12 Container Store Pantry Essentials For An Organized Pantry

So we all dream of the perfect pantry right? Or maybe that’s just me? But if you share those same dreams then I have done the shopping and research for you and I am sharing 12 Container Store pantry essentials.

Pantry organization containers and tools can be so helpful for getting your pantry organized. These tools are some of the best for organizing your pantry but remember that creating a pantry organization system that works for you and your life is the most important part.

Having an organized pantry has so many benefits. I want to quickly share a couple of them then we will jump into the tools I recommend getting for an organized pantry!

The benefits of an organized pantry:

  • Makes grocery shopping easier since you know what you have in your pantry.
  • Helps reduce food waste because you have less products getting lost and then expiring.
  • Can help your grocery budget because you have a better idea of what you have and what you need.
  • Makes it easier for others to find things they need/want.
  • Can save time when cooking because you waste less time looking for items you need.

And of course having an organized pantry is also an aesthetic dream! So let’s start talking about these container store pantry essentials.

Also, if you want more organizing and life improving tips make sure to check out my YouTube channel here for helpful videos!

12 Container Store Pantry Essentials For An Organized Pantry
12 Container Store Pantry Essentials For An Organized Pantry

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12 Container Store Pantry Essentials

Tools for an organized pantry:

1: iDesign Linus Divided Lazy Susans

Container Store Pantry Essentials For An Organized Pantry

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Lazy Susans are a pantry organizing (and cabinet organizing) tool that I totally swear by.

Being able to spin them and access all of the products in them make it so much easier to use than a bin. I recommend using lazy Susans when you have a bunch of different products to keep together. Rather than a bin. I recommend using bins for multiples of the same products. This pantry organizing system works well for me!

2: Vertica Wire Stacking Bins

Container Store Pantry Essentials For An Organized Pantry

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Like I just mentioned I find that bins work best for multiples of the same products. Usually I just use bins for produce. I love that these ones stack though because then you can use the vertical space better in your pantry so you don’t have wasted pantry space. And for most of us pantry space is precious.

3: Gravity Can Feeder

Container Store Pantry Essentials For An Organized Pantry

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Tired of cans cluttering up your pantry? And forgetting about the ones in the back? Then this pantry organization tool is one you need.

A can feeder is my personal favorite way to organize cans in your pantry and this one specifically is a great size. Some are too small but this one is perfectly sized.

4: Guzzini White Italian Pantry Bins

Container Store Pantry Essentials For An Organized Pantry

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Okay I will admit the cuteness is definitely what drew me to this pantry organization item.

I love that there is two tiers but everything is accessible in it the way it is built! It’s perfect for storing produce in a cute and easy to access way.

5: iDesign Linus Sugar & Tea Packet Holder

organized pantry tools

Shop it here!

This is one that was an immediate “at to cart” not only is it less than $5 but it is also something I have been searching for. We have a ton of random tea packets that currently live in a ziplock bag. Which results in them getting forgotten about and never used. So this tea packet holder is going to be perfect!

6: Iron Spice Rack

spice rack for an organized pantry

Shop it here!

One of my biggest pet peeves is things that wobble (though my fiancé will tell you that’s anything I build oops!). But I have tried so many spice racks that wobble and make me nervous that everything will come falling down. But this one is sturdy so that isn’t a worry which is fantastic.

Plus getting your spices organized no a rack is a great step to take for getting your pantry organized. Loose spices can really make your pantry cluttered and chaotic.

7: Elfa Utility White Wire Kitchen Over the Door Rack

Container Store Pantry Essentials For An Organized Pantry

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This is one I can’t personally use (right now) because our pantry has bifold doors but this would have been amazing at our apartment so I had to share. If you have a standard door pantry then this could be amazing for adding more space and putting things that you reach for constantly. Such a cool pantry organization tool!

8: OXO Good Grips POP Square Canisters

Container Store Pantry Essentials For An Organized Pantry

Shop it here!

I have more of these then I should probably admit but honestly they are so worth it. They keep food fresh for so much longer which has truly reduced food waste and grocery bills in our house.

I also love that they are clear so you can easily tell how much and what is in each canister.

9: 8-Bottle Black Wine Rack

Shop it here!

A wine rack may not be a necessity for your pantry but it definitely is for me. I love the hexagon shape of this one, so unique and cool compared to most wine racks you see.

If you don’t have a built in bar storage (which most of us don’t!) then this is so helpful so that you don’t have to have wine bottles just sitting on a bar cart or a shelf. They always feel more secure in a rack like this and this one is probably the coolest one I have seen in a while.

10: Slide & Pour Dispensers

Shop it here!

I love how many uses that these have!

I know a lot of people use them for pouring cereal which is so smart especially if you have kids- it’s easier for them to close it so the cereal doesn’t get dried out. We don’t consume cereal very often (no children yet!) but I use these for different cooking ingredients like seeds and noodles and they work fantastic. Way less work then scooping them out of a standard air seal if they are something you pour out.

11: OXO Good Grips POP 3 qt. Slant Jar

Shop it here!

This is such a cool cookie jar or any kind of treats/snacks that you want to keep accessible.

It is air sealed too so that the treats stay fresh for longer. Which of course is a win, who doesn’t love fresh staying treats. It is also clear which is great because then you know how much is left easier however all of the crumbs are also visible so I prefer to use these in the pantry rather than on the counter. But that is just my preference remember do what works for you!

12: Single Chrome Corner Shelf

Shop it here!

This is the final of the container store pantry essentials for now and it is one that I love. You can use these in so many different ways around the kitchen. They work great for storing packaged food if you have corners in your pantry that are not being properly utilized.

And then if you no longer need them they can be repurposed in other ways throughout your kitchen like for bowls as shown above or mugs would be great too.

I hope that these pantry organization tools are helpful for you!

There are so many options for tools and ideas for organizing a pantry and I want to remind you that it is most important to do what works the best for you and your family.

For example, I don’t overly label things in my pantry because I don’t have children yet so it isn’t necessary for me. Which some would argue makes my pantry look less aesthetic however it is so much more logical for myself and my fiancé. Remember it is the most important to do what works for you and your life.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite container store pantry essentials are and if you use any of the ones I listed here!


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