22 Hobby Ideas For Women In Their 20s

Do you ever struggle with the feeling of not having a hobby? That there are so many hobbies aimed at other times in your life and for men but not for you? Then I have the list for you! I talked with my friends who are also women in their 20s (like me!) and compiled a list of their favorite hobbies or hobbies they want to try. So keep reading for 22 hobby ideas for women in their 20s.

Remember that a hobby can be a lot or very little time commitment and that it is up to your lifestyle and what you want.

I also have a video talking about hobby ideas for 20-somethings that you can watch here where I go more in detail and talk about these hobbies more!

But if you want a range of ideas then keep reading for my favorite 22 hobby ideas for women in their twenties that I promise aren’t boring!

22 Hobby Ideas For Women In Their 20s

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22 Hobby Ideas For Women In Their 20s

{ Fun and easy hobbies to try for women }

1: Baking

This is a super fun hobby that I believe is less stressful than cooking as a hobby (but if that is your thing than go for it!).

A lot of the women I talked to said this was their favorite hobby or the one they want to start doing more. Because what makes a better hobby than one that ends with delicious treats?!

2: Blogging

Another great hobby idea that is a great way to share your knowledge and voice.

No matter who you are or what you like doing there is space for you to start a blog! It’s a great way to be creative and share your knowledge with the world.

22 Hobby Ideas For Women In Their 20s

3: Yoga

This is a hobby that has immense health and mental wellness benefits. If you don’t already do yoga then this is definitely something I recommend checking out. There are yoga routines that are calm, ones that are active, ones focused on stretching. Basically something for everyone and everyone’s physical abilities!

4: Embroidering

This isn’t your grandmas hobby! There are so many stylish and cute things you can embroider now. Like a little flower on a plain t-shirt or embroider a cool pattern on a tote bag for a totally unique reusable grocery bag.

Use Pinterest from some inspo and get a cheap starter kit like this one.

5: Photography

This is absolutely one of my personal favorite hobbies and so many of my friends also stated that this was a hobby they love.

You don’t need to go buy a professional camera to start getting into photography as a hobby. You can totally start with an iPhone camera to see if it is a hobby that you enjoy. But if you do want a pro camera I use the Sony A6500 and love it!

6: Journaling

This is a wonderful habit for prioritizing your mental wellness while also practicing your writing and creativity skills.

I have a couple different journal prompts ideas posts that can help if you are trying this hobby:

7: DIY beauty supplies

This is such a fun hobby. A lot of the suggestions for hobbies that I heard were DIY hair masks, face masks, lotions, lip scrubs, etc. So I encompassed this into just one of the hobby ideas for women.

The one I really want to try within this hobby is this Shea butter lip balm making kit.

8: Plants/ gardening

This is one of my favorite interests right now and I see so many other young women on Instagram who share my interest in being a plant mom! And maybe this could be a great hobby and interest for you too.

Start by getting an easier plant and see if it is something you enjoy!

22 Hobby Ideas For Women In Their 20s

9: Start a podcast

This is a similar hobby to starting a blog but if you are someone who prefers speaking to writing or if you think what you want to share is better explained with lots of words and no images then this is an awesome hobby for you.

This is definitely a more time consuming hobby but everyone I know who has started one has absolutely loved it.

10: Learn new languages

Learning languages is definitely one of the most educational and useful hobbies that you can start.

And learning new languages while you are in your twenties is a hobby that validates traveling to those cool places while you are in your twenties.

11: Upcycle your old clothes

This is a hobby I have just started doing and I am loving it!

Not only is this hobby great for the environment and your wallet but it is also a great way to be creative and get a new, refreshed wardrobe.

12: Hiking

This is an exercise related hobby that has the added benefit of getting you outside. And it is a hobby you can do with your significant other, friends, or family so it can be a great social hobby.

This does not mean that you have to go climb mount Everest! Just get out there and start going for longer walks through some local parks.

adult adventure beautiful climb

13: Candle making

This is a hobby that can save you so much money if you (like me!) have a candle obsession.

I got this little kit on Amazon and some essential oils and I love that I can make different sized and shaped candles and combine scents to get my perfect scents. A super fun hobby that is useful and creative.

14: Make your own wine or beer

This is a hobby I do with my significant other and a lot of our friends do too!

Wine making is a little longer of a process in our experience and a little more difficult so if you are into beer too then I recommend trying that first (here’s a starter kit) or you can just commit right away (here’s a wine kit). Either way- this is a fun hobby for women that has the added benefit of yummy drinks at the end.

15: Start a bullet journal

Bullet journaling is a bit more “creative” than traditional journaling and can be used for a lot of different purposes which makes it a great hobby idea for so many different women.

I have an article here on tips for starting a bullet journal and 80 bullet journal pages!

16: Meditation

Is meditation something that has always interested you but you haven’t started? Then this is your sign to start!

Everyone I know that makes the time to mediate loves it and swears by it. Definitely worth giving it a try and seeing if this is a good habit for you to try.

photo of woman posing during golden hour

17: Start a book club

In person or virtual- either way a book club is a great way to help you consistently read as a hobby while adding a social element.

Or if you don’t feel up to the responsibilities of starting a book club you can always join one that already exists.

18: Cake decorating

The reason this is listed as a different hobby than baking is because you don’t have to love baking to love cake decorating!

There is no rule that says you can’t just bake a box cake or even buy a plain cake and decorate it yourself. If you love decorating and not baking that is totally fine and a super fun hobby to start.

19: Biking/cycling

The reason I think this is a great one of the hobby ideas for women is that it is definitely safer than other outside hobbies for women! Plus if you choose to do indoor cycling it is a great way to be social and spend time with your friends while getting some exercise in.

20: Volunteering

This is of course a great hobby idea that is so meaningful and great for your community.

If you don’t want to formally join a volunteer program you can still spread joy and kindness in your community in other ways.

I have a list of 51 random acts of kindness that you could start!

21: Thrifting

This is another one of my favorite hobby ideas for women because thrifting is so fun and great for our planet.

If you want some inspo and ideas for how this can be a hobby then I recommend heading over to YouTube and searching things like “thrift with me” and “thrift upcycling” for some ideas and tips.

22: Flower arranging

The final of the hobby ideas for women in your twenties is flower arranging!

Another hobby that I wouldn’t have thought of for younger women until some of my friends mentioned it and I saw it on a couple of YouTube videos.

This is an “up and coming” type of hobby that is actually pretty fun and is a great way to bring freshness and color into your home. And it’s creative!

woman holding red and white rose bouquet

I hope this helped to give you some ideas for your next hobby! Make sure to leave a comment with your favorite hobby if it isn’t on this list.


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