11 Easy & Fast Areas Of Your Life To Get Organized Today!

Getting your life organized doesn’t have to be overwhelming! There are easy and fast areas of your life you can get organized today to start feeling like you are in control of your life. I am sharing 11 ideas for getting organized today but remember you don’t have to do them all at once. You can tackle one area a day or do a whole bunch if you are in an organizing mood. It is totally up to you!

And if you prefer to hear me chat about these areas rather than read about them then check out my YouTube video here!

11 Easy & Fast Areas Of Your Life To Get Organized Today!

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11 Easy & Fast Areas Of Your Life To Get Organized Today!

How to get your life organized:

1: Closets

Cleaning out closets is a great idea to help you get your life organized.

Start with your clothes closets and not only declutter and donate items you don’t wear anymore but also take the time to get them truly organized. One of my favorite things for this is to get tank top hangers to save space and keep your closet more organized.

Also, make sure to organize all of your miscellaneous closets and coat closets. If you need bins to store things in these closets then make sure to either get clear storage bins or keep your labels very detailed.

When you have clothing or accessory favorites that you don’t want to risk getting ruined in the chaos it is extra important to do this organization! For me it’s my Lane Boots- I finally got my shoes in my closet organized after getting them!

2: Car

I despise organizing and cleaning my car. However, it is such a simple way to start feeling like your life is in control.

So take like 30 minutes and go outside and organize your car. Throw out any trash, go through the console and other compartments and organize things, and give it a wipe down.

You will be so thankful you did this the next time you go to drive your car!

3: Important papers

Next up is this simple but important area of your life- papers. It’s amazing how quickly important papers can get piled up all over your desk and the whole house.

So take this opportunity to organize those papers. Get an affordable accordion folder and take the 10 minutes to label the tabs and put all the papers in the correct folder.

Then in the future when you get new important papers you just have to put them in there and save yourself future troubles. This is a great habit of organized people, for more habits of organized people check out – 8 Essential Habits of Organized People.

4: Workspace

Having an organized workspace is beyond essential for being organized as well as being productive.

Committing a bit of today to really getting your workspace organized can really help you out. This is one of the areas of your life to get organized that may seem obvious but is often overlooked. So go get to it!

5: Pantry

Since you are in the kitchen already then move on to the pantry next.

Organize your pantry shelves by categorizing things and checking for expiration dates.

One of my favorite items for organizing your pantry is a can rack organizer. No more stacks of cans that fall over if you even look at them!

6: Cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies should help keep your home clean but they can end up getting messy themselves.

Organize your cleaning supplies and put them all in the right home if there is more than one. Also if you have more than one opened bottle of the same type of cleaning supply then combine those bottles.

7: Unsubscribe from things

The next things you can do to help get your life more organized is to stop more clutter from coming into your life.

Take an hour to unsubscribe from emails and catalogs that you never read. If you stop the clutter from coming in it will help keep you more organized in the long run .

I have a video on digital decluttering that goes over this more that you can watch here.

8: Hobby supplies

Hobby supplies even if you are still actively participating in that hobby need to be organized.

If you are not participating in that hobby then consider getting rid of the supplies. 

This is especially important if your hobby has a lot of small supplies. Like crafting! It’s worth the investment to get the right supplies to get and keep everything organized.

10 drawer shelves are helpful for lots of different hobby supplies. Especially crafting ones.

9: Your personal computer

Part 1 of this is to go through and create folders and then move pictures and documents into the correct folders. Then when you add new pictures or documents make sure to put them in the right folder.

Part 2 is backing things up. After you have everything organized it will be easier to back them all up to an external hard drive.

10: Under beds

Organizing under your beds is something that will lead to you being amazed at all the things you forgot you had!

Pull everything out from under your bed and donate/throw away anything you don’t need anymore.

For anything you are keeping get it organized. Determine if it should live somewhere else. If it does belong under the bed then make sure to get under bed organizers so things are organized and not just shoved under the bed.

11: Your phone

After getting your computer organized then grab your phone and follow similar steps of creating photos and putting everything in their right place.

For everything you should do to get your phone organized go to this guide – 8 Ways To Organize Your Phone.


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