How I Organize Hard To Organize Clothes: Home Organizing Hacks!

There are items that we all totally dread organizing. Things like tank tops, socks, tall boots, etc. are all items that we love right but they can be a pain to organize and to keep organized. Which is where I am going to help you out today! I have found all the home organizing hacks that will help you really get your home organized.

In todays post I am going to break down the items that are typically the hardest to get organized in your closet and home. So that you can get these clothes organized area by area with these home organizing hacks.

But remember to always be patient with yourself! Don’t try to organize your home in one day- that never ends well. Try to tackle a couple areas in one weekend and then a few more in a couple of weeks.

That being said let’s jump into this post so you can start getting those hard to organize clothes truly organized!

How I Organize Hard To Organize Clothes: Home Organizing Hacks!

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How I Organize Hard To Organize Clothes: Home Organizing Hacks!

Now let’s really get your favorite clothes organized:

Tank Tops

This is one of the home organizing hacks I have been using for a long time and I am so thankful that I discovered them.

Tank tops used to take up so much space in closets but were just as awful to fold because they never stay folded. Which is where these hooked hangers come into play. You can put one standard tank top or even multiple thin strapped tank tops on each hook. Ultimately you can fit 8-16 tank tops on each hanger and it only takes up the space of one hanger. Truly a brilliant discovery!

I have two different ones at this point because I love them so much. I have all of my tank tops on 4 different ones total and seriously they are such great space savers.

Here is what it looks like! As you can see it takes up only the space of one hanger:

How I Organize Hard To Organize Clothes: Home Organizing Hacks!
How I Organize Hard To Organize Clothes: Home Organizing Hacks!

Unfortunately I can’t find the link to the top ones. Probably because I have had them for so long! But I do have the exact link to the bottom one which honestly I like 100% as much so here is that link! There is a black and gray option on that link. I have the gray ones but I’m considering getting a pack of the black ones as well since most of my clothes hangers are black.


I have always been a huge fan of boots. Probably has something to do with growing up in Minnesota!

Which also means that I have a lot of boots in a lot of different heights. And that can be an organizing nightmare if you let it.

So when I was gifted these Lane Boots (they are the plain Jane ones, you can shop them here!) I knew it was truly time to get my boots organized. I mean look at them, they need to be well organized where there isn’t risk of damage they are so gorgeous:

Thankfully the solution to organizing boots isn’t too complicated. I popped onto Target’s site and saw that they have a boot storage system that is not only amazing but also it is from the same line that our shoe rack for other shoes already is so it matched perfectly.

It hasn’t arrived yet but when it does keep an eye out on my Instagram for how it looks! You can shop for it here.


I am going to save you from seeing the back of my long closet hallway (it’s so dark) and just show you the purse organizer I started using when I moved in here. It is a home organizing hack that I will forever swear by.

I used to use a hanging one. And if you have ever used one you will know they have a tendency to sag down and become unusable.

Which is why this purse organizer is perfect. It can be placed on the top of a shelf in the closet or even on the ground somewhere. Whatever works for your situation. You can shop for it here!


PJs have always been a difficult item for me to organize. They tend to get shoved into weird bins that are difficult to organize.

But I found one of the home organizing hacks that I am so happy I found- cloth dressers.

Small cloth dressers are amazing for organizing things like pajamas, under garments, kids clothing, etc. Anything that is generally light weight but you want to be able to easily access.

And a huge bonus as well is that they are easier to move around and way more affordable then standard dressers. I have been using this one for a few years and have moved it twice and it has still held up wonderfully.

You can show this exact one here!


These are a major container store win!

I love these hangers and they have so many different things they can help organize in your home.

Personally I use them for organizing skirts because I find that when I put them in a drawer or a bin I never wear them. A big part of successfully organizing your home is learning what works to be visible and what is fine to be hidden.

You can also use these hangers for pants, leggings, scarves, etc! So many options and they are each less than $10 so they are a very affordable way to get your clothes more organized.

You can shop the exact link here!

How I Organize Hard To Organize Clothes: Home Organizing Hacks!

Hopefully these home organizing hacks help you start to get your home organized and in order.

Is there something in your home you are struggling to get organized? Let me know in the comments so I can share how I organize them next!

And remember to keep scrolling to see how we can stay in touch and you can always know when I have new content.


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