12 Items That Are Probably Making Your Cluttered House Worse!

Maintaining a clutter free home can be a lot of work! But there is a good chance that there are some items sitting around your home that are making it look cluttered even if you are trying hard to keep clutter away from your home. Which is why I am sharing about these 12 items that are probably making your cluttered house worse and what you can do about them!

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Now let’s get into the 12 items that are probably still making your cluttered house worse!

12 Items That Are Probably Making Your Cluttered House Worse!

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12 Items That Are Probably Making Your Cluttered House Worse!

Items making your home look cluttered:

Item 1: Small countertop appliances

All of those super fun kitchen appliances can actually be one of the main things in your home making it look cluttered.

Think along the lines of things like multiple blenders, waffle makers, toaster ovens, etc. Appliances that you don’t use all the time. Or quite possibly use once a month. Or even less than that!

Those appliances are adding a cluttered look to your kitchen and arguably more importantly, they are taking away counter and prep space.

So I recommend putting any appliance you use less than once a week in the cupboards or pantry. And if you use it less than once every few months I would recommend thinking about if it is worth keeping at all.

Item 2: Throw blankets and throw pillows

I am a huge fan of throw blankets and throw pillows. However, having them all over the couches in your home is a quick way to make your home look cluttered. Even if it is folded nicely and looks clean!

So try getting a storage situation for each living space room that can store the majority of throw blankets and pillows. So they can be grabbed when you need them but they aren’t causing visual clutter. I also recommend making sure that the blankets and pillows you have around your house are being regularly used.

Item 3: Chargers and other cords

Old wires and charges can quickly clutter up a lot of spaces in your home so they are a very important thing to get organized. Or they can quickly make your home look way more cluttered than it actually is!

My biggest tip for this decluttering project is to go through your home and gather all of the wires and chargers in your home and bring them to one spot to go through them. 

Make sure that you are only keeping charges that work and that you actually have a use for.

Item 4: Shelf decor

I love styling shelves, specifically book shelves. It’s a great way to decorate your home without adding a bunch of holes to your walls.

However, the little decorative accessories can quickly add up and start to make your spaces look cluttered. So keep that in mind when you are styling. There should be space between items or grouping of items which will help it visually look less cluttered.

Item 5: Things on the fridge

It is honestly amazing how quickly a fridge gathers random things. And unfortunately all of those random things can really make your kitchen look cluttered. Even if your counter tops are clear and organized.

So go through the things on your fridge and only keep the important or meaningful things on them. No need to have expired coupons or random notes on it!

Item 6: Shoes

The issue here isn’t necessarily how many shoes you and/or your family has. The issue is how visible they are. Is there a stack of shoes at every door of your home?

If so then that is causing a lot of visible clutter and making your home look cluttered.

So try taking some time to get those shoes to their right home and create an organization system that keeps them from building up in the future.

Item 7: Loose papers

Papers and documents can QUICKLY build up and clutter your home office space and really all over your home. 

So taking the time to declutter papers and documents is important not only to organize your home but also so you know where all the important papers and documents are in your home. 

Tip: while you are decluttering papers go through and scan the important ones to your computer so you have digital copies of them.

Item 8: Pet items

My sweet dog has definitely inspired me to add this to this post.

When we first got her we were totally guilty of buying her 100x more toys than she would ever play with. Which results in them being played with for 30 seconds and then left around the home. As we have lowered the amount of toys she has down to just the ones she actually likes to play with it has lead to way less visual clutter throughout the home.

Item 9: Craft/hobby tools

If you or anyone you live with are into crafting then you know how much craft supplies can get cluttered up in your house! So taking the hour or so to declutter craft supplies that no one uses and leftover pieces of past crafting projects.

It can help your craft area from getting as cluttered by keeping it all organized to begin with!

Item 10: Clothes

Okay this may be a little more of a project depending on how many people you are decluttering for. 

If you are decluttering the closet for multiple people than break this up over a couple of days or it may end up being too much work for one day. 

My best tips for decluttering clothing and accessories is to find similar items and get rid of the one you wear less. Often for me it’s getting rid of the cheaper/lower quality item I bought first and keeping the higher quality item. For example, when I got my amazing Lane Boots, I finally decided to declutter out some boots I had from Payless (yes what a throwback) and I’ve never looked back!

Item 11: Decorative organizers

This is one that may sound strange but decorative organizers can really add clutter to your home.

Often instead of putting things out of site we instead opt for decorative storage. But often that storage still lets things be very visible (like baskets). Also, things such as a bunch of cute but visible containers for cleaning supplies or things in the bathroom could add way more clutter than actually looking organized.

Item 12: Bathroom decor

The final items I want to discuss is bathroom decor. Let’s be honest, bathrooms have a clear function and adding a bunch of decor to them isn’t really needed and it can easily make your house feel cluttered.

Especially since bathrooms are smaller they fill up quickly so try not to add too much decor. Including being aware of layers of decorative towels and decorative soaps.


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