Target Storage For Under $20: Affordable Home Organizing

Getting your home organized can often be an overwhelming and expensive process. But it doesn’t have to be! Today I am sharing my favorite Target storage for under $20! These are perfect for affordable home organizing so you can get organized without breaking the bank.

I also recently shared my overall favorite home organizing tools from Target that you can check out here! If you can’t tell I am working hard at getting my home organized right now. But I love being able to share all of these awesome finds with you all.

Also, on the post the items range from $5-$19 however I don’t list each individual price because of sales and price variances but each item should be less than 20.

So now let’s just jump into the post so you can find some affordable home organizing tools from Target for under $20!

Target Storage For Under $20: Affordable Home Organizing

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Target Storage For Under $20

Affordable Home Organizing Tools You Will Love!

1: Two-Tier Organizer with Dividers Frost/Gray – Madesmart

Storage Finds From Target For Under $20: Affordable Home Organizing!

Shop it here!

First up are this under the sink dream! Seriously, using these for under the sink in a bathroom or in the kitchen is amazing. Typically under sink areas are a decent size but a lot of that size comes from height. So if you aren’t strategic about using the height then you loose a lot of storage.

Which is why using a two tier system like this is amazing for utilizing all of that under sink storage. I use this one under my kitchen sink for cleaning supplies and it is fantastic!

2: Bathroom Plastic Spinning Turntable Beauty Organizer Clear – Made By Design™

Target Storage For Under $20: Affordable Home Organizing

Shop it here!

Bathroom organization is often one we forget about because it isn’t as visible. Especially to guests.

However, it tends to be an area with a lot of products and is generally in need of organizing. But you probably don’t want to spend a lot to get it organized. Which is where this awesome spinning turntable comes into play! This is great for keeping on your vanity or even in a cabinet so you can keep your products organized but also easily accessible.

3: 13″ Decorative Coiled Rope Square Base Tapered Basket Cream – Threshold™

Target Storage For Under $20: Affordable Home Organizing

Shop it here!

I love the style of this basket. And to be able to get a cute basket that is also functional for storage and affordable? That is an absolute win! There is other sizes available as well from this collection that I recommend checking out for different storage needs.

4: 13″ Decorative Baskets Steel Black Rectangular – Room Essentials™

Shop it here!

This is another one of the Target Storage For Under $20 that I totally swear by! I have slowly collected a bunch of these wire baskets because they are not only so useful for storing things but they are stylish and cute.

I like that they are sturdy compared to most baskets so that you can use them in places where you don’t want to worry about the basket falling. Plus you can see through it which is helpful because out of site, out of mind can be a problem because it often leads to clutter.

Read this article here about how to keep clutter out of your home!

5: Bathroom Plastic 16 Slot Lipstick Organizer Clear – Made By Design™

Target Storage For Under $20: Affordable Home Organizing

Shop it here!

Another bathroom (or makeup vanity) organizing find that I love.

It of course works great for organizing lipstick but I actually put a lot of different cosmetics in it and it works great.

Side note: to clean this I recommend taking everything out of it and spraying it down with a kitchen sink that has the more powerful setting compared to a bathroom sink!

6: Whitmor 4-Tier Closet Shelves White

Target Storage For Under $20: Affordable Home Organizing

Shop it here!

Little shelves like this are so helpful for keeping your home organized. However, they tend to be super expensive. So I was super excited to find this one at Target that is less than $20.

You can use it for clothes, shoes, kids toys, or really anything! Also, it isn’t even flimsy which is incredible for the cost!

7: Decorative Cane Pattern 8 Sided Open Weave Basket Natural – Threshold™

Shop it here!

I am obsessed with this basket!

I love that it is cute but also simple enough that it works in basically any room in my house.

There are also other similar baskets in different sizes and slightly different shapes so if you like this make sure to check out all of the Threshold baskets at Target.

8: Whitmor Slim Household Utility Cart White

Shop it here!

Utility carts were life changing when I was in an apartment.

I loved them for adding storage to small spaces. Specifically the laundry room, bathrooms, and the kitchen. If you are limited on space in your apartment kitchen (or house kitchen of course!) this can be so helpful for adding a bit of extra space. We basically used it as a bonus pantry and stored it between the fridge and the wall and it was perfect.

9: mDesign Hanging Office Cubicle Storage Organizer, 2 Pocket

Shop it here!

Struggle with not enough space in your home office? That is definitely an issue a lot of us ran into with suddenly working from home in the past year. But this hanging storage is so helpful for handing that issue.

And of course it’s affordable as well!

For more tips on organizing your workspace check out this post here.

10: mDesign Storage Organizer Bin, Handles, for Cube Furniture, 2 Pack, Marble Print

Shop it here!

I was completely shocked when I saw that these super cute bins are under $20. I love the marble design and that they can be used for so many different rooms and situations. Remember- organizing your home is going to involve making sure you have versatile organization tools!

I hope that this post on Target Storage For Under $20: Affordable Home Organizing was helpful for you and you found some affordable home organizing tools!

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