29 Habits To Start In Your 20s: Life Changing

Your twenties is the prime time to learn new habits that will set you up for a successful life. You have the time and the youth to develop these habits that will better your life. I sorted through all the positive habits you can start and picked the most helpful 29 habits to start in your 20s.

Implementing new habits can be a it overwhelming at first but as you stay consistent you will find that they start to become second nature. Eventually forming into true habits! And forming new habits is one of the most powerful and helpful ways that you can take control of your life and create the life you want to have.

Let’s talk quickly about why your twenties are the best time to start new habits. It’s important to understand why you should start implementing and developing new habits now so that you know why you really need to do this.

Also, if you are more interested in watching/ hearing me discuss these habits then head over to this video here where I go more into depth about the habits I wish I started sooner in my twenties.

Then we will jump into these awesome habits that will help your journey to start creating your best life!

29 habits to start in your 20s!

Why is your twenties the best time to start new habits?

  • Your twenties is still a very formative time in your life. You can alter and change habits now because you are still young enough!
  • Twenties are generally a more stable time than in your teenage years so you have the stability and improved mental wellness to build positive habits.
  • You have the time to build the new habits that will serve you well the rest of your life.
  • Your twenties can end up being the most vital years for your career so setting yourself up with positive habits now can help ensure a long and successful career. \
The vital habits to add in your 20s!

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29 Habits To Start In Your 20s:

  1. Start setting more goals- make sure to include daily, monthly, annual, and 5 year goals.
  2. Learn to cook food you like at home.
  3. Take care of your skin- including wearing sunscreen!
  4. Find and stick to an exercise that you enjoy.
  5. Start building healthy sleep habits- here is Tips and Tricks for Better Sleep.
  6. Learn how to do your taxes correctly- don’t be afraid to ask for help if your taxes overwhelm you.
  7. Start eating a healthier diet- if you need help with this checkout 11 Tips To Eat Healthier.
  8. Start making medical appointments/checkups a priority- go to the eye doctor, dentist, OB, etc on a regular basis.
  9. Learn to drink in moderation- learn your limits and make sure you have coping mechanisms that are NOT drinking.
  10. Find a hobby that you love- here is an awesome list of hobby ideas.
  11. Take advantage of career growth opportunities- go to seminars, conferences, get certificates, and take classes to learn more while you have the time to.
  12. Take every opportunity you can to travel- and make a travel bucket list!
  13. Keep your resume and LinkedIn constantly updated.
  14. Learn to manage your money better- here’s 20 Life Changing Money Tips For Your Twenties.
  15. Make therapy a priority- work on improving yourself now and make therapy a priority in your schedule and budget.
  16. Stop listening to everyone’s advice- you can’t please everyone and you will always get contradictory advice so be picky about who you listen to.
  17. Don’t let your home get cluttered- if you declutter regularly now and don’t buy things you don’t need you will be less cluttered in the future as well!
  18. Live within your means- don’t try to keep up with your friends or take on unnecessary debt while you are young.
  19. Learn how to rock job interviews- here is 14 ideas for questions to ask during interviews to seriously impress.
  20. Drink more water- seriously your body will thank you for starting this habit.
  21. Learn to remove toxic friendships from your life- cut them lose now!
  22. Create healthy routines- here are tips for morning routines and night time routines.
  23. Create a long term wardrobe- find classics that will last you a long time. An essential for this is these “braless” tops, they are so comfy!
  24. Start reading more and making reading a priority- getting a Kindle can really help with this!
  25. Start using a weekly planner- make sure to keep up with it.
  26. Learn to unplug from your phone- the best unplugging guide.
  27. Get outside regularly- even if it is just a short walk each day.
  28. Learn to stay on top of your laundry- don’t let it pile up.
  29. Start practicing regular self care- here are 10 easy self care ideas to get you started!
29 habits to start in your 20s!

Best of luck creating your best life in your twenties! Start using these habits to better yourself in your twenties.

If you have any habits you started in your twenties that are helping your life then make sure to leave them in the comments. That way others can look into them as well!


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  • Hi, Korra!

    I really enjoyed your list. I love how straight-forward you are 🙂 I am just entering my 20s and I wanted to know what are some good habits to adopt.

    I am already doing some of them, like setting goals, taking care of my skin, eating a healthier diet, drinking more water, etc.

    But others were things that I have kind of neglected, such as building healthy sleep habits and finding a hobby I love. I will check out your list of hobbies 🙂

    Thank you so much for the helpful tips!

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