9 Essential Tools For Organized Closets!

Organizing closets has become one of my best skills. I moved to 4 different apartments in the past 6 years due to college. And honestly I got pretty good at organizing closets to make them efficient and useful even with my obnoxious amounts of clothes. So keep reading for the 9 essential tools for organized closets that I swear by!

Before we jump fully into this post I want to quickly mention the benefits of having an organized closet.

Why you should get your closet organized:

  • To help you be less stressed in the morning when you are getting ready for the day (this is so huge!).
  • To protect your beloved pieces in your wardrobe (I am obsessed with my Lane Boots and making sure they were protected and organized was super important to me).
  • Keeps you from buying duplicates of things. When things are “out of sight, out of mind” you are more likely to forget about them and buy something you already have.

So now that we have covered some of the reasons you should get your closet organized lets jump into the tools for organized closets!

9 tools for organized closets!

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9 Essential Tools For Organized Closets:

1: Tank Top Hangers

I swear by tank top hangers. I have 4 that I use and I break it up into 4 categories: camis, workout tank tops, casual tank tops, work tank tops.

These save so much space in your closet by not hanging each tank top individually. And it’s better than folding them since tank tops don’t hold their shape very well.

Here’s a great tank top hanger to get- and you can get it here!

tank top hanger for organized closets

2: Adjustable hanging rod

This closet organization tools is extra important if you have wasted space under your hanging rod but you have more items you want to hang and not put up shelves under it.

I prefer to hang more than fold so I have used these in multiple different apartment closets!

Check out this affordable one here:

add on rod for hanging clothes in your closet

3: Closet Shelf Dividers for organized closets

This is such a helpful tool for closet organization. These dividers are so helpful for that wood shelf at the top of most closets that often ends up with clothes in messy piles on top.

These dividers keep everything in their spot without wasting space adding bins to that closet shelf.

shelf dividers for an organized closet

4: Drawer organizing bins

Messy sock drawer? Same! Until I found the right sized drawer organizing bins all my undergarment bins were so unorganized. I would end up not using all the items on the bottom of the drawer because I couldn’t see them!

So these drawer organizing bins help with this so much to have an organized closet.

Check out this set here:

how to get your drawer organized

5: Stacked pants hangers for organized closets

These hangers are game changing if you have pants that should be hung!

I hang up all my dress pants on these hangers and it is amazing how much space they save and organize your closet.

This one comes in a 4 pack for super affordable prices:

pant hanger for organizing your closet

6: Hanging purse organization tool

Putting purses in a bin is bad for the purses and hanging on a bunch of different hooks is bad for organization.

And the solution is simple- hang them in an organization tool!

I love these for purses and large wallets and it only takes up the space of about 3 hangers so if you are worried about space you don’t need to be.

Check out this one that holds 10 purses:

organize your purses and closet with this purse organizer

7: The Ultimate Shoe Rack Organizer

This is an extra important organizing tool if you have a lot of shoes or if you live with roommates or a significant other and combined need more shoe storage.

Shoes can quickly clutter up your closet but by using one of these you can easily get your shoes and your closet organized.

Before I got this I had my shoes in like 3 different places and it never worked as well as having them all in one place. It may look a little obnoxious to have a 10 tier shoe rack but guys it’s worth the organization and efficiency.

I love that this has a top rack too for taller boots which is important for boots like my favorites from Lane Boots which I wouldn’t want to risk getting bent funny.

This is the one I have had and loved for years- get it here!

how to organize your shoes with a 10 tier shoe tower

8: Multi-level over the door hanger

There are so many ways you can use over door storage for a better organized closet.

But my favorite is these multi-level hangers!

You can get the ones for shoes but I find that most of my shoes don’t fit in them so I end up with shoes in more than one place which I don’t love. So I started using these over door hangers and they are a game changer.

You can hang a lot of different things from it: coats, tank tops, belts, bags, etc. So many uses to fit what you need!

Here is one with 4 levels:

over door multi door hanger for organized closets

9: Trapezoid Storage Bins for organized shelves

My final favorite tool for organized closets is trapezoid storage bins.

They are so much better than normal storage bins because of the visibility. You can stack items at a slant so you can see everything and reach everything easier than a normal storage bin.

These are such a functional tool for having an organized closet!

Here are 3 that are super cute:

Trapezoid storage bins for organized closets

Organizing your closet may not be fun by by using these helpful tools for organized closets you can make it less painful!

How to get an organized closet!

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