9 Habits Of Genuinely Happy People

Are you looking to become a happier person? Or just looking for habits to add to your day that are cheerful and will increase your chances of having better days? Then you need to learn these 9 habits of genuinely happy people.

We all (okay well most of us) strive to create a life that we feel truly happy with. A life that brings us joy! And a large part of that happy life is making a conscious effort every day to find happiness from within. Which is what these 9 habits are geared at. Trying to help you feel genuinely happier!

So if you are interested in finding habits that help you feel happier and live a happy life then keep reading for the 9 habits of genuinely happy people.

9 Habits Of Genuinely Happy People

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9 Habits of Genuinely Happy People:

{How to start feeling happier and living a happy life }

Habit 1) They practice consistent gratitude.

First up on the habits of happy people is one of the most important and it is to practice consistent gratitude.

If you find someone who is genuinely happy and ask them what they do to be happy you will hear a lot of versions of “I am thankful for what I have”.

So if you are lacking that mentality of thankfulness and gratitude then you need to start learning how to! When you are thankful for the things in your life and regularly taking the time to think about your blessings you will feel yourself start to feel happier with your life.

One of the best ways to do this is to start doing daily gratitude journaling. This doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment. Just grab a gratitude journal (here’s one that is less than $10) and add it into your night time routine. It should only take about 10 minutes but it can really help you feel more grateful and happier.

Habit 2) They don’t concern themselves with others drama.

This is another very important habit to start adding to your life if you want to be happier.

Truly happy people do not waste their time, energy, and mental wellness on other peoples lives and drama.

If you want to start feeling happier each day then it is time for you to learn this habit and stop thinking and talking about everyone else’s drama. If you find yourself in a social situation where everyone else is gossiping try to steer the conversation into something more positive. Eventually this habit will start to feel more natural and can have a positive impact on the people around you.

Also, another way to avoid drama is to be conscious about the media you consume. Specifically the social media! If you follow a lot of people that share drama and cause drama then try unfollowing them or at least muting them so you don’t see their negative content on your social media feeds.

Habit 3) They do small things that make them happy.

The next habit is one of the most fun but it can really help you start to practice actions that bring you happiness. And it’s to start doing small things every day that make you happy!

Does adding your favorite creamer to your coffee make you happy? Then do it! Does listening to your upbeat playlist make you happy? Then do it!

Sit down for 20 minutes and brainstorm things that make you happy. Things that are simple but bring you joy and that you maybe don’t already do every day.

When you start making an effort to incorporate small things into your day that make you happier you will start to genuinely feel happier.

Habit 4) They make time for hobbies and interests.

Making time for your hobbies and interests is such definitely one of the most helpful habits of happy people. It is a habit that you will be thankful you started!

When you commit time in your life to your hobbies, interests, and passions you will feel like you are in control of your life. Which can lead to an increased level of happiness in your life.

And of course spending time on the things you love should mean that you are happy while you are doing those things. Which means more happiness throughout the course of your day. If you aren’t making time for the things you love then there is a good chance you have serious room for improvement on the happiness scale!

I know that you probably have a very busy life and struggle to make time for your hobbies so I have a whole guide on how to do this here: How To Make More Time For The Things You Love.

Habit 5) They live in the moment.

Living in the moment is a huge part of feeling happier and is a super important habit of happy people.

When you are constantly thinking about the past or worrying about the future you aren’t going to be feeling as happy as you could be. Start making a conscious effort to live in the moment! And be present with what is going on around you is so essential for living a happy life.

One big way that you can do this is to spend less time on your phone. If you are checking emails and start worrying about work on Monday or looking at Instagram and seeing someone do something fun that you want to do then you aren’t being present.

I recommend starting to commit at least an hour a day to no phone time. This will help you practice starting to be in the moment more! I also have some tips on disconnecting from your phone that you can read here that should help.

How to start living a happier life.

Habit 6) They communicate their feelings.

If you are holding things in or belittling your feelings to others then you will have a much harder time feeling happy.

I do want to add a disclaimer here that this habit is often incorrectly interpreted. Expressing your feelings is important! But that does not mean that you have to say everything that crosses your mind without thinking about how it will impact others. If you don’t need to say something negative to someone or if you are still in a rash/angry state of mind then take an hour before you say anything. This can help you not lash out at others!

That being said- if you have waited a bit to calm down it is important to discuss your emotions with others. Especially those that are the closest to you! If you are always putting on a “mask” and pretending that everything is okay then nothing will ever change. Or improve that can make you feel happier in the long run.

Also, express your happy emotions and feelings too!

We often focus on communicating just the sad or frustrating emotions but it’s also important to express happiness and celebrate with others too.

Habit 7) They create and stick to daily routines that they love.

Next up is the habit of routines.

Daily routines are an essential part of creating the life that you want to have!

Which means if you want to be happier then you need to work on creating routines that help that. Start adding steps and elements to your morning, evening, and night routines that encourage happiness.

If you need some ideas for this then check out these posts:

Habit 8) They strive to add value to others.

Interpersonal relationships are also a helpful part of being happier.

One of the habits that genuinely happy people have is that they make a regular effort to add value to others.

Have you ever brought a giant smile to a kids face by giving them a gift or telling a funny story? Did that make you feel truly happy? Probably!

So if you are making an effort to make others happy and add value to their lives you will also be adding more value to yours. Value that will in the long run help you become a happier person. So start by trying to do one small thing a day that brings additional value to someone else’s life. And gradually this will become an actual habit in your life.

This is definitely a win-win habit for all parties involved!

Habit 9) They are accepting when things go wrong or things change.

The final of the habits of happy people is to work on accepting things that go wrong. As well as learning to accept and even embrace change.

So many people feel negative and stuck in a rut because they aren’t embracing their current life. If you are always thinking about something that changed that you don’t love or something that went wrong then you won’t feel genuinely happy.

Start making it a habit and immediate reaction that when you think a negative thought about something that didn’t go as plan to instead start listing positives regarding it! Work on training your mind to see the positive in all situations and to accept changes.

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I hope that you find some value out of these habits of happy people and that they help you start living a happier life. Because remember you are always worth focusing on your happiness and your general mental wellness!


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