Productive Things To Do Online When You Are Bored Today!

The internet can be an awesome place to learn new things, be productive, and better your life. If you want it to be! But if you aren’t sure where to start with that because you (like most of us) use the internet for Googling random things and watching TikToks then this is the ideas you need. I am sharing my tip productive things to do online when you are bored today. So keep reading for the best things to do when bored online!

Productivity is a choice that you need to constantly make and the time you spend online is to exception to that. If you want your internet usage to be more productive then you need to make an effort. These ideas for productive things to do on the internet are helpful but you need to make an effort to do them.

But if you do make that effort and try to use the internet more productively it can significantly improve your life productivity overall.

Which means if you are feeling bored today and are chilling on your laptop or phone you should try doing some of these productive internet activities. However, if you are not feeling up to being productive today remember it is always okay to take a day off and relax if that is what you need for your mental wellness! But if you do feel up to being productive and are in the right mental state to be productive then this is the list of things to do online for you.

So keep reading for my helpful activities to do online to be more productive!

Productive Things To Do Online When You Are Bored Today!

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Productive Things To Do Online

Productive things you can do on the internet!

Idea 1: Take an online course.

First up on this list of productive things to do online when bored is definitely my personal favorite.

Taking free or paid online courses are both great ways to be productive when you have some extra time. As well as being a great opportunity to learn and grow as a person.

Also, if you have any passions or hobbies that you are interested in this is a great opportunity to really learn about them. This is one of the things to do when bored online that will help improve you and kick your boredom out the door.

Idea 2: Organize your digital life.

Digital organization is something that we are all pretty guilty of ignoring. However, it is very important to regularly declutter your digital files and then organize them.

By getting your digital life organized it will help you be able to be generally more efficient and productive when you are using your technology.

I have a video that you can watch here where I walk you though the step by steps to declutter and organize all of your digital files.

Idea 3: Create a personal website.

This is a productive but still pretty fun thing to do online.

You also don’t need to be a blogger, writer, creator, artist, or anything else to have a personal website. It can be for your career development or just a personal interest of yours.

Whatever you want your personal website to be about it perfect!

Idea 4: Research/ learn about your hobby.

Hobbies are an essential part of adulthood. They keep you sane and keep that little spark in your life alive!

Which is why it is a great thing to do when you are bored online to spend some time reading about and learning more about your hobby. Chances are there are sites and blogs out there about whatever your hobby is and there is always new and fun things you can learn from the internet.

Hobbies are in general a great way to bust boredom so this is one of things to do when bored online that is generally a win!

Idea 5: Read a self improvement/personal development blog.

This is a great productive thing to do on the internet. Self improvement/personal development/personal growth etc blogs are filled with wonderful information on how to improve and grow yourself. Though I’ll admit I am a bit bias!

But when I was younger and before I started blogging I used to lean so heavily on these blogs to help me grow and give me advice for becoming my best self. And I still do. So I truly recommend this as a great thing to do when you have some extra free time and want to work on bettering yourself.

Idea 6: Share your knowledge on a blog.

Another one that I personally love (of course!) is blogging.

Starting a blog is a fun creative outlet that is a great way for you to be productive when you are spending your free time on the internet.

You can blog about anything! About your passions, hobby, career, parenting, fashion, or anything else. There is always room on the internet for you to start sharing your knowledge and passions with the world.

Also, if you are starting a blog don’t feel obligated to immediately buy a domain or spend money on it. You can absolutely start with free options and go from there.

Idea 7: Read about current events.

This is a productive thing to do online that can really help you become a more informed and well rounded person.

For myself when I have extra time I like to read sections of news sites that I don’t normally venture to so that I can expand my knowledge on lots of different subjects!

If you want more ideas for how to become the smartest and most well informed version of yourself then head over to this post here about intelligence boosting daily habits.

Idea 8: Watch educational YouTube videos.

YouTube has so many entertaining and hilarious videos but it also has tons of free videos that can help you learn about seriously anything you are interested in.

And often they are presented and taught in more entertaining manners! Which is why I love YouTube videos as an educational resource. Just try searching something you want to know more about and chances are there will be a bunch of educational videos about it on YouTube.

Idea 9: Learn a language.

Learning new languages is such a wonderful way to improve yourself in the long run.

So why not take this time when you are bored and have access to the internet and use it to start learning a new language. Or practicing/advancing your knowledge of a language you have already started learning.

Either way this is such a great productive activity to do online!

Idea 10: Read a free online book.

Did you know that there are resources to read public domain and other free books on the internet?

And that includes a lot of classic favorites and work that authors want noticed. And educational books too! There is definitely something you will enjoy and feel productive while reading.

My favorite resources for free online books is Project Gutenberg.

Idea 11: Catch up on emails and messages.

The final of the productive things to do online that I want to chat about today is one that is so helpful for organizing your life. It’s to catch up on all of your emails and messages.

And yes this can (probably should) mean going through your spam emails.

Getting your digital files organized and cleaned up is so helpful in the long run for keeping your digital life organized.

I hope that this gave you some ideas for things to do when bored online!

If it did and you want to stay in touch and learn about my newest posts and content that gets released make sure to keep scrolling to stay connected.


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