The 8 Life Changing Reasons To Wake Up Early

Getting up earlier is something that we talk about here all the time. We talk about incorporating it into your morning routine, making a night time routine that lends itself to waking up early, what to do when you wake up early, etc. But we have never really chatted about the life changing reasons to wake up early! So that is what we are going to be talking about today.

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But for now let’s get into these life changing reasons to wake up early in the morning!

The 8 Life Changing Reasons To Wake Up Early

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The 8 Life Changing Reasons To Wake Up Early

Benefits of waking up earlier:

Reason 1: Gives you time in the day for you.

This first reason to wake up early is one that so many of us need reminded of.

Waking up before your partner, children, roommates, etc. is an incredible way to ensure that you are having time for yourself during the day. And that you are prioritizing what you want in the morning which means you are guaranteed to have at least a sliver of your day dedicated to your needs and wants.

This reason can be challenging for those of us (myself included) that tend to prioritize our family over ourselves. But here is your reminder that you can’t pour from an empty cup!

Start getting up with at least 30 minutes in your day before anyone you need to care for/give attention to is up for the day.

Reason 2: Sets you up for organized days.

Another super life changing reason to get up earlier is that it allows you to be more organized.

When you are getting up with enough time to knock out tasks, make a to do list, set daily goals, beat traffic, etc. you are setting yourself up for days that are going to be more organized. Without even making too many other changes to your life!

There is so much more about organized mornings in this article and I highly suggest checking it out: 13 Things Organized People Do Before Noon.

Reason 3: Can boost energy levels.

This is one that I read about from studies and was completely shocked yet when I started getting up earlier I experienced the phenomenon for myself.

Waking up earlier helps to set you up for better sleep at night (it’s closer to our natural sleep cycles) which in turn helps you have more energy throughout the day.

There is also the less scientific element that it is very motivating to get dreadful tasks (like working our or laundry) done earlier in the day so they aren’t looming over you all day. Which can help you then have more energy to accomplish more during the day.

Reason 4: Less people = less traffic, lines, etc.

This reason is pretty straight forward but that doesn’t make it any less important!

Not only does it help you waste less time in your day to spend less time in traffic and in lines (like at the gym waiting for machines) but it also can just make your days feel better to not complete your morning routine surrounded by other people.

Reason 5: Time for breakfast and exercise.

This is a huge reason to start getting up earlier! We hear all the time about the importance of eating breakfast and the benefits of working out early in the morning rather than after work.

But really the only way to accomplish both of those things is to start getting up early enough that you have time to eat a healthy breakfast and get in some exercise time.

If you are struggling with one or both of those then make sure to remind yourself of all their benefits when you’re alarm is going off bright and early!

Reason 6: Boosts your productivity.

Getting things done sooner in the day is an incredible way to make your days more productive.

Not only are you basically adding more time to your days but when you get things done earlier in the day you (in a way) trick your brain into being more productive during the rest of the day.

You also are able to get your least favorite tasks done right away which helps you be more productive and complete more tasks as the day goes on because your least favorite tasks are already done.

Reason 7: Less stress and better moods.

For actually similar reasons to the productivity reason, getting up earlier in the morning has huge links to being less stressed and having a better mood throughout the day.

You are able to feel like you have accomplished more and are able to get tasks dealt with and out of the way right away.

Which not only helps you be more productive but it also can help you not feel as stressed which in turn helps you have a better mood. It also makes you feel more accomplished overall during the day which also helps your mood out!

Reason 8: A gentle start to your day.

At the end of the day this is my favorite reason to start your days earlier.

Waking up early allows you to move at a slower and more gentle pace. Without feeling as rushed and chaotic in the morning which can negatively impact you in many ways throughout the day.

Starting your day by waking up early and having time to get things out of the way immediately is one of the most calming things I have experienced.

So if you feel like your days are too crazy and you would like to start your days with more calmness and gentleness then it’s time for you to start waking up earlier.


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