Why Writing Lists Is Beneficial To Your Life: Importance of lists!

If you have been around KorraShay.com for a while then you probably have heard me talk about the fact that writing lists has been super helpful for my life. And you may have seen my different posts about lists to write in different situations to get organized! However, I don’t feel that I have ever properly expressed and explained why writing lists is beneficial to your life. So that is what we are going to be covering today.

If you want to check out any of those posts here are some of my favorites:

But I do really recommend reading this post and getting an understanding of why writing lists is beneficial to your life before you read those posts and pick what lists you want to write.

Also, I do have a video (linked here) where I talk about these benefits if you prefer video form!

So let’s jump into these reasons so you can understand the benefits of writing lists and using lists as your organizational system!

Why Writing Lists Is Beneficial To Your Life: Importance of lists!
Why Writing Lists Is Beneficial To Your Life: Importance of lists!

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Why Writing Lists Is Beneficial To Your Life:

Importance of lists!

Reason 1: keeps everything in one place.

First up is the very important benefit that lists help you keep everything in one place.

Organizing your life is not made any easier when different organization tools are in different places. Which is a big part of the reason that having either one notebook or one phone with all your notes is so helpful.

Personally I find I the best to use the notebook section at the back of my Erin Condren life planner (linked here). That way my lists and my weekly plans are in one place. Keeping things in one place makes it easier to stick to your organization systems and keeps everything on track.

Reason 2: is an easy to read organization system.

Next up is another huge benefit of writing lists- they are easy to read!

Have you ever caught a glimpse of someones organization system and it immediately overwhelmed you? Because I have and it is chaos! They totally understand it (or maybe they don’t?). But it is difficult to lead and can increase the chances of misunderstanding and disorganization.

Being able to quickly glance at a list you have made and understand what it is and what is on the list is a great benefit of using lists in your life.

Reason 3: are a structure that is simple to maintain.

Another huge benefit that is one of my personal favorites is that using lists is easy to maintain.

You can simply add onto your lists that you have already created or jump to the newest page in your notebook and easily create a new list. By being so easy and fast to maintain you are more likely to stick with using lists and therefore help keep your life more organized. Maintaining an organization system is usually the hardest part of having an organization system!

Reason 4: is an easy to share organization style.

This benefit is super important if you find yourself often sharing your lists with others.

Whether that be in your personal life or professional life. If you share your information/organization ideas regularly with others then lists are easy to share. Not only are they generally shorter but they also are easy for others to understand.

Compared to sending a color coded calendar or a project infographic if you send a list it won’t need much explanation. Which also helps save time on both ends of the communication!

Reason 5: helps you prioritize your life.

This is another one of the reasons why writing lists is so beneficial that is more of a big picture.

When you write lists you are subconsciously prioritizing. More so than other organization systems!

So when you are regularly practicing prioritizing things you will get better and better at it. And you will start to see that improved prioritization skills coming out in other areas of your life. Ultimately leading to a more prioritized and organized life overall.

Reason 6: can assist you with bettering time management.

There is a lot of things that go into time management and of course lists are far from the only element. However, they can help!

Not only are you wasting less time with this organization structure because it is simpler but you are also probably making lists that will help you waste less time.

Lets talk about an example for this quickly. A list I recommend everyone keep in their notebook is books you want to read next (or shows, or movies). This list is for jotting down the title and author of a book you hear about that you really want to read. When you have that list in your notebook you are able to borrow or buy the next book you want to read. Rather than spending large amounts of time searching for what you want to read next. Ultimately helping you waste less time!

Reason 7: lists help with remembering things.

This probably seems like the most obvious benefit of writing lists but it is still an important one to chat about!

When you write things down you remember them better. You have probably heard that before but it is true and has been proven over and over.

So when you write down lists of things to do, things to remember, ideas, projects, etc. you are more likely to remember the things you are writing down. And remembering things (and having them written down) increases the likelihood that you actually accomplish and complete those things.

Reason 8: can help you see things clearer.

The final reason is that lists can help you see things clearer.

Life gets crazy and chaotic. It happens to all of us!

And often, when you take 20 minutes to sit down and write lists related to what is going on your life it can help you get clarity and get focused. That could be writing down pro/con lists about a big decision. It could be making master to do lists to get your life back on track. It could be writing down your top 5 goals to figure out what you should be focusing.

So grab your notebook and start writing some lists to get some clarity in your life!

I hope that this post was helpful for you and gave you a good understanding of why writing lists is beneficial to your life. If you want to stay in the loop and always know when I have new content make sure to keep scrolling so that we can stay connected!


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