24 Fun Lists To Make When You’re Bored: Fun Notebook Ideas!

Lists are something I have talked a lot about on here. How they can help you be organized, boost productivity, make self care consistent, etc. But they can also be used for entertaining you and having some fun with them as well! Which is why today I am sharing these 24 fun lists to make when you’re bored. These lists are also a great way to use some extra notebook space so keep reading for these fun notebook ideas!

Before we jump into this list lets quickly go a bit more in depth about some of the benefits of writing lists. Because knowing why they are so great can help motivate and encourage you to write more lists.

The benefits of writing lists:

  • Lists help you visualize what you need to do and see all of your ideas. Making tasks visual on a list helps improve the chances you actually accomplish the whole list.
  • They also help you prioritize. When you know everything on a to do list or goals list you can then go back and prioritize much easier than if you don’t actually make a list.
  • Helps reduce anxiety. If you are an anxious person you know that the fear of the unknown can be very scary. But writing lists can help you see everything and help eliminate some of that anxiety about the unknown because you can see everything you need to do.
  • Lists help you stay on task. By following a list you can keep yourself on task and more productive. This is specifically for to do lists and project planning lists!
  • They help improve your memory. This is because writing things down on pen and paper help boost your memory (same logic as to why it’s recommended to write down notes while reading textbooks for school).

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24 Fun Lists To Make When You're Bored: Fun Notebook Ideas!

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Now let’s get into this list of fun lists!

Also, if you prefer to hear me talk about these lists more in-depth then check out this video of mine here!

24 Fun Lists To Make When You're Bored: Fun Notebook Ideas!

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24 Fun Lists To Make When You’re Bored

Fun Notebook Ideas!

1: Books you want to read/ shows to watch lists.

I find this to be so helpful because I can use it to just jump into the next book or show rather than taking time researching and figuring out what I would want to read or watch next.

2: Restaurants to try list.

Okay this is another fun list and it is restaurants to try this month list. 

My significant other loves this list because it makes the “well where do you want to go to dinner” conversation way easier. We just try the next restaurant on the list if we aren’t sure where to go. It also has really helped us try new places and we have found some favorites in the process!

3: Self Discovery Goals

This list is so helpful for getting ideas about yourself. And figure out how to discover who you really are and how to work on becoming the best version of you.

4: Self Care Items To Try

Self care items that you are interested in trying is a great list to keep handy. So take the time to think about any self care ideas you have seen that you are interested in trying. Then you can use this list later when you have some time for self care.

5: Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a wonderful list to keep. The affirmations that you relate to the most and like to repeat daily!

New to positive affirmations? Head over to Pinterest because there are lots of collections of positive affirmations that you can use to start finding the right inspiration for yourself.

6: Favorite ways to get moving list

This list is aimed at the wellness side of things but it is a great list to make. 

When you have a list of your favorite ways to get moving and get exercise it can make it easier to remember to get moving every day. And when you find a new way (such as a new activity like hiking or pilates) you can add them to the list so you can make sure to remember them.

7: Random Acts Of Kindness

This is a very sweet and fun list to keep in a journal. So you can use this list as inspiration in the future to spread kindness in your community.

If you want ideas for this list then use this post for inspiration here!

8: List of what inspires you

This list is so important for personal growth and self care as well as being fun.

Making a list of what inspires you in life is a wonderful way to stay in touch with it and keep yourself motivated. I also recommend keeping this list somewhere visible so you can get constant inspiration.

9: Your feel good songs

Having a list of feel good songs (aka a playlist) is a great tool to have available for when you are having a bad day. Or really any day where you are in need of a little pick me up. 

I find myself playing my feel good playlist quite a bit and it always seems to help improve my mood.

10: Your favorite meals

This is not only a fun list idea but also one that can be helpful! And add to the list in the future when you try a new meal that you really like.

11: Self love bucket list

This is a list of all of the self love activities that you have been wanting to do! 

I have a 30 day self love challenge here that could be helpful when you are compiling your self love bucket list.

12: List of places you want to go

This is a super fun list that can get you not only day dreaming but also making plans!

This can be specific locations, cities, countries, etc that you want to go to at some point in your life.

13: Habits you want to learn

Making a list of habits you want to learn has a lot of benefits. It helps with self care, wellness, personal growth, and so much more. 

Which makes it a list you should definitely be adding to your life!

I recommend making this list somewhere that you can easily add to it like your weekly planner or somewhere on the notes app in your phone.

14: Your favorite seasonal activities

You can make this as one giant list or better yet, break it down into lists for each season. It can serve as a bucket list for future reference and is fun to think about.

15: List of your favorite traits

We often spend a lot of time and effort thinking about the qualities of others. And being jealous of them. 

Which is where this list can really be helpful for your mental wellness. By making a list of your favorite traits about yourself you are taking the time to remember all of your own wonderful qualities.

16: Gift ideas list

Making a giant list of gift ideas that you want to get people when a holiday or their birthday comes around is so fun. And of course so helpful so you don’t feel pressure in the future when you can’t think of a gift!

Definitely one of my favorite of the fun lists to make especially since I love gift giving.

17: Escape your comfort zone ideas

Taking a bit to make a list of ways you want to get out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways to actually get out of your comfort zone. I find it best to break this into 3 sub lists. A list of simple ways to get out of your comfort zone, medium ways, and large ways. 

That is helpful so you have ideas for any time you want to get out of your comfort zone whether that be something small and simple or a large, life changing thing.

18: Your daily routines

Knowing what your routines are is a great way to ensure you are adding healthy and happy habits to your routines. And it can help you spot any unwanted habits that are apart of your routines right now. 

I find it best to make a list of your morning routines, work routines, evening routines, and night time routines. Rather than just one large list because this way you aren’t as likely to miss things. Details are important!

19: List of skills you want to learn

This list is another one of the fun lists to make that is also beneficial! Thinking about skills that could benefit you now and in the long run is inspiring, fun, and can help encourage you to make steps towards those skills.

20: Free time activities list

Making a list of free time activities can help ensure that you spend less time bored.

I have a list of 125 ideas that you can use for some inspiration.

21: Bucket lists

This is probably an obvious one but making annual, seasonal, and life long bucket lists are some of the most fun lists to make.

22: Dream purchases

This is such a fun and “dreamy” list to make. Make the list with thinks that you hope that one day you can purchase!

23: Meal planning list

Use Pinterest to get inspired to add some fun meals!

Keeping a running list of what your meals will be for the next 5-7 days is so helpful for staying organized. It ensures you can avoid the fighting over what to eat and that you know what groceries you need to buy. Bonus- it helps you also avoid food waste, which now more than ever is so important.

You can also get a cute meal planning list pad for your fridge like this one.

24: Birthday and anniversaries list

Make this list so you never forget the birthdays and anniversaries of your loved ones. Trust me- if you remember the wedding anniversary of your sister that will mean the world to her. This is absolutely an essential one of the lists to make to get organized and keep your life easier!


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