Life Changing Productivity Goals To Set To Become Productive

Productivity is an area of our lives that is important for our overall success yet is often forgotten about when we are setting goals. Which is why today I am going to be sharing both tips for setting productivity goals as well as a list of ideas for life changing productivity goals to set. The hope of these goals is that by setting them they will help you work on being more productive so you can have a better and more successful life!

That all being said, let’s jump into first talking about tips for setting productivity goals. Then keep scrolling for the list of ideas for productivity goals to set.

Life Changing Productivity Goals To Set To Become Productive

Tips for setting productivity goals:

Tip 1: Write your goals down. Actually setting these goals by writing them down is an essential step to making these goals a priority. And actually goals that you will work on! If you are just mentally thinking about goals and not making a list of your productivity goals then you probably won’t be making them enough of a priority.

Tip 2: Make an actual plan. Making a plan is a super important tip to follow. The saying “a goal without a plan is just a dream” is so true! So make sure that you are making plans for making your goals actually happen.

Tip 3: Don’t forget to have actionable steps. Make sure that every goal you set has actionable steps that you can know you are definitely taking.

Tip 4: Keep your goals visible. Keep your productivity goals list visible so that you can have daily motivation and inspiration to keep working on them. Try making it your screensaver on your phone or handwriting the list and putting it on your bathroom mirror so you see it every morning.

Tip 5: Be realistic! Goals are there to push and encourage you. But at the same time, you need to be realistic. If you set insane goals for yourself there is a chance you won’t hit many or any of the goals which can be deafeating. So set goals that are a stretch but also are within the range of being realistic.

Now that we have covered those tips and tricks for setting productivity goals let’s get into the list of ideas!

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Life Changing Productivity Goals To Set To Become Productive

Life Changing Productivity Goals To Set To Become Productive:

1:  Set a goal to do a daily to do list every day for a set period of time.

2: Pick a bad habit and work on eliminating it –here’s my post on how to break a bad habit in one month.

3: Start each morning with a plan for the day for an entire month.

4: Journal about your days and your progress every evening.

5: Set a goal to try a new time management technique.

6:  Learn a stress coping mechanism that works for you.

7: Work on discovering or improving your leadership skills.

8: Take a course related to advancing your career or academics.

9: Read a new nonfiction book every month.

10: Learn how to resolve conflicts.

11: Work on not questioning your decisions.

12: Learn to stop procrastinating on tasks to improve yourself.

13: Use your planner each day for a quarter.

14: Find a communication style that is the best for you.

15:  Start waking up earlier every day. (here’s some tips for achieving this goal).

16: Find the things that motivate you the most.

17: Keep a habit journal – this will help you build new positive habits!

18: Reevaluate your sleep schedule- here’s some helpful sleep tips.

19: Make a list of things that challenge you and accomplish at least one this month.

20: Work on learning to prioritize- start prioritizing all of your to do lists. 

21: Get a certificate in something new- it can be related to your education/career or not at all!

22: Spend less time on your phone (or any other “time wasting” screen time).

23: Do 5 positive affirmations every day.

24: Make it a goal to get your important papers organized this month.

25: Refresh your resume- here are 20 resume tips to help.

26: Create a one year plan- figure out what the next 365 days will look like.

27: Work on improving your interpersonal skills and communication abilities.

28: Get your digital files organized- here is my video on how to do a full Digital declutter.

29: Work on improving your mental endurance- playing brain games is a great way to do this.

30:  Start a gratitude journal- here’s a guided one to get you started

31: Practice saying no to things that don’t make you happy and waste your time.

32: Create an efficient morning routine.

33: Start doing time logs when you are feeling unproductive (this goal can be so helpful!).

34: Set a goal to get your phone super organized- I have tips for this too!

35: Work on switching any tasks to automated if possible.

36:  Learn to set daily goals.

37: Create a productive Sunday routine to set your week up for success!

I hope that these productivity goals give you some inspiration and help you start working towards improving your productivity!


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