21 Spring Self Care Ideas To Refresh Yourself

Spring is basically here which means it is time for refreshing yourself and embracing this new season full of light and freshness! And doing self care is a wonderful way to embrace this season. So today we are going to talk about these great 21 spring self care ideas to refresh yourself.

But before we fully jump into these spring self care ideas I want to quickly discuss the benefits of doing self care. So you can know the importance of doing self care during this spring season and in general!

What are the benefits of self care?

  • Self care helps improve your mental and emotional wellness.
  • Helps you prioritize your physical wellness.
  • Assists with helping cultivate personal relationships. 
  • Self care helps you learn more about yourself.
  • It actually helps you be in a better mindset to be more productive.

Now that we have covered this benefits of self care let’s get right into these spring self care ideas to refresh yourself!

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21 Spring Self Care Ideas To Refresh Yourself

Spring time self care routine ideas:

Idea 1: Get some fresh air

Get outside for a walk or even just sit outside drinking your morning coffee! Remember that fresh air is good for your mental and physical wellness. And any bit of sunshine you can get when the weather is getting warmer can make you feel more refreshed and better!

Idea 2: Daily gratitude journal

 This is great for helping you stay thankful and calm during this wonderful spring season. You can get one here!

Daily gratitude journaling is incredible for keeping you in a great mindset and is a very helpful idea for any self care routine.

Gratitude journals are a great way to bring some self care into your daily routine and they only take about 10-15 minutes out of your day. Try adding them either into your morning routine or right before bed.

Idea 3: Take yourself on a picnic

Enjoy the warmer weather and treat yourself to a picnic. Filled with all of your favorite food and drinks!

If you don’t feel comfortable or don’t want to go to a park or the beach for the picnic you can always do it in your own backyard or in your living room. Try putting on a park scenes YouTube video if you are eating your picnic inside!

Idea 4: Guided meditation

Try a new guided meditation- there are lots of free ones on YouTube. This is a wonderful way to relax yourself and practice regular self care. Making this apart of your daily routines has a ton of benefits for your mental wellness.

It can be helpful to set up a peaceful area with some relaxing candles and a yoga mat.

Idea 5: Try a new hobby

This is a great time of the year to try out a new hobby!

Is there one you have been wanting to try for a while? Or just generally curious about? Then give it a try as part of your spring time self care routine.

Idea 6: Unplug from your phone regularly

This is a wonderful way to care for yourself by taking time away from your phone.

Unplug from your phone for a few hours as least a few times a week. Do a social media detox as well as part of this routine idea! Here is so me tips for this- How To Unplug From Your Phone Every Day.

Idea 7: Make a spring Pinterest board

I find so much enjoyment and also self care in making new themed Pinterest boards.

So hopefully you will find some of the same joy and care in doing so as well. And it is also so fun to make one for the spring time as well as the spring aesthetic is so pretty!

Idea 8: Take more walks this spring

This is one of the best self care options that you can do with little time because it has two big benefits.

The first benefit is that you get physical activity which is good for both your body and mind. A nice leisurely walk for 30 minutes will help your body waken up and it will give your brain a break from your normal views and routine which is incredibly helpful for if you are feeling anxious or sad right now.

The next benefit is the fresh air that comes with taking a walk. Fresh air is a fantastic way to make you feel better! If you can’t go for a walk then try either sitting outside for 30 minutes or if it’s too cold for that, try at least cracking open a window so you can breathe in some fresh air.

Idea 9: Bake a spring themed comfort foods treat

Head back over to Pinterest and look for a spring themed treat that you would love to bake!

There are so many out there or of course you can make one that you already know and love how to bake.

Idea 10: Journaling

Journaling is another self care routine idea that I could go on and on about the benefits of. But in a nutshell it is a great way to really get in touch with your emotions and thoughts. Which is so important for taking care of yourself.

Here are a few blog posts full of journal prompts that you can follow:

Idea 11: Take a bubble bath

This is a commonly recommended of course for self care and for a good reason.

It can be so relaxing, calming, and refreshing to unwind with a glass of wine (if 21 of course!) in a warm bubble bath. You can step up your bubble bath with some spring scented bath bombs or oils as well.

Idea 12: Do a face mask

Self care is all about taking care of yourself. And your skin is one of the many parts of yourself that you should be taking care of! Plus, face masks are fun and a great way to feel confident when you take one off and your skin is glowing. And this is an easy to incorporate idea for your self care routine.

Here are some of my favorite for different situations:

Aloe face masks – cooling and calming for irritated skin.

Tea Tree masks – clarifying for acne prone skin.

Pumpkin masks – toning for uneven skin.

Lavender masks – relaxing, great for any skin unless you’re sensitive to floral scents.

Idea 13: Make a spring playlist

Head over to Spotify or your favorite service and make your spring themed playlist for the year.

It can be your favorite songs for this spring or songs that remind you of the spring season. Whatever you want!

Idea 14: Stretch or do yoga

Stretching and/or yoga are fantastic for your mental and physical health and can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes. Yoga especially can really relax your mind while helping strengthen your body and even can provide a great workout if you want. There are hundreds of different yoga routines you can follow that are online for free.

Stretching is a little simpler, I recommend trying to incorporate 5-10 minutes of stretching and focused breathing before heading to bed each night. This can replace the yoga or be in addition!

Idea 15: Visit a local farmers market

This is a wonderful and engaging self care routine idea. And it can also double as a date or family activity as well but it is so fun and a great to get outside and check out what your local farmers market has to offer.

Idea 16: Write down 5 kind things about yourself

Self care should always be focused on being kind to yourself mentally and physically.

And one of the simplest and easiest ways you can be kind to yourself is by taking 10 minutes to write down 5+ kind things about yourself.

They can be about your appearance, your personality, your accomplishments. Anything that you can genuinely compliment yourself on is a healthy and wonderful way to be kind to yourself and perform self care. This is such a helpful idea for your self care routine this year.

Idea 17: Write a love letter to yourself

You can read it in the future when you aren’t having a great day! Self care routine items that will help you in the future are some of my favorites.

I have a bunch of prompts for writing letters to yourself that you can check out here for ideas and inspiration.

Idea 18: Go for a bike ride

This is another great way (see a trend?) to get outside and get some exercise as well.

Enjoy the warmer weather and get some time without your phone or any screens also which is great for self care.

Idea 19: Buy yourself flowers

Not only buy yourself flowers and put them somewhere you will see them every day. Fresh flowers can bring you so much joy and are a great way to treat yourself. 

Idea 20: Do a random act of kindness

Spread kindness in your community by doing a random act of kindness. Here is 51 Ideas For Random Acts Of Kindness.

This is a wonderful way to bring positivity to those around you and lift your spirits too!

Idea 21: Make a vision board

Make a vision board or a mood board- whichever aligns for you better. Search ideas on Pinterest if you need some inspiration or fun ideas for your boards.

And remember this is all about whatever you want it to be for your self care!


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