Questions To Ask Yourself To Clarify Your Priorities

Prioritizing is something that I talk about on here a lot. However, I primarily talk about how it’s important to prioritize your day based on what is the most important. But I realized I have never really discussed what to do when you are struggling to determine what actually is the most important. So I am sharing the questions to ask yourself to clarify your priorities.

I recommend treating this list of questions as journal prompts. Actually writing down the answers helps to slow you down enough that you don’t miss things. And you get a true idea of your feelings and answers to the questions. If you don’t have a current journal I recommend this one it’s the best I’ve tried!

And once you know your true answers to these questions you can start to implement that knowledge into your life. Both in your daily decisions and priorities and the more big picture areas of your life.

That all being said, lets get into these questions to ask yourself to clarify your priorities to start getting your priorities figured out!

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Questions To Ask Yourself To Clarify Your Priorities

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Questions To Ask Yourself To Clarify Your Priorities

Ask yourself these questions to determine your priorities!

Question 1: what things have been on my to do list for a long time?

Anything that is on your to do list for a long time is probably not important. If it is able to just not get done then it is either not essential to your life or it really doesn’t matter to you. An overlooked part of learning what is the most important priorities to you is also learning what is not important and what is not actually a priority.

Question 2: what will help me achieve long term goals?

We often get very stuck in the short term goals in our lives. Which means that our long term goals can get neglected. However, long term goals are the goals that are going to be the most reflective of the life you want to have. So in order to achieve those long term goals you will need to regularly keep your priorities in mind.

Question 3: why am I making my current decisions?

This question is so important for being introspective and helping understand why you are making your current decisions. And answering this question can really help you figure out why you make them and why they are a priority to you.

Question 4: what do you wish was different in your life right now?

Thinking about what you would choose to be different in your current life can help you think about what is the most important to you. And really thinking about that can help you determine your top priorities. Which also can help you make your future life what you really want it to be!

Question 5: what should I be doing more of?

This sounds like a really obvious question to ask but it is often neglected because it seems so obvious. So make sure you are regularly asking yourself what you should be doing more of to help you think about your priories and dreams.

Question 6: what are the 3 things I would like to improve about myself?

Thinking about this question is so helpful for working on personal growth which goes hand in hand with learning about what is the most important to you. And what is the most important things are generally what your priorities are. Use your answer to this question to help you when you are making personal growth plans and working on your priorities every day.

Question 7: what daily changes would I like to make?

Asking yourself about what things you can do differently each day can help you think abut daily priorities and your life on a smaller scale. And don’t forget that small changes can add up to big results! Use your answer to this question when you are making daily to do lists and prioritizing them.

Question 8: what things motivate me the most?

Taking the time to think about what motivates you can help you really realign with your priorities in life. I often recommend keeping your motivation and inspiration somewhere visible (like your phone background). But it is also important to remember that discipline is more important that motivation! However, thinking about what motivates you is important for identifying your priorities.

Question 9: is there anything I feel like I’m missing in my life?

This question is so helpful for identifying what needs to be added or made a higher priority in your life. It can be difficult to determine what is missing (you don’t always know what you don’t know) but asking yourself and thinking about it is a good start.

Question 10: am I ready to start improving my life?

This question is deep and so crucial. You can read about bettering yourself and improving your life, you can even journal and answer these questions. But if you aren’t honest with yourself about where you are in life and what you are ready to commit to you won’t be able to grow. So take the time to be honest when answering this question and figure out what is stopping you if you re not feeling ready.

A final note, working on determine your priorities in life is so important and these questions can help the process. However, it is something you will need to work on every day. Thinking about your priorities and doing daily prioritized to do lists are great tools to help you maintain your new knowledge about what your priorities are.

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