14 Spring Time Stationery Essentials

Can you believe that spring is right around the corner? Me neither! But it is close enough that I have started shopping for my spring time stationery. So of course I had to share my spring time stationery essentials with you all!

I am definitely someone who likes to find new stationery supplies for the different seasons but that’s fine with me because I go through stationery so fast! I have always really been a pen and paper type of organizer. Which means that it is important to me to not only find cute stationery supplies but also to find high quality and durable stationery. It sucks so much when you go to use a new notepad and it rips right away and is unusable due to how thin.

So if you want to know what my favorite spring time stationery essentials for 2021 are then keep reading.

14 Spring Time Stationery Essentials

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14 Spring Time Stationery Essentials:

{ Stationery I am loving for spring 2021 }

1) Erin Condren Eucalyptus LifePlanner

2021 spring stationery essentials: erin condren life planner

Shop it here!

So I wanted to start with the Erin Condren Life Planner in case you don’t have a planner or don’t have a planner you are loving.

This is my planner this year and I am totally obsessed with it! And this cover is so pretty and perfect for spring time.

Also, if you want to see my 2021 planner you can watch it here!

2) Talking Out Of Turn Doodles Card Set

Shop it here!

I recently discovered Talking Out Of Turn and I am loving everything on their site.

And of course I was so excited to check out their stationery section and was not disappointed at all! This stationery set with matching envelopes is so pretty and perfect for spring time.

This set is so simple but the neutral colors of the doodles are perfect for your spring time stationery. These would be so cute to send letters to your friends/family on!

3) Rifle Paper Co. Colorblock Large Memo Notepad

rifle paper co memo pad

Shop it here!

This memo pad is so cute and fun! Plus the colors are super spring-esque which of course I am loving.

Ridle Paper Co is available quite a few places but I prefer to shop for them on Aria Rose so I have linked to to them.

I find that weekly memo pads are so helpful if you have an overwhelming week and need to make sure you are staying on track. I love finding productivity tools that are also pretty- who says you have to choose between productive vs pretty products?!

4) Ivory Paper Co Watercolor Kit | Deluxe Kit

Shop it here!

I love sticker kits- they make me feel like my life is together.

I use sticker occasionally in my planner but if you use them a lot then you definitely need to check out Ivory Paper Co’s stickers.

But I use stickers way more on letters/packages I send, notebooks, and in little organization projects. And this sticker kit is perfect for the spring time.

5) Erin Condren Wild Flowers Notepad 2pk

erin condren wild flowers- spring stationery essentials

Shop it here!

Another Erin Condren favorite is this 2 pack of notepads. I love the wild flower pattern but really any of their spring time notepads are great.

I use this style of notepads for my daily to do list and it really helps me stay on track and focused every day.

Also, you can personalize these spring time stationery notepads! Actually, you can personalize most of their stationery so if you like personalized stuff (especially if your office supplies tend to go missing at work!) then definitely check out all of Erin Condren’s stationery designs.

6) Me And My Big Ideas Spring Stickers Book

Shop it here!

I have used MAMBI stickers for literally years and they never disappoint.

So of course I had to share their spring stickers book! They have a sticker for just about every occasion in the spring and they are such great quality.

7) Meri Meri Pink Pompom Paper Clips

spring time stationery essentials- pink pompom paper clips

Shop it here!

I have always had a weakness for cute paper clips that I use to mark my place in my planner and notebooks.

And these pink pompom ones are probably the cutest I have ever seen! And the happy and fun vibe is perfect for adding a spring touch to your planner and notebooks. Or anything else you use larger paper clips for.

8) Rifle Paper Co. Cabana Fabric Journal

Shop it here!

I love a good fabric journal anytime of the year but the colors on this one just scream spring!

My favorite part of fabric journals is they always feel so durable but are typically more affordable (and a bit more trendy) than leather journals so that’s a win.

9) Fresh and Lucky 40 Floral Thank You Notes

Shop it here!

I am list/sell a lot on Poshmark (because if you can’t tell I have a shopping problem!) and I always include a little hand written note. So I am always on the look out for cute thank you notes!

These are so spring time and cute and I can’t wait to send them out in my Poshmarks starting in March.

10) Talking Out Of Turn Straw Stationery Kit

Shop it here!

Okay is there anything better then a full stationery set?

I hit “Add to cart” like within .5 seconds of seeing this stationery set. Especially the pouch- so perfect for carrying your stationery essentials in the spring.

11) Erin Condren Meadows List Pad 2pk

spring time stationery essentials - floral notepad

Shop it here!

Next up is another super cute notepad set that is one of my favorite stationery items for the spring. This notepad two pack is a bit different than the other because it is smaller and more narrow.

Totally up to you what size notepad you prefer! But both are high quality and so cute for the spring time.

12) Eccolo Dayna Lee Collection Spiral Planner Pad

Shop it here!

I love that this notepad is so different than most others I see- and I spend a lot of time on stationery websites!

It is a horizontal notepad that is spiral bound which just feels extra special. And the light pink and gold foil makes this definitely one of my favorite spring time stationery finds.

13) Rifle Paper Co. Floral Writing Pencils

Shop it here!

If you are subscribed to my newsletter you have probably seen my show/talk about these pencils before because they are so cute! Also, if you aren’t subscribed to my newsletter scroll to the bottom quick to subscribe- it’s just one email a week with all my newest posts/videos/favorites.

I am not usually a pencil person but definitely will make an exception for these because they are so cute. Honestly they work as just spring time desk decor!

14) Ivory Paper Co Notebook | Rainbow

Shop it here!

I saved one of my absolute favorite spring time stationery essentials till last.

This rainbow pattern is definitely my favorite spring vibe and pattern. I love rainbows year round but the boho colors mixed with the rainbow pattern make this notebook my perfect spring time notebook.

I hope that these 2021 spring stationery essentials and favorites give you some ideas and help you find your new favorite spring stationery!

What brands are your favorites for spring stationery? Or anytime/any stationery? Let me know in the comments so I can check them out! I am always looking for new stationery favorites and to try out new brands to see how they hold up and perform.


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