Calming Hobbies To Try For Beating Stress

Hobbies can be an amazing way to impact your mood, wellness, and life in general. Which is why I am so excited to share this list of calming hobbies to try for beating stress!

I started trying to find hobbies that work for me for relaxing and being less stressed and have found it to be so helpful. So I want to share these ideas with you and hopefully you can find a hobby or two on this list that you like. And that will help you live a less stressed life!

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calming hobbies to try for beating stress

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Calming Hobbies To Try For Beating Stress

Take care of yourself with these calm hobby ideas:

Hobby 1: Plants and/or gardening

First up is one of if not my favorite calming hobby and it is plants!

I find the progress of getting, nurturing, and watching plants grow to be so relaxing and calming. And rewarding! I love that you can see your hobby grow and flourish.

There is also so much to learn about plants and gardening as a hobby which I find to be very relaxing and comforting.

I have been getting my plants online recently. Which sounds scary but is actually awesome! I recommend using an actual online nursery like Cellar Door Plants. They even have a section for pet safe plants which is so great. You can shop that section here– highly recommend doing so if you have pets!

Hobby 2: Journaling

Journaling as a hobby has so many benefits including getting in touch with your emotions, being more organized, and of course help you feel calmer and more relaxed.

Which makes journaling one of the best calming hobbies to try for beating stress.

If you are new to journaling then you’re in luck because it is an easy and affordable hobby to start doing. Just grab a notebook like this one and follow a list of daily journal prompts.

I have some posts with daily journal prompts that you could consider using here:

Hobby 3: Reading

Reading is an awesome hobby to start doing if you want a calm and relaxing hobby.

It is a healthy escape from whatever is stressing you out in life! I talk a lot on here about the benefits of reading non-fiction books about your passions, goals, self development, personal growth, etc. But in this situation I absolutely believe that you should read whatever books you truly enjoy.

Don’t feel pressured to read the same type of books as others. Read what you love to read and that way this will really be a calm hobby for you to start.

Hobby 4: Baking desserts

This is another hobby that is not only calm and fun but also has the end result of a delicious treat.

Which is obviously a win!

Baking has always felt a lot more calm and fun to me compared to cooking. It is joyful and entertaining without as much pressure. Plus just about every new baked good recipe tastes great right?!

Also I want to add that this doesn’t need to be complicated baking. If you want to use a boxed mix? That’s totally okay! Some people (like me) take a lot more enjoyment in decorating baked goods rather than actually baking and that’s totally fun and can be your hobby too!

Hobby 5: Learning new languages

This is only a calming hobby if you make sure not to let it stress you out.

But if you go into it with the right mentality it can be one of the best calming hobbies to try beating stress because it really pulls you in and engages you. Which means you aren’t thinking about your stresses!

Plus if you are learning a language with no stress and pressure you have a fun hobby that also results in you having a wonderful new skill.

Hobby 6: Candle making

This is such a great hobby idea in general but it is an added bonus that it is calming.

Plus, it is a great hobby for saving money! If you go through candles fast then making your own should help you save some cash.

I use this candle making kit and then you can get oils for whatever scent you like the most. I find candle making to be a really soothing hobby that results in a candle I can burn when relaxing later.

Hobby 7: Blogging

This is another one of the calming hobbies that is as calming or not calming as you make it.

If you are trying to make money off your blog and focusing on it like a job then it won’t be calming. But if you are doing it simply as a hobby then it can be a creative outlet that can be a really relaxing and fun hobby.

It can also be a great way for you to share about your passions and hobbies which can be fulfilling. And living a more fulfilling life can also lead to a less stressful life.

Hobby 8: Flower arranging

This is a hobby I have been super into lately (check out some of it on my Instagram here) and I have completely been loving it.

It’s amazing how fast time passes when I am arranging flowers and how calm and happy I feel during it. Plus, it makes my home feel more welcoming and happier to have fresh flowers in it.

This doesn’t need to be a complicated hobby. You can totally start with getting grocery store flowers and arranging them into bouquets by yourself. No need for it to be super expensive!

Hobby 9: Yoga/ meditation

This is probably the main hobbies you thought would be on this list!

Yoga and meditation are both known for being two very calming, relaxing, and helpful hobbies and I completely agree.

I definitely recommend starting with some free guided videos on YouTube if you are new to yoga or meditation.

Hobby 10: Photography

The final of the calming hobbies I want to chat about is photography.

How is this calming? Because it gives you an opportunity to be creative and get out of your home.

Get outside and take some gorgeous nature pictures or walk about your neighborhood and capture some hidden gems.

Also, you don’t need a pro camera to do photography as a hobby. iPhone cameras can totally get the job done if you are just doing it as a hobby! However, if you use photography at all in your career and are curious I use the Sony A6500 and love it!

I hope that this list of calming hobbies to help beat stress is helpful for you and gives you an idea for your new calming hobby.

If you have a calming hobby that you love to do and it’s not on this list make sure to leave a comment below so you can inspire others and give each other ideas!


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