9 Lists To Write Every Week To Be More Organized!

Lists are one of the most incredible tools I have ever discovered for being more organized. Writing them in my planner, on my phone, at different times of the year, times of the day, etc is so helpful for being organized. And I realized that I have never shared the lists that I write each week for more organized weeks. So keep reading for 9 lists to write every week to be more organized!

Before we get into talking about these lists I do want to quickly cover some of the benefits of writing lists.

The benefits of writing lists every week:

  • Lists help you visualize what you need to do and see all of your ideas. Making tasks visual on a list helps improve the chances you actually accomplish the whole list.
  • They also help you prioritize. When you know everything on a to do list or goals list you can then go back and prioritize much easier than if you don’t actually make a list.
  • Helps reduce anxiety. If you are an anxious person you know that the fear of the unknown can be very scary. But writing lists can help you see everything and help eliminate some of that anxiety about the unknown because you can see everything you need to do.
  • Lists help you stay on task. By following a list you can keep yourself on task and more productive. This is specifically for to do lists and project planning lists!
  • They help improve your memory. This is because writing things down on pen and paper help boost your memory (same logic as to why it’s recommended to write down notes while reading textbooks for school).

Also, you will get used to the process after you do it a couple weeks and it will get quicker and take less time to make the lists! I keep all of my lists in either my planner or my notebook depending on what list it is.

But now let’s jump into this list of lists to write every week to get organized!

9 Lists To Write Every Week To Be More Organized!

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9 Lists To Write Every Week To Be More Organized!

Lists to make each week for organization:

List 1: Goals for the week.

The first list I recommend making every week is definitely one of the most helpful. And it’s a list of your goals for the week.

This will also include the steps you need to take that week for achieving your bigger life goals. Writing a weekly goals list is a great way to stay motivated and productive each week. And to help keep you on track with what you are wanting to achieve in life!

List 2: A running shopping list of things that need bought.

This one of the weekly lists is so helpful for keeping an organized home and helping you spend less time running back and forth from stores.

Make a list (I recommend doing it in your planner or your phone) of things you need to grab for your home when you are already going to the store. That way you can utilize your time better! And spend less time driving and actually in a store you were already in this week.

List 3: A master to do list.

A master weekly to do list can be so important for being more organized and productive.

This is just a list of everything you need to complete in this month so it can help you stay on track. If you want more tips for this to do list and a free printable one you can use then check out this post here!

List 4: Meal planning/meal prepping lists. 

These lists are for helping you plan your meals for the week. Which is especially important if you are meal prepping so you can plan out what you need and when you will be meal prepping.

Actually having this list written down rather than just thinking about it will help you stick to it and help you not forget your ideas! I do recommend having this one on your phone so it’s easy to refer back to.

List 5: Any appointments or meetings you need to do.

This list is pretty self explanatory but it is so helpful for keeping you organized and on top of things throughout the week.

After you make this list I recommend either putting the information in your phone calendar or hanging the list somewhere visible. Or both! Because when things are kept more visible they are so much less likely to be forgotten about.

List 6: Errands to run list.

An errands to run list has been crazy essential to living a more organized and productive life. 

Largely because I keep this list visible and now my significant other can check it when he goes out and checks if there is any errands he can do. It makes our whole household run smoother and more efficiently!

List 7: Emails to send.

Making a list of emails you need to send is a super helpful list for the beginning of the week because it really helps you stay on top of things.

I am busy with my work, planning a wedding, projects, etc so making this list has really helped me and hopefully it will help you too.

List 8: Budget list- include expenses and income tracking.

This list is so helpful for keeping you focused and on track with your finances. 

I just make this a list of what I spend each week and what I earn but you can also do a more formal budget. Whatever works for you!

List 9:

Books you want to read/ shows to watch lists.

Probably the most fun idea for a list to make on this list is books you want to read and shows you want to watch.

I find this to be so helpful because I can use it to just jump into the next book or show rather than taking time researching and figuring out what I would want to read or watch next. This list may seem like it’s just fun but it can save you a lot of time if you just jot down shows and books when you hear about them rather then spending time researching!

I hope that this post was helpful for you and have you some ideas for lists to write each week. And don’t feel pressured to suddenly start writing all of these lists! Pick the few that are the most relevant to you and your life. And remember that building this into your weekly routines will take time so be patient with yourself! It will become natural with time and you will start to feel the benefits of writing weekly lists.

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