11 Helpful Tips For Cleaning Out Your Closet

Cleaning out your closet can be an overwhelming and also daunting task to try and accomplish. Yet it is so necessary for having a closet that is organized and doesn’t have clutter and unneeded clothes filling it up. But if you approach closet cleaning like I do (as a dreaded chore) then I want to share with you my helpful tips for cleaning out your closet without going insane!

Remember, the best way to go about cleaning your closet is to ensure that you have a plan and are sticking to it. And you can use the tips below to make your plan!

I seriously recommend not only mentally creating a plan for cleaning out your closet but also writing it down. Either on paper or you can make your plan into the notes part of your phone so you can easily reference it when needed.

So now let’s get into these helpful tips for cleaning out your closet without it being too painful.

11 Helpful Tips For Cleaning Out Your Closet

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11 Helpful Tips For Cleaning Out Your Closet

How to clean out your closet without going insane:

Tip 1: Take everything out of your closet.

This first tip is what I would consider to be the most essential tip in my experience.

When you only take part of the items out of your closet you don’t really get a true picture of what you have and what needs to be decluttered and organize.

So when you are starting your journey of cleaning out your closet it is necessary to take every thing possible out of your closet to start.

Tip 2: Have 3 running piles.

This next tips is one you have probably heard of before and that’s for a good reason- because it simplifies things and makes it easier to keep your momentum while cleaning.

The 3 piles are keep, throw out, and donate. Not too complicated but so helpful for having somewhere to put each item before you put the keep items back in your closet. And it helps to keep things visually in perspective.

Tip 3: Re-evaluate at the end of seasons.

This is a tip that I totally swear by!

At the end of each season go though all your clothes for that season and evaluate all of the items that you didn’t use or have too many of from this season.

This is helpful because this is all fresh on your mind rather than trying to remember what you wore and didn’t wear months ago.

Tip 4: Prioritize using clear storage.

Out of sight and out of mind is real.

Which means that having storage that you can’t easily see will result in clothes and other items that you forget about. Often resulting in you buying duplicate items and not having the full picture of what is in your closet.

So try to keep all your items visible!

Tip 5: Use the right tools.

The right tools can really make or break the closet clean out time and success of it.

And I break down all of those tools here: 9 Essential Tools For Organized Closets!.

Tip 6: Make a bin for sentimental items.

I am not someone who will tell you to get rid of sentimental items!

But if they are something you won’t ever wear again then they don’t need to take up valuable hanging and drawer space in your closet.

Get a bin or storage container of some sort (here’s ones I really like!) to store your sentimental items in.

Tip 7: Keep your routines and life in mind.

Following an exact template of what works for someone else will not be as effective for you as it could be.

It’s important to organize your closet with your routines and what your daily life looks like.

Think about the order of what you put on first. Think about the items that you use every day and when you use them. Then organize your closet with that flow in mind to make it more efficient!

Tip 8: Use vertical space efficiently.

So many times (especially in walk in closets) you end up with wasted vertical space.

Getting the right tools to take advantage of vertical space is so important. And if you see the tip about the right tools you can go to my favorite closet organizing tools. Many of which can help you take advantage of vertical space better.

Tip 9: Keep your staple pieces easy to access.

This tip is for when things are going back into your closet.

Take the time to make sure and organize what is necessary to keep the staple pieces easy to access. This may mean putting them in a more visible place or changing up your color coding. It’ll depend on what your staples are and what the layout of your closet is!

Tip 10: Try on items you haven’t worn in 6 months.

If you haven’t worn something for 6 months chances are it should be either in the sentimental bin or it needs donated!

But a huge part of this tip is the try on part so don’t forget about that. Often we don’t wear clothes because we think they don’t fit. So try them on to confirm that before deciding their fate in your wardrobe.

Tip 11: Don’t be afraid to try new strategies.

The final tip is to make sure to keep an open mind to new strategies.

If how you organized your closet last time didn’t work great for you then don’t be afraid to try something new this time when you are arranging your closet.

Never be afraid to try something new that might work better for you!


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