74 Motivational Goals To Set To Live Your Best Life

Setting goals is an incredible way to boost your motivation and inspire you! And feeling motivated and inspired can lead to you becoming the best version of yourself. Which is why today I am sharing this huge list of motivational goals to set so you can use them or at least be inspired by them to set your own goals and start living your best life!

Some of these goals are really long term, some annual, some monthly, and even some that are daily. Remember that setting a range of goals is the

Before we get into these motivational goals list I do want to quickly cover some helpful tips for setting goals. So you can make sure these goals really stick and can help you be the best version of you.

Tips for setting motivational goals:

  • Make this list of inspiring goals and then put it somewhere visible. It is so important for keeping yourself motivated to keep your goals list somewhere that you will see regularly.
  • Create a list that is a balance of realistic goals and goals that will push you notably out of your comfort zone and may not even be achievable.
  • Try to assign a timeline to each goal (such as daily, weekly, annual, life, etc).
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things – that is what setting goals is all about so you can become the best version of yourself!

Now that we have covered those tips for setting motivational goals let’s get into this list.

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74 Motivational Goals To Set To Live Your Best Life

Motivating goals to set today:

  1. Get at least 10 minutes of fresh air every day.
  2. Keep a habit journal – this will help you build new positive habits!
  3. Take a course each year that gets you closer to your dreams.
  4.  Drink more water daily- try a water bottle like this with hourly lines on it to help!
  5. Get 10k steps a day- or whatever is the best step goal for you and your lifestyle.
  6. Each night spend 10 minutes reflecting on your day.
  7. Make it a goal to start every morning with a glass of water.
  8. Always be working on learning a new language.
  9. Start waking up earlier in the morning- I have some tips for this here.
  10. Make and keep up with a vision board each year.
  11. Set a fruits/vegetable daily intake goal!
  12. Each month do something special for a loved one.
  13. Do a 30 day fitness challenge (or any 30 day health related challenge).
  14. Learn to actively listen to others.
  15. Make a goal to start setting plans at the start of each day for that day.
  16. Better your body language.
  17. Spend a total of one hour less on your phone (use a screen time report to help you with this goal!).
  18. Create a healthy night time routine- here’s some ideas for it
  19. Try a couch to 5k challenge this month.
  20. Consider setting a goal to have a dry month and cut out alcohol for the month.
  21. Identify a weakness you feel you have and make a goal to work on it each week.
  22. Reevaluate your sleep schedule- here’s some helpful sleep tips.
  23. Create a work-life balance that you are happy with.
  24. Start setting a detailed budget at the start of each month.
  25. Sell your unused clothing online- it’s a bonus that this helps to declutter your home.
  26. Talk more positively to yourself.
  27. Start journaling each morning.
  28. Do a full no-spend month.
  29. Learn a coping mechanism that works for you.
  30.  Learn to make coffee you love at home (can save so much money in the long run).
  31. Watch an informative documentary each month.
  32. Make it a goal to use a money tracker (like this one) if you don’t already.
  33. Start improving your leadership skills.
  34. Pick a bad habit and work on eliminating it –here’s my post on how to break a bad habit in one month.
  35. Set a goal to do a daily to do list every day for the month.
  36. Make an effort to learn a new skill each quarter.
  37. Start being a tourist in your own town.
  38. Refresh your resume- here are 20 resume tips to help.
  39. Read a new book every month.
  40. Start improving your time management skills.
  41. Update your vision board regularly.
  42. Learn a new word everyday- get an app for this and watch your vocabulary grow!
  43. Make a list of things that challenge you and accomplish at least one this month.
  44. Make a bucket list of ways you can get out of your comfort zone.
  45. Get a certificate in something new- it can be related to your education/career or not at all!
  46. Learn how to stop questioning your decisions.
  47. Work on learning to prioritize- start prioritizing all of your to do lists. 
  48. Create a plan to regularly connect with nature.
  49. Try a goal to make your bed every morning this month.
  50.  Start a gratitude journal- here’s a guided one to get you started
  51. Put effort into becoming a better friend.
  52. Practice daily optimism to help you grow as a person.
  53. Work towards improving your self confidence levels.
  54. Do a complete social media detox. 
  55. Start volunteering (or volunteering more) in your community as a goal this month.
  56. Go for a walk at least once a week.
  57. Do 5 positive affirmations every day.
  58. Give out at least 3 compliments to people every day.
  59. Pamper yourself at least once a month.
  60. Make a list of positive habits you want to build and start adding them to your life.
  61. Practice learning to forgive both yourself and others.
  62. Take the time to learn how to stop procrastinating.
  63. Work on improving your communication abilities.
  64. Learn how to avoid drama and situations that are negative as a life goal.
  65. Take the steps to learn how to overcome self doubt.
  66. Find the self care items that are right for you!
  67. Figure out the things that motivate you so you can use that to better yourself.
  68. Find a hobby that you truly enjoy.
  69. Start making more time for the things that you love to do.
  70. Work on becoming a life long learner.
  71. Make a plan to check in on your mental health once a day- usually at the end of the day.
  72. Establish daily routine that you feel inspire you.
  73. Start attending therapy if you don’t already.
  74. Donate to a cause that you are passionate about.


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