Refreshing Activities To Do When You’re Alone

Time alone is so valuable and important. And there are things you can do while you are alone to be more well refreshed and recharged. So that when you aren’t alone you are the best version of yourself to those you love as well as prioritizing your needs to grow and better as a person. That being said today we are chatting about the refreshing activities to do when you’re alone!

Making the most of your down time is essential for creating your best life. When you are taking the time to do what is needed (whether that be refreshing activities, productive tasks, self care, etc.) you are making yourself a priority and helping yourself go beyond your limits.

Which is why it is so important to find the down time activities that work the best for you and for your needs. So let’s get into these refreshing activities to do when you’re alone!

Refreshing Activities To Do When You're Alone

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Refreshing Activities To Do When You’re Alone

Activities to do alone to be your best self:

Activity 1: Read a new book

Reading is one of the best things to do in your free that can expand your knowledge. And is just generally good for you to do regularly. I do recommend considering getting a Kindle if you like as a self improvement activity because it is a great way to be able to quickly get a new book when you finish yours. And takes up so much less space!

Activity 2: Re-vamp your skin care routine.

Take some time when you are alone to look through your skin care routine.

What parts are working? What parts aren’t? Answer those questions and work from there to figure out what a skin care routine that works better for you looks like. This activity can really make you feel refreshed inside and out!

Then treat yourself to what you need for your new skin care routine.

Activity 3: Put together a productive before bed routine

Having a productive before bed routine is a wonderful way to better your nights. And in general set you up for more productive days in general. Looking for ideas and inspiration for your productive before bed routine? Then check out what my before bed routine is.

Activity 4: Start a habit tracker to build positive habits. 

Creating and sticking to a habit tracker is one of the things to do in free time to really improve yourself. 

If you don’t feel like doing a full DIY habit tracker you can get one like this on Amazon!

Either way though this is a great thing to do in your free to to help you develop new and better habits.

Activity 5: Disconnect from the internet for an hour and turn off phone notifications. 

This is a wonderful way to live more in the moment especially during your free time. 

Grab your phone and turn it off and for an hour don’t have any screen time. There are lots of other ideas on this list for what you can do when your phone is off but I do want to remind you of the importance of disconnecting for at least a bit every day during your extra time.

Activity 6: Create a total life binder!

I recommend heading over to Pinterest for some ideas and inspiration for this free time activity. 

Grab an affordable thick binder (here is one) and start adding the pages to your life binder that are relevant to your life and bettering your life. This is also a wonderful way to start really getting your life organized.

Activity 7: Grab a notebook and journal

Journaling is a great free time activity that can really help you get to know yourself better. 

Here is a few different posts I have on journal prompts for different scenarios/stages in your life:

Activity 8: Meditate for 30 minutes

Meditation is one of the free time activities that is so relaxing and that I truly recommend you doing regularly. 

There are lots of free guided meditations that you can find on YouTube!

Activity 9: Create a vision board

Vision boards are a great free time activity that not only helps align you with your goals and dream but it is also a great creative activity. 

I shared how I made my digital vision board in this video here if you need some inspiration.


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