Tips To Help You Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

You probably have heard about how you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. But have you heard tips about how to actually stop comparing yourself to others? If you (like me for a very long time) feel like you know it’s important to not compare yourself to others but aren’t sure how to stop then keep reading for these tips! So keep reading for my tips to help you stop comparing yourself to others.

Tips To Help You Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Also, if you aren’t really sure why comparing yourself to others can harm your life then here is a quick summary of why:

  • When you compare yourself to others you put a lot of time and energy into that instead of bettering your life.
  • When you start comparing your life to others you forget that you are only seeing parts of their life not all of it. Usually you don’t get to see or know about the negatives.
  • If you get sucked into comparison it can be easy to not see or ignore the challenges and effort they went through to achieve things! When you are on step 1 of a journey you can’t compare to someone else’s step 3.

There are so many other reasons as well but I want to focus on how you can stop comparing yourself!

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Tips To Help You Stop Comparing Yourself To Others:

{ remember you are worth focusing on! }

Tip 1) Make a list of your achievements.

Focusing on what you have accomplished is a great way to remind yourself that you are amazing and don’t need to compare yourself to others.

By writing down an actual list it also helps you focus and remember that you have accomplished things as well. When you are just looking at other peoples lives you tend to forget about what you have also done!

So making a list of your achievements and accomplishments is a great way to improve your mindset and remember that you don’t need to focus on others. Just focus on yourself and what you have and what you will accomplish.

Tip 2) Practice daily gratitude.

Daily gratitude is an amazing way to help yourself be grateful for what your life is now and not focus on what everyone else’s lives are like right now.

This can be as simple as writing down a simple list every night of the things you are thankful and grateful for.

Or you can also get a gratitude journal like this to help guide you through daily gratitude.

Either way, gratitude helps you remember that no matter if your accomplishments are “Smaller” than someone else’s or maybe you aren’t to the level they are yet and you want to be, that you still have a lot to be grateful for. This mindset of gratitude can really help a lot of ares of your life too!

Tip 3) Congratulate others success.

A big part of learning to stop comparing yourself to others is to work on congratulating others when they have successes.

Focusing on being happy for them and encouraging others helps you stay more positive. And acknowledge that they worked hard for what they have. When you focus celebrating rather than focusing on jealousy you can help you mind be in a better place.

Encouraging others when normally you feel comparison and jealousy can be a hard transition and that’s okay. But focusing on being more positive and optimistic can absolutely help your mindset.

This can also help in relationships (romantic and friendships). Because people want encouragement not bitterness when they accomplish something. Wouldn’t you? So when you put more effort into congratulating than comparing you become a person others want to be around and that others want to also cheer on!

Tip 4) Audit your social media accounts.

This is a tip that has become increasingly important as we all spend so much time on so many different social media platforms.

And a lot of the people we see on social media all the time aren’t our closest friends and family now. Which means that we are genuinely only seeing the best parts and the curated parts of their lives.

It’s so easy to get trapped into believing that the lives people portray online are real but in reality there is so much going on behind the scenes that you will never know about! So if you have any accounts that when you see their posts/pics/videos and they bring you down then unfollow them.

This includes people that you “look up to”. If constantly comparing yourself to them happens whenever you see their posts then unfollow. You don’t need them to succeed and if they are hurting your mental wellness then don’t allow it on your social media feeds.

Remember it is always okay to unfollow someone even if they have never done anything wrong or you think they are a nice person! If their content makes you suffer from negative comparison then you don’t owe them a follow.

Tip 5) Write down your goals.

The final tip is one that I believe is so important- to write down your goals.

It’s so easy to compare your life to others even if your dreams and goals aren’t the same. Which is why writing down the goals you do want to accomplish is so important to help you stop that comparison.

For example, if your friend just announced they are getting married you may feel jealousy and start comparing your life to theirs. But then if you write down your goals it could help you remember that you are really focusing on your next career or academic step. Because that’s your goal!

A big part of the comparison problem is that we compare apples and oranges. Rather than focusing on our goals we get caught up in comparing what is happening in others lives even if it isn’t aligned with our goals and life plan. So write down or re-read your goals to remind yourself of that.

Tips To Help You Stop Comparing Yourself To Others


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