30 Journal Prompts To Help You Grow During 2023

Growing and healing is a long journey. But one that is always worth the time and effort. And one of the best tools you can use for working on your journey is to journal each day! Which is why today we are going to be chatting about the journal prompts to help you grow as a person in during 2023!

Before we get into these journal prompts I do want to quickly talk about how to add these daily journaling prompts into your days.

Tips for adding these daily journal prompts to help you grow into your days:

  • Make it a part of either your morning or night routine. Whichever routine is the most stable for you and doesn’t change often.
  • Keep your journal somewhere visible (like your nightstand) so when you see it you remember.
  • If possible set a timer on your phone for the time of the day you prefer to journal.
  • Make journaling it’s own little routine. For example, if you journal in the morning make it a routine to grab your journal, make your coffee, and then sit in the same quiet place to journal.
30 Journal Prompts To Help You Grow During 2023

Also, if you are looking for a new great journal for 2023 I highly recommend checking out this daily journal linked here!

Now let’s get into these journal prompts to help you heal and grow!

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30 Journal Prompts To Help You Grow During 2023

Growth mindset journal prompt ideas list:

Prompt 1: Talk about your favorite qualities about yourself.

Prompt 2: Who is someone that you have made their life better? What did you do?

Prompt 3: What is something that you have accomplished that you are very proud of?

Prompt 4: Make a list of things you are grateful for.

Prompt 5: What things motivate you from within?

Prompt 6: What is something that you have been putting off? How can you handle it?

Prompt 7: Write out 10 positive affirmations for your life. 

Prompt 8: List out 10 self care ideas you will do in the next week.

Prompt 9: Talk about a few things you could do daily to have a more positive mindset.

Prompt 10: List out the scenarios that you are the happiest in.

Prompt 11: When do I feel the most confident?

Prompt 12: What do I need to let go of?

Prompt 13: Where do I see myself in 6 months and how can I better that vision?

Prompt 14: How are some ways you could show yourself more self-compassion?

Prompt 15: What things are giving you anxiety right now? How can you address them?

Prompt 16: What are some positive ways you can prioritize your needs?

Prompt 17: How do you want to feel at the end of today?

Prompt 18: What would a more balanced life look like for me today?

Prompt 19: Talk about the hobbies that make you feel better and happier.

Prompt 20: List 5 things about myself I am proud of. 

Prompt 21: What would you say is your main life purpose?

Prompt 22: Am I settling for less than I deserve?

Prompt 23: What changes can I make to live my life to its fullest?

Prompt 24: How have my past mistakes help me grow as a person?

Prompt 25: What’s one thing I could do this week to inspire me?

Prompt 26: What would you want your book biography to sound like?

Prompt 27: What positive habits do I want to add to my life?

Prompt 28: What can I do to prioritize my mental wellness?

Prompt 29: How do I define success in life?

Prompt 30: How can I celebrate the personal growth I have experienced so far in my life?

Lastly, I do want to take the opportunity to remind you that growth is a process that is never ending. There is always room for more growth but there is also always a reason to celebrate any growth you have experienced.

Celebrate the growth you have encountered in 2022 and prepare yourself to continue your personal growth journey in 2023 with these helpful journal prompts. I believe in you and am already so proud of the progress you have accomplished thus far in your life!


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