How To Keep Your Workspace Organized Tips

Do you struggle with maintaining an organized workspace? If so then it is definitely time for you to learn how to keep your workspace organized. Because there are seriously so many benefits to having an organized and clean workspace.

Before we jump into the tips for how to keep your work area organized let’s quickly go over the benefits of having an organized workspace!

Why it’s important to have an organized workspace:

  • An organized workspace means you will have less distractions so you can stay more focused.
  • If you know where everything is on your workspace then you spend less time looking for things.
  • It’s easier to stay productive in a clean and organized workspace because clutter can make you feel less motivated.
  • If others see your workspace then it’s really important to keep it organized and clean because having a messy workspace can unfortunately make you look bad to coworkers, your boss, peers, etc.

So now that you know why these tips are so important let’s go ahead and jump into it!

How to keep your workspace organized tips!

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How To Keep Your Workspace Organized Tips:

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Tip 1) Do a quick cleaning session at the beginning of your workday.

The first tip is one I absolutely swear by!

Starting your day with like a 5 minute super quick cleanup of your work area is a great way to start your day organized and clutter free. If you start your day with a clean work area then if you are busy and don’t have time to keep it clean throughout the day you don’t need to worry about it.

Tip 2) Declutter supplies that you don’t really use.

The next tip is one of the most important for permanently keeping your workspace organized.

Because if you don’t have too much clutter in your work area then you don’t have to clean up as much. It take clutter to make your space messy! So if you declutter out the things you don’t really use then there is less things to make your workspace messy.

So take 30 minutes to declutter any office/school/desk supplies that you don’t really use.

Tip 3) Keep a trash bin and recycling bin close to your desk.

This is such a helpful tip for keeping your work area organized all the time.

Grab a matching trash bin and recycling bin (like these!) and keep them by your desk if you don’t already have some. Because if you have to get up every time you need to throw something out or recycle something then when you are busy it can end up sitting on your desk and adding to a messy workspace.

Tip 4) Get your cables under control.

If you want a clean work area in modern times then you absolutely need to figure out a system that works for you to keep cables and cords under control.

Thankfully there are lots of tools that you can use to help you get those annoying cables under control.

Two of the most helpful tools in my experience are cable clips like these and cord organizer boxes like these!

When you get your cables organized and not in the way your work area will seriously feel so much cleaner and organized, definitely worth the bit of effort to get them organized.

Tip 5) Go digital whenever possible.

This is a tip I swear by in general but making as many things digital as possible will really help your work area feel more organized.

A switch I made was instead of having sticky notes all over my desk I switched to digital sticky notes on my work computer. And just by doing that one switch it really helped my desk feel organized.

And a bonus is that I had those notes with me every time I went to a different office/room/meeting so I didn’t have to run back and grab a note if it was needed!

I also recommend switching to digital documents wherever you can so that you don’t have documents all over your workspace. Which is also more secure and less likely to get lost or misplaced if it is digital!

Tip 6) End your day with a quick clean up.

Just like it’s important to do a quick clean up of your work area at the beginning of the day it is also important to do a quick clean up at the end of the day.

It doesn’t have to be perfectly cleaned up because it can be hard to do that after a long day of working but doing a quick clean up is so helpful.

Especially make sure there is no trash or cups/drink ware that are going to sit overnight!

Tip 7) Beware of too much desk decor.

The final tip for keeping your workspace organized is to be careful about having too much desk decor.

Don’t get me wrong- some cute desk and office decor is fine! But when you have too much decor on your desk it can limit the space available on your desk. Which means your non-decor supplies have less space to be so they are going to be more cluttered.

I recommend whenever possible going with wall decor for your work area rather than decor that sits on your desk!

How to keep a clean work area

I hope these tips for keeping your work area cleaned up and organized were helpful! It can seem like a lot of work but putting in the effort to keep your workspace organized is so helpful for being more focused and productive. So best of luck and let me know if you have any questions!


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