Productive Things To Do During Winter Break: 65 Ideas

Winter break is an amazing time of the year. For most college students it’s around a whole month long. A month of your year where you quite likely don’t have classes or too many other responsibilities! But did you know there are so many benefits to staying productive during winter break? Which is why I am sharing some of the 65 productive thing to do during winter break!

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But first, let’s quickly chat about the benefits of staying productive during winter break.

5 Benefits of staying productive during winter break:

  • It keeps your mind in the right place so you don’t have to “re-start” when the next semester begins.
  • It helps your physical wellness to keep busy and moving even if you don’t have a rigid schedule most days of winter break.
  • Staying busy and productive can be really helpful for your mental wellness.
  • Being productive can also mean focusing on hobbies and interests that aren’t related to your academics that you miss!
  • By being productive when you don’t have to be you help teach yourself important lessons about time management and self discipline.

So as you can see there are so many (and more that I didn’t even mention) reasons that staying productive this winter break is important! So keep reading for my huge list of productive things to do during winter break!

Productive things to do during winter break: 65 ideas!

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65 Productive Things To Do During Winter Break:

1) Write a bucket list for the next year.

2) Start a bullet journal- here’s 80 page ideas and a guide on starting one!

3) Make a debt payment plan- remember to focus on high interest loans first.

4)  Unsubscribe from newsletters, stores, and services you don’t use anymore.

5) Set up your planner for next year- here’s the best academic planner!

6) Get completely caught up on laundry- including matching up socks!

7) Become a pro at making coffee at home- trust me you will save so much money by learning this.

8) Start a fitness challenge- like the 5 week to 5k challenge.

9) Print out and go through your syllabi for next semester.

10) Change and wash all the bed sheets.

11) Create your dream vision board.

12) Work on your resume – I have 20 helpful tips for resumes here!

13) Volunteer in your community- find an organization you are passionate about!

14) Sell your unwanted clothes online- try using Poshmark.

15) Work on learning a new language.

16) Set up your monthly calendar- try using a wall calendar if you don’t already.

17) Purge your closet- sort into 4 piles: keep, throw away, sell, and donate.

18) Make a weekly, monthly, and annual budget.

19) Organize any notes that you will need for future classes.

20) Clean up your digital files- here’s a whole guide on digital decluttering.

21) Watch a documentary that inspires and educates you.

22) Work on adding a new relevant skill that you can add to your resume- something like learning the basics of coding!

23) Do a new (or try for the first time) yoga routine- follow a free one on YouTube.

24) Clean and organize your under bed storage- and invest in some great under bed storage tools.

25) Make a no spend challenge that is personalized to your life.

26) Practice positive self affirmations daily- learn to speak positively to yourself!

27) Write down all of your health and fitness goals!

28) Get your phone cleaned up- check out this guide on organizing your phone.

29) Figure out what monthly paid subscriptions you have and determine if they are worth keeping.

30) Batch cook healthy snacks like protein bars or energy balls!

How to stay productive during winter break!

31) Do a social media account audit and unfollow anyone who isn’t aspiring you.

32) Research how you can improve your sleep schedule- here is 5 tips for getting better sleep at night.

33) Create a 5 year plan including actionable steps.

34) Watch a Ted Talk- find some that focus on areas you want to improve and better about yourself.

35) Find and attend a professional event (in person or virtual) that you could meet new connections at.

36)  Spread kindness- try one of these 51 random acts of kindness.

37) Get important documents organized- and scan them to get digital copies and put on a hard drive.

38) Make an emergency fund account and a plan for adding to it.

39) DIY a water bottle with hourly marks on it to start drinking more water.

40) Listen to a personal growth or self improvement podcast.

41) Do a quick self care routine- here is 10 self care routine ideas!

42) Take a personality test and use the results to work on yourself and knowing yourself better.

43) Start a habit tracker to build positive habits.

44) Do some research and determine and purchase vitamins that are the best for you.

45) Put together a productive before bed routine- check out what my before bed routine is.

46) Create a total life binder!

47) Conduct a self evaluation- this basically means to evaluate what you think is the parts of yourself you can and should improve on.

48) Try out a new craft- always wanted to make a blanket? Try it!

49)  Work on breaking a bad habit – here is the steps you need to start this!

50) Start a blog- it’s a great way to write about what you love.

52) Brain puzzles- get a brain puzzle book or download an app!

53) Take a free online course in something you are interested in.

54)  Create a life long learning bucket list- check out this list to get inspired!

55)  Download a word of the day app to start expanding your vocabulary.

56) Revamp your LinkedIn page- consider taking an updated professional head shot.

57) Create a list of challenging things for you and start tackling that list.

58) Do a total brain dump and then see if there is anything you wanna know or learn more about.

59) Learn to have more energy to improve your life- here is 10 tips.

60) Share your knowledge- volunteer to teach or create online courses to spread knowledge of your areas of expertise.

61) Create a master password manager and set it up on all devices.

62) Make an interview questions cheat sheet- this will help you be able to easily refresh your interview skills next time you are applying to jobs.

63) Put together a Sunday routine plan- here is a list of ideas you can add to your Sunday routine.

64) Write a letter to yourself in 5, 10, and 15 years from now.

65) Lastly, Create a website for yourself with your Resume, CV, and proof of your skills and projects.

65 productive things to do this winter break!

This list can seem a bit overwhelming but remember you don’t need to do the whole list! Pick out the items that are the best for you. Then make your own mini list of what you want to do this winter break.

Staying productive involves a lot of self motivation so be patient with yourself. And remember that it is okay to have some off days!


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