37 Entertaining Rainy Day Activities To Try Doing

Who says that rainy days have to be boring? Today I am sharing the entertaining rainy day activities that I truly think are fun! Spending your time actually doing fun things even on a rainy day can really help to boost your mood and keep your brain awake and happy. Also, these activities are great for any intense weather days not just rain such as if the weather is crazy hot or snowing!

It can be so easy to turn on Netflix and quickly loose your entire day. There is nothing wrong with a chill day! But if you re looking for a more entertaining day then these ideas are for you.

And make sure to bookmark this post so you can refer back to it on the next rainy day in the future!

So let’s get into these rainy day activities so you can stop feeling bored and start enjoying this day.

37 Entertaining Rainy Day Activities To Try Doing

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37 Entertaining Rainy Day Activities To Try Doing

Things to do inside to be entertained:

1: Create a bucket list.

This can be for the season, year, or your whole life! Here is some inspiration for your bucket list but remember it’s all about what you want to do.

2: Make your dream vision board.

This is one of the wonderful inspirational things to do in free time to inspire yourself! I have a video here where I walk you through my most recent digital vision board.

3: Try a new craft.

Check out your Pinterest board and pick a craft you have been wanting to try. Or just make a stop at your local craft store and see what calls out to you. Remember- it doesn’t have to be perfect this is just for entertaining you.

4: Take a free online course.

There are so many options online and this is a great productive way to entertain yourself during a rainy day inside. Just search for the type of thing you want to learn about plus “free online course” and all of the options will pop up.

5: Make fun playlists.

Head to Spotify and make some different playlists for different moods and occasions. Think along the lines of dance playlist, happy playlist, working playlist, etc.

6: Start a gratitude list.

Use a gratitude journal like this for this inspiring one of the rainy day activities. This can be a wonderful mood booster if the rain is making you feel a bit down.

7: Have a spa day.

Grab your favorite face mask and nail polish and have a little spa day! No need to spend a ton of money at the spa if you just do it yourself today.

8: Take an online cooking class.

This is such a fun rainy day thing to do that you can do with the whole family.

9: Start a blog.

I’m a bit bias on this one but it is such a fun thing to do and start doing in general!

10: Play brain puzzle games.

Get a brain puzzle book or download an app! This is a wonderful one of the things to do as a rainy day activity. And it helps to keep your brain active.

11: Watch a new documentary.

Or at least new to you! This is not only a fun activity but also one that can really expand your knowledge.

12: Plan your dream vacation.

It’s so fun to dream about a fun vacation doing whatever you want to do.

13: Do a virtual tour.

There are so many cool ones online for things like museums and gardens!

14: Design your dream home on Pinterest.

Get your partner involved and together design and decorate your total dream home on Pinterest.

15: Have a dance party.

You can use one of your playlists from earlier!

16: Binge watch your childhood favorite show.

Have a full blown nostalgia day.

17: Have a board game marathon.

My favorites are word games like bananagrams and Boggle!

18: Try doing yoga.

This is a great opportunity to try yoga or try a new routine.

19: Cook your favorite comfort meal.

Don’t worry about judgement and make your total favorite comfort food.

20: Make a cook book.

Or at least collect into one place your favorite recipes.

21: Do a hair treatment.

Give your hair some TLC on this rainy day.

22: Bake a seasonal treat.

Bonus points if you use a seasonal ingredient! Definitely one of the yummiest of these rainy day activities.

23: Have a tea party.

And by that I mean drink tea and make some tiny sandwiches!

24: Have a video game tournament.

Get the whole family involved with a fun video game tournament.

25: Declutter your closet.

This can be so relieving to get done so why not do it on this rainy day.

26: Make s’mores on the oven.

No need to have a campfire to enjoy some tasty s’mores.

27: Do a beer tasting.

For anyone 21+ you can grab some unique beers and have a beer tasting at your home.

28: Complete a fun puzzle.

Puzzles aren’t just for your grandparents!

29: Start a journal.

 Here’s a list of 75 self improvement journal prompts.

30: Make a charcuterie board.

Cheese… that is all I need to say!

31: Learn calligraphy.

Here is a set to help you with this one.

32: Write hand written letters.

And send them out to your friends and family.

33: Learn to make classic cocktails.

Another one of the rainy day activities for the 21+ readers but such a fun and helpful idea.

34: Do an adult coloring book.

This one is so cute!

35: Try making a Pinterest craft.

And if it’s a fail- oh well! Some of the best things we see online are Pinterest fails!

36: Learn a new hairstyle.

Head over to YouTube and learn a fun new hairstyle.

37: Clean up your camera roll.

And share the fun memories you find in the process!


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