Weekly Routine Ideas That Will Help You Be Organized

Weekly routines are one of the best ways to set yourself up for a better and more organized life! We talk a lot about the importance of daily routines but weekly routine ideas and items tend to get shoved to the side. Which results in a lot of weekly routine items being neglected even though they can really help you be more organized! So today I am sharing the weekly routine ideas that will help you be organized!

But before we totally get into the routine ideas let’s go over why a weekly routine is so important and how to set up a weekly routine.

Also, I have an entire video going more in depth and with some helpful tips about my weekly routines! You can watch it here and subscribe while you are there if you want more helpful content!

Weekly Routine Ideas That Will Help You Be Organized

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The reasons you should start doing a weekly routine:

  • Building routines help you make sure that you aren’t missing important things.
  • A good weekly routine also helps you build positive habits in your life.
  • It helps you feel less stressed out to know that you aren’t forgetting things that you should be doing.
  • Weekly routines help you stay organized and focused on the tasks you need to do.
  • It helps you waste less time because you don’t have to spend time thinking about what you need to do if you already have a set weekly routine to do everything!

How to set up your weekly routine:

Don’t let the idea of setting up a weekly routine stress you out because it’s pretty simple! I recommend just grabbing a weekly notepad (this is a super affordable one) and until the routine becomes second nature just write down what needs to be done on what day for your weekly routine.

For example, if you want to clean bathrooms on Monday and pay bills on Friday then write those things on the assigned day. And then once you accomplish the task then cross them off. Writing them down and crossing them off each week will help the routine items become habits.

Also, try to keep your weekly routine somewhere visible so you can stay on track with your routines. That will help you stay focused and ensure that you don’t forget about any of the elements of your weekly routine. And remember that inspiration is so important for staying motivated and seeing your routine can help to keep you inspired and motivated!

So now that we have covered the important reasons to create a weekly routine and some advice for making your weekly routine lets get into the weekly routine ideas that will help you be organized and put together.

How to set up a weekly routine

Weekly Routine Ideas That Will Help You Be Organized:

Idea 1) Weekly cleaning tasks.

The first idea is probably the most obvious but definitely an essential item to add to your weekly routine.

This will be a lot of different little items and what things you need to clean weekly will be dependent on your life, home, kids, etc.

If you are struggling to think of what tasks you should add to your weekly routine then think back to the cleaning you have done in the past month. What chores do you normally only do a few times a month? Those are probably the items to add to your weekly routine!

This is definitely one of the good habits that you should get into to work on having better weeks and of course having a cleaner home.

If you need some ideas for what you should be cleaning each week then check out my weekly cleaning routine post: My Helpful Home Weekly Cleaning Schedule- Printable!

Idea 2) Pay and organize bills.

The next idea is one that will really help you stay on top of your finances and spending.

If you keep an eye on your bills and spending every week rather than once or twice a month it will help you stay financially organized and can help you stick to your budget better.

There are a lot of systems and tools you can use for budgeting and paying bills- online or on apps. Or if you prefer you can grab a financial organizer like this if you are a pen and paper type of person.

Idea 3) Laundry (washing and/or putting away).

Laundry is so many peoples least favorite chore! Which is why it is so essential to add it to your written down weekly routine.

If you think it works with your life and time commitments then getting the washing and putting away of your laundry on just one day is a great weekly routine idea. But if you have to split it into two days (or 3 if you are doing family laundry) is totally fine! Just write that down on your weekly routine notepad.

Idea 4) Grocery shopping, meal planning, grocery list.

This can be 1, 2, or 3 different routine items depending on your life and needs. But making a set day for meal planning, making a grocery list, and grocery shopping (again could be different days!) can really help you stay organized each week.

This helps you form habits that you help you be more organized. And if you live with others it helps when they know the routine as well . So they can add items to the grocery list or help with meal planning!

This isn’t one of the more fun weekly rituals but it is so helpful saving money and staying on top of your food plans for your health and wellbeing.

Idea 5) Organize your weekly planner/calendar.

This is one I absolutely swear by! If you have been around here for a bit you would know how important I believe it is to stick to a weekly planner.

Making a set day as part of your weekly routine to update your planner (or calendar) is a great way to genuinely help you stay organized and productive. When you set your planner weekly then you know that you are all set up for tomorrow and you don’t have to frantically plan your days every morning.

If you don’t already have a planner then I recommend checking out the Erin Condren Life Planner. I use it and it is definitely my favorite planner I have tried!

As a sub-tip I also recommend at this time keeping up with your gratitude journal and if you don’t already keep a gratitude journal I really recommend getting one and starting to use it. It can really help you grow in your personal life and work on your mental wellness.

Idea 6) Make your health and any workout plans for the week.

This next idea for your weekly routine is one that has been honestly life changing for me.

Committing a assigned day to being the day I set my health and fitness plans for the week is so helpful. For me it works best to be Sundays with my current life schedule. However, when I was in college it worked best for it to be Fridays. Just figure out what day works best for you!

I find that when I take the time to make a health and fitness plan each week I am exponentially more likely to actually stick to it. Resulting in me having a healthier week. Highly recommend adding this to your weekly routines if you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle this year.

And don’t be afraid to get specific with setting your health goals. Want to do a certain number of squats this week? Then include that in your plan. Want to build certain muscles? Increase reps? Go on hikes? Focus on fat-burning exercise? Try exercises that help with weight loss? Then set those goals and incorporate them into your weekly health plans. And make sure to plan for your rest days as well!

Also, I do recommend incorporating a plan for getting quality sleep into your health plans for the week. It is so essential for you to get good sleep each night to be the healthiest version of yourself.

Idea 7) Make a weekly to do list for Sunday to Saturday.

The final of the weekly routine ideas for a more organized life is weekly to do lists. This is the one that I believe has the most direct impact on your long term organization. I also like to note that setting the exact days that your weekly to do list is for is super helpful and helps you stick to your to do list.

And when you complete the daily tasks on your to do list you can mark them off and know that you are marking them off for the correct week.

Weekly to do lists are an incredible tool for staying focused, organized, and making sure you don’t forget things.

Personally it works the best for me to make my weekly to do list inside my weekly planner but if you are a very visual person or someone who gets easily distracted I recommend getting a white board to do list that is magnetic and hanging it on your fridge. That way you see your weekly to do list at least a few times a day so you can be reminded of it! This can really help you stay focused and on track throughout the week.

I have a free printable weekly to do list here if you are looking for one as well!

What should I include in my weekly routine?

I hope these ideas for your weekly routine are helpful and assist you with being more organized. Remember that this is a gradual process and making these routines habits will take a while.

So be patient with yourself and remember that any progress towards a more organized and focused life is good progress! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about these weekly routine items or how to stick to a weekly routine.


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