How To Get Your To Do List Done Quicker

Have an overwhelming to do list? Need to get it dealt with right away? Then we are going to chat about how you can accomplish that. Today we are going over the tips and steps to follow to help you start getting your tasks done in less time. If that sounds like something that will help you out then keep reading for how to get your to do list done quicker.

Getting your to do list done quicker really comes down to learning how to manage your time better. Which is why I want to quickly discuss the benefits of time management before we get into how to get your to do lists done quicker. Because fully understanding why you are learning these tips will really help them stick and help you live your best life.

Reasons Time Management Is Important:

  • Better time management is one of the main things you can do to boost productivity.
  • It can decrease the stress you feel in your life. 
  • Having better time management skills can help you have more time for the things you love!
  • Helps you make sure you hit deadlines and goals in time. 
  • Improved time management skills go hand in hand with improved self discipline. 

So now that we have covered the reasons that time management is so important let’s get into these tips to help you get your to do list done quicker!

How To Get Your To Do List Done Quicker

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How To Get Your To Do List Done Quicker

Tips for accomplishing your to do list in less time:

Tip 1: Focus on prioritizing your tasks.

This is such a helpful tip for getting everything important done. Which also leads to generally getting more done in the day!

It will take time and effort to really learn the skills necessary to prioritize your days without really focusing on it but eventually it will start to become second nature.

Start practicing prioritization but numbering your daily to do lists from 1 down to the last item in order of importance and then stick to that prioritizing schedule. It will help you genuinely get the hang of prioritizing tasks.

Tip 2: Determine the best to do list strategy for you.

Some people prefer digital to do lists. And that can mean on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Others prefer pen and paper. And that can mean a notepad, planner, or even a whiteboard and market.

There is no right or wrong way or place to make your to do lists but there is a way that is going to work the best for you. Think about your days and what they normally look like. And then go from there to determine where the best place to make your to do list.

If you find yourself always having your phone on you and always able to check it then your phone might be the best place for you. Are you glued to your laptop all day? Then a note on your laptop might be the best option. 

Are you not able to check your phone or other devices? Or choose not to? Then a pen and paper to do list might work better for you.

Also, it may take some trial and error to determine which type of list ends up working the best for you.

Tip 3: Add “need” items to your to do list

When determining what does on the list focus on what you need to do first (I call them by the very obvious name of “need items”, creative I know). These are anything of  high priority beyond the basics. For me this week my first need to do was definitely laundry so it was the very first thing on my list.

Don’t overwrite on the list though! Anything that you always do every day like doesn’t belong on a to-do list that is what hourly planners are for! 

The basics are “make the bed” and “eat dinner” so don’t waste time on things like that. And more importantly don’t waste your efforts in writing those things down in 3 places.

An hourly planner I recommend is linked here!

Tip 4: Automate any tasks on your list you can.

Automating certain tasks can help you save so much time in your life.

Take this day to spend some time figuring out what aspects of your life you can automate or just generally use technology to help you save time. Things like paying bills can be easily automated and safe you a lot of time! Also consider signing up for grocery pick up services which can really help you regain a lot of time in your week.

Tip 5: Utilize breaks while accomplishing your to do list.

Breaks are completely essential for being efficient and productive which is very important for better time management.

If you try to keep going and going without taking a mental and physical break you will burnout and that is not conducive to productive time management. So take this opportunity to learn how to correctly take breaks. This is including learning how many breaks to take, when to take them throughout the day, and how long they should be.

Tip 6: Make categories for the items within your list.

An effective to do list is going to contain everything that you need to accomplish for the entire time period you are making it for.

Which often leads to a really big master list that can get overwhelming and be difficult to prioritize (we will talk about prioritizing next!). So it’s really important and helpful to break down your list into the different categories of it.

What the actual categories are will really depend on your life and what items are needed on your to do list.

Some examples of categories to get you started are:

  • Work/career
  • Academic
  • Personal
  • Family
  • Side business
  • Chores
  • Health/fitness

But there are some specific ones that could really depend on your life so don’t be afraid to get creative with your categories. Being organized with your to do list is so helpful for getting your to do list done quicker!

Tip 7: Assign a time estimate value to tasks.

Knowing or at least estimating how long each task will take you is incredibly helpful for helping you figure out what you can complete realistically in your day.

And not only can it help you reign things in it can also help you push yourself. Pushing yourself to complete a little more each day is made easier by knowing the time it will take you to accomplish each thing on your to do list.

I do recommend making a rough estimate strategy that works for you. For me I break things down into quarter hour estimates but 10 minute or hour increments might work better for you. Don’t be afraid of some trial and error with determining what works the best for your to do list.

Tip 8: Balance large tasks and smaller tasks.

As you probably noticed from the to do list tip above not all tasks are the same amount of time commitment. And not all tasks will be the same level of investment an emotional work for you either.

Which is why it is important to balance tasks so that you don’t get burnt out right away at the beginning of the day. It is okay to throw a slightly lower priority task into the middle of your day if that task is less draining and will allow you to take a breather in-between larger and more draining tasks.

Balancing your day is something that can truly help you stay productive and avoid burning out but remember to be patient with yourself while you are learning to do this! It can take awhile to really get the hang of balancing smaller and larger tasks. But just stick to it and you will see how helpful it can be.


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