Life Changing Questions To Ask When Setting Goals

With the new year here so many of us are setting resolutions and goals it’s time to ensure we are setting goals in a way to achieve them and actually better out lives. One of the best ways to make that happen is to be aware and efficient when setting the goals. And today we are going to go over the questions to ask when setting goals to make sure that the goals you are setting are going to help you change your life.

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I also highly recommend getting a daily goals, weekly goals, and/or monthly goals setting notepads to help you with your goal setting and personal development journey.

But for now let’s get into these questions to think about when you are setting goals! So you can discuss them with yourself and give these questions some thought while you are setting your next round of goals in your life.

Life Changing Questions To Ask When Setting Goals

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Life Changing Questions To Ask When Setting Goals

Questions to think about during goal setting:

Question 1: What is the actionable steps it will take to achieve that goal?

This question is so incredibly important to think about when you are setting goals.

Because a goal needs to be so much more than a short sentence on a piece of paper! A goal needs to come with a plan as soon as you set the goal. Because that is the only way that goals are ever achievable.

If you are setting a goal you should immediately outline the main actionably steps you need to take to make the goal a reality.

And if you can’t think of actionable steps or the steps seem illogical then it may be a good opportunity to re-think and re-evaluate the goal you are trying to set.

Question 2: Does this goal help me achieve my largest life goals?

Goals are a means to achieving your ultimate dream life. Which means that every goal no matter how small should be helping you make that dream life happen.

So if you are setting goals even just daily goals it is important to ask yourself if those goals are helping you become the person you want to be in the long run.

This helps you not set goals that are irrelevant to your life in the long run and therefore a waste of your precious time. It also helps you catch if you are setting goals that are actually counter productive to your overall life goals And yes that does happen so make sure to ask yourself this question during goal setting!

Question 3: How would achieving this goal impact my life?

Another important question that ties in with the previous one is to make sure that you know how this goal will impact your life in the long run and the short run.

By asking yourself about the impact of the goal you are able to see if it is super helpful, mildly helpful, neutral, or even harmful to your life. And that helps you see if it should be a goal in your life at all. As well as helping you see if there are any goals that are more important to prioritize than you may have originally realized.

If you are struggling with this question and to visualize the impact on your life I like to think about what your life would look like if you not only didn’t achieve this goal but didn’t make any small actionable steps or changes in your life at all related to achieving this goal. That way you can see the impact of not having this goal and see if the impact is notable enough.

Question 4: What is the realistic and stretch timelines for achieving this goal?

When setting goals it’s important to push yourself as well as finding the balance of also being realistic.

Which is why I recommend finding the balance between the realistic timeline for each goal you set and your stretch aka dream timeline for accomplishing it. Somewhere in the middle of those is a great way to push and encourage yourself while still being in the realm of realistic.

Question 5: Which goals are the most important to you?

Prioritization is a skill we talk about on here a lot and goal setting is no exception to the importance of prioritizing!

Ask yourself which goals are truly important to you (and don’t worry about how the look to anyone else – this is about you!) and make sure that you are prioritizing the actionable steps for the most important goals.

I recommend brainstorming all of your goals for the time period you are setting them (daily, monthly, annual, life, etc) and then going back and numbering them from most important to least important to you. That really can help you visualize your priorities and help you know which goals actionable steps you need to be really focusing on.

Question 6: What things have been on my to do list for a long time?

Anything that is on your to do list for a long time is probably not important. If it is able to just not get done then it is either not essential to your life or it really doesn’t matter to you. An overlooked part of learning what is the most important priorities to you is also learning what is not important and what is not actually a priority. 

This really is helpful when you are setting your goals to ensure that they are relevant to your actual current life as well as helping you achieve your long term life goals.


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