39 Lists To Make When You Feel Overwhelmed: Get Organized!

Life gets overwhelming sometimes. It is going to happen. And it is totally okay to feel overwhelmed! But when you need to start to get your life under control that’s where I come in to help. Lists are an amazing tool for getting your life in order and you can start with these 39 lists to make when you feel overwhelmed. So keep writing for the lists to write to help you feel less stressed and more in control of your life. To start with this I definitely recommend getting either a closable notebook like this one or a planner with note space in the back like mine!

Also, if you want me to talk about these more in depth and give some examples check out my YouTube video on these lists here! The video is helpful for going into the details that could help you really get organized with these lists.

Important note:

Since this is a huge list it is totally up to you how you want to tackle these helpful lists. Some people want to spend a whole day getting their life in order so you can do most of these in one day. But if that seems stressful to you then do 1-2 lists a day for a month. Either way is totally great and totally up to you what works the best for your life.

Remember, these lists are here to help you feel less stressed and less overwhelmed so don’t let them add to that overwhelmed feeling. Stick to what you have time for in the day with your lifestyle. But writing these lists do have a ton of benefits that I want to explain quickly!

So now that we have talked about that important note let’s quickly chat about the benefits of writing lists before we fully jump into this list of Lists To Make When You Feel Overwhelmed!

The benefits of writing lists:

  • Lists help you visualize what you need to do and see all of your ideas. Making tasks visual on a list helps improve the chances you actually accomplish the whole list.
  • They also help you prioritize. When you know everything on a to do list or goals list you can then go back and prioritize much easier than if you don’t actually make a list.
  • Helps reduce anxiety. If you are an anxious person you know that the fear of the unknown can be very scary. But writing lists can help you see everything and help eliminate some of that anxiety about the unknown because you can see everything you need to do.
  • Lists help you stay on task. By following a list you can keep yourself on task and more productive. This is specifically for to do lists and project planning lists!
  • They help improve your memory. This is because writing things down on pen and paper help boost your memory (same logic as to why it’s recommended to write down notes while reading textbooks for school).

So as you can see writing lists has a lot of great benefits! Which is why if you are feeling overwhelmed one of the best ways to help you get your thoughts in order so you can feel less overwhelmed is to write lists.

39 lists to make when you feel overwhelmed!

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So grab your favorite notebook (here’s mine!) and start writing these lists to help you feel less overwhelmed! And remember that this list is to help you get organized and be less overwhelmed. So write these lists over the course of multiple days and be patient with yourself. It is always crucial when you are overwhelmed to be patient and understanding with yourself!

39 Lists To Make When You Feel Overwhelmed:

{ Lists to write to be less stressed and take control of your life }

  1. Your goals for this week, month, and year.
  2. Any appointments or meetings you need to do.
  3. All tasks you are putting off doing.
  4. Everything that you are grateful for.
  5. New skills that you would like to learn.
  6. Your weekly to do list (here’s a free printable).
  7. A running shopping list of things you need to buy.
  8. List of emails you need to send.
  9. Your favorite self care routine ideas.
  10. A bucket list for the next 365 days.
  11. A master to do list.
  12. Budget list- include expenses and income tracking.
  13. List of everything you need to clean.
  14. Daily routines lists (morning, evening, before bed).
  15. Grocery list.
  16. Meal planning/meal prepping lists.
  17. Thank you notes to write.
  18. List of your home areas you want to declutter.
  19. Financial goals for the month, year, and 5 years from now.
  20. Birthdays and anniversaries to remember.
  21. List of all of your fitness goals.
  22. Books that you want to read.
  23. “I don’t care” restaurants (restaurants you know will be good).
  24. List of projects you want to accomplish soon.
  25. Brain dump list of ideas and thoughts.
  26. Favorite meals list that the whole family likes.
  27. Errands to run list.
  28. Home repairs/ DIY updates list.
  29. List of habits you want to break (here’s some help with that)
  30. Passwords and usernames list.
  31. List of your favorite podcasts and blogs.
  32. Favorite quotes specifically any that help motivate you.
  33. Everything that makes you happy list.
  34. List of important facts, contact info, etc.
  35. Gift ideas for others list.
  36. List of everything making you feel stressed and overwhelmed.
  37. Pantry, fridge, and freezer inventory list.
  38. Bills to pay and when they are due.
  39. Gratitude list of everything you are thankful for.
List of lists to make to get organized!

Reminder about these lists to write:

Being overwhelmed and stressed is never a good feeling but hopefully making these lists will help you feel more organized and less overwhelmed!

Also, lists to write when you are overwhelmed and stressed are also helpful if you just want to start being more organized and get your life in order. So grab your notebook and start writing these lists!

Be patient with yourself, be understanding with yourself. Write these lists gradually and embrace getting more organized and your life in order.

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Lists To Make When You Feel Overwhelmed

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