflections is helping yourself have a better next month. And overall a better life by reflecting on your past months and how you can move forward to improve things in your life.

Prompt 4: What lessons did you learn this month?

We often learn things throughout our days and months that are helpful in the long run of our lives. But if we don’t take the time to reflect on those lessons then it is less likely that those lessons will stick.

So take the time when you are answering this question to think about the lessons you learned and then how those lessons can carry on through the other parts of your life.

Prompt 5: What things did I accomplish this month?

Your monthly reflection is not only a time to work on bettering yourself but it is also a time to think about and celebrate your accomplishments.

Take the time to think about what you did accomplish this month and then think about how proud you are of yourself! Celebrating your accomplishments and encouraging yourself is so important for your mental wellness.

Prompt 6: How did I grow more as a person this month?

Reflecting on your life and personal growth go hand in hand.

So when you are doing your reflection at the end of the month use the chance to think about how you have grown as a person this month. And then take the opportunity to think about how you can work on additional personal growth and development next month.

Prompt 7: Did I stick to my budget this month? How could I have done better?

Budgeting is a very common (for a good reason!) thing that we do at the start of each month. But just making your budget and trying to follow it isn’t quite enough.

It is also necessary to take the time at the end of your month to see where you stuck to your budget and where you didn’t. So you can figure out what you can do better next month and what changes may need to be made before you make the next months budget.

Prompt 8: What positive habits did I work on this month?

Positive habits can really make or break your month. But habits don’t just form without effort!

You need to take the time to track and work on implementing habits and the end of your month while reflecting is a great chance to think about that progress. It’s also a good time to think about any additional new habits that you want to add and try working on next month.

Prompt 9: Did I make any progress breaking bad habits?

As much as it is important to work on and focus on positive habits it is also necessary to work on breaking bad habits. It can be harder to break a bad habit that form a new positive one so don’t be concerned if you didn’t break all your bad habits this month.

But hopefully you made progress on breaking at least one bad habit and thinking about that progress is a helpful part of reflecting on your month.

Prompt 10: How am I feeling overall about the success of this month?

While you are thinking about and working on self-reflection it’s so beneficial for you to reflect on the successes of the month overall.

What that looks like for every person will be very different but it’s so helpful for you as an individual to reflect on your successes this month.

Prompt 11: Did I do anything this month that made me proud?

This monthly reflection journal prompt can really help to encourage and motivate you to continue to make yourself proud the next month.

Answer honestly with yourself about what you did this month that made you genuinely proud of yourself! This doesn’t have to be obvious achievements either, it is anything big or small that made you proud.

Prompt 12: What am I going to do differently next month?

The final question for your monthly wrap up journaling is to answer what you are going to be doing differently next month. And think about the steps it will take to do those things differently!


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